Benjamin Storm Keough: 1992 – 2020

This blog post is difficult to write. I know all of you readers join me in praying for Lisa to get through these trying times. You have probably already read reports on Elvis websites and mainstream media about the sad circumstances of Elvis’ grandson’ suicide at age 27.  So, I would simply like to remember him in happier times.

All the current news photos of Benjamin Keough show him in his 20s or late teens.  However, there was an ElvisBlog article back in 2009 that featured some photos of young Ben. Here is a partial reproduction of that post.


This photo was posted on ElvisBlog about nine months ago, and it generated more comments than any other article in the four year history of this site.  Some of them discussed whether Ben had any resemblance to Elvis.  However, more folks were concerned about that beer bottle sitting on the table in front of a sixteen-year-old.  Not me.  I know a lot of us drank a beer at that age, and we all turned out okay, right? {Editor’s note.  Maybe I was too accepting of this behavior back then.}


The next three photos are of young Benjamin, first posted on ElvisBlog in December 2007.  Considering his age in the pictures, they were all taken well before 2007, but they sure weren’t in general circulation until then.  Lisa took great care to keep Benjamin out of the public eye when he was little.


This one was supposedly taken at Elvis Week 2004, so Benjamin would have been twelve then.


I have no information about this photo, but the fan forum website where I found it says it is Benjamin, so I am going with that.


This is the earliest photo of Benjamin in this collection.  Cute kid.


Benjamin Keough, you died too young.  Your grandfather died at 42.  That was also too young. When you meet each other in Heaven, I hope you can spend happy times together.


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17 responses to “Benjamin Storm Keough: 1992 – 2020

  1. Charlotte james

    So so sorry for your loss….God Love HIM….
    Always Cj

  2. I am very sad. Lisa Marie wrote the title song for her last album about her son. (Storm and Grace) Storm was his middle name. My prayers go to her and her family during this terrible time of loss.

  3. Diana from New York

    Thank you, Phil, for a very gentle and kind remembrance of this young man. I am still in shock at the news and most surely pray for the future of the Presley and Keough families. Very tough times ahead, God bless them.

  4. Hi Phil,
    I think I’m still in shock at this devastating news. Further details haven’t really been released yet, not that it would help to accept this tragedy. I can’t stop thinking of Lisa, and how she will manage to cope with this loss. One thing I found especially touching in reading about Benjamin, was that he had bought one of Elvis’ stage outfits (it showed the picture), because he said it made him feel closer to Elvis. I don’t really think of the family as having to buy that stuff, but I guess that’s the only way to actually own it. Thank God Elvis isn’t alive to see this.

    • Hi Katgirlblue: Thank you for sharing about Benjamin Keough and Elvis’ stage outfit. I did not know about this.


  5. Bob DeLacy Jr

    Shocked to hear this. Ben was only 27 and from a apparent suicide. Too much of our young is doing this. Thoughts are with Lisa and the family.

  6. Billy F. Martin

    Hi Phil,
    Sorry to have been away for so long but I wanted to let you know that I have appreciated your friendship over the years through this blog and on a personal level. You are one of only a few people left in my life whom I consider a friend. I am still tied to personal issues with my family making it difficult for me to correspond on my email address as much as I would like to do. Hope you and yours are well.
    Billy F. Martin
    Longview, Texas

    • Hi Billy: It is so nice to hear from you after a long absence. Thank you for the very kind words. I’m sorry your family makes it difficult for you to send emails. However, you can communicate on here all you want. No comments appear automatically; only if I approve them. So, if you write anything you want to keep private, let me know and it will be done. But please keep in touch.


    • Hi Billy. I got something very unexpected in the mail today. Thank you very much.

      I delighted to be one of your friends. A couple of old Elvis fans.

      I hope this message gets to you.


  7. Clementine Moriarty

    Such sad news for the ‘Elvis World’. TY for the pics, Benjamin Keough RIP

  8. Assuming that a 16 year-old drinking is “OK” is far too accepting, as you said in your post. Those of us drinking/using at a young age didn’t all turn out “OK.” We don’t know what mental health issues Ben had, or whether he used alcohol or drugs to cover it up. It sounds like he was a troubled young man. We will never know what happened, but he is at peace now.

    BTW, I started drinking at 15 & was not “OK.” Luckily I found sobriety at 23 & survived. I hope anyone who is suffering gets help. Please reach out. Thinking of Lisa Marie & the Presley family right now. I hope she is able to get through this tough time.

    • Hi Lynn: I am inclined to agree with you that Benjamin was a troubled young man. I am glad you moved on from your own suffering as a youth,


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