Could It Happen?

Could mobs of radical crazies decide Elvis appropriated the music of black people — and tear down his statues?

The trend with these anarchists is scary.

19 responses to “Could It Happen?

  1. Realmente estamos vivendo tempos sombrios. Será que destruir estátuas vai mudar a história? Vão destruir os livros e todos os arquivos nas bibliotecas? Absurdo total! Uma volta ao obscurantismo cultural! E o pior é ver autoridades entrando nessa loucura como aconteceu em Chicago com estatuas de Cristóvão Colombo! Sinceramente espero que não se atrevam a tocar nas estátuas do Elvis! Que esse ano louco passe logo! Direto do Brasil! Elvis sempre em meu coração!

  2. allow me another expression about Elvis I m so sad about Ben ·s death Elvis grand son I CAN T stop cryng PLEASE CAN YOU EXPLAIN ME WHAT HAPPENED?Im too far here in Argentina and Im devasted!!!of course Elvis sang black music and it was well known all around the world Shame on those who damange Elvis · memory!!! glory and peace for both ELVIS and BEN!!!

  3. The statue you show here is in Hawaii, right? I truly worry about the one in Memphis, all alone on Beale St, vulnerable to the insane and dangerous mob. Rationality is not part of their playbook, only resentment and destruction. Shameful. God bless our law enforcement people.

  4. Hi Phil, Man, even the thought of that makes my skin crawl, we just have to get through this crazy *SS election year, I think all the crazies will find it very difficult to find support for their lazy, misinformed stupidity, on either side! Right now their actions are being used as a political football, simple as that! Ignorance is temporary, Stupidity lasts FOREVER! (Talk about a SCARY thought)! In one wise man’s words, the only thing worse than a politician is a ……….(fill in the blank!) Keep up the good work Phil!!! B.

    • Hi Brian: Nice to hear from you. I think most of the ElvisBlog readers would agree with you.

      I will be keeping up the good work until the end of the year. At that point I will have done 1,000 posts. It’s time.


  5. dove vogliono abbattere le statue di Elvis?

  6. You are so right. Once the ball of censorship starts rolling, when does it stop?

  7. Jerry F Hightower,

    If anything, Elvis introduced black music to a whole new audience. They should be proud he did.

    • Hi Jerry. You are right. I just read a book about Little Richard, and he thanked Elvis for covering his songs. Said it helped his career.


  8. Bob DeLacy Jr

    Of course they will they’re idiots. To protest is one thing. To start tearing stuff down is childish. If Elvis were here he’d call them that childish as he did those who called him Elvis the Pelvis.

    • Hi Bob. I think Elvis would call them something worse than childish. I’m sure he would incensed at what is going on today.


  9. This is absolute insanity, as if destroying statues will change anything. This is history, if you don’t learn from history you repeat it. Next is burning books.

  10. That is a very scary thought. Elvis was the Great Uniter. His music lives on …fostering unity among everyone worldwide.

    Attacking statues has got to stop. This is nuts.

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