A Better Use of Time

Don’t we all wish he could.


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  1. Hi, I just discovered your blog which I enjoy reading. I am a life long Elvis fan but unlike you I saw Elvis in person twice. I loved his movie “Loving You “which used to be shown on tv but is no longer shown and I wonder if you have any idea as to why it isn’t?It’s such a great movie plus Gladys Presley is in it which I read that Elvis could not watch it. Any insights?

    • Hi Irene. I wasn’t aware that “Loving You” was no longer shown on TV. I have a dozen or so DVDs of Elvis movies I enjoy watching over and over, and “Loving You” is one of them. I think I have read about Elvis not being able to watch the movie because is in it, and that brought back sad memories of her death.


  2. The only one! Too sophisticated for the general reader, on several levels, sadly.
    It is lonely out here in the reply universe. But I appreciate your writing!

    • Hi Diana: Thank you for appreciating my writing. You are getting pretty regular with compliments. Hope I don’t let you down.


  3. Amen to that.

    • Hi Diana. Thank you for your answer. I thought there would be a lot of comments to this post, but you are the only one.


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