The End of ElvisBlog — Part 2

Here is an interesting fact for you. Sixty-seven people have subscribed to ElvisBlog since I announced last year that it would be closing down on January 31, 2020, its 15th anniversary.

If they had gone go back far enough in the archives, they would have read that I planned to make a static site. No new articles would be posted on line.

Well, that didn’t happen. I had hoped to continue ElvisBlog as a new subscription service with the posts sent directly from me to the readers’ email inboxes. Only 18 people thought it was worth $10 to get new posts every weekend for two years (over 100 posts). That really disappointed me, and I dropped the idea.

However, I did realize that I still had a lot of Elvis collectibles and needed to offer them for sale to blog readers while I still could. So, I paid for another year on my blog platform (until January 31, 2021) and posted this:

“I keep finding more Elvis stuff that you fans might possibly like to own, so I need to do more posts to put them all out there. These will be balanced by an equal number of regular posts. When that’s all done, ElvisBlog will come to an end.”

That plan went well until Covid 19 hit. There was so much fear and uncertainty, that it just didn’t seem like the right atmosphere for selling Elvis mementos. And I stopped.

I did keep posting regular articles, but with a slight change. One of the reasons for retiring ElvisBlog was to be freed from all the time it takes to produce good blogs. Instead, I posted a lot of one-picture blogs with a simple caption underneath. And I started reposting old articles from the archives. This saved me a lot of time.

It also pumped up the total number of posts since inception. I am now at 965 and am on target to reach 1,000 posts by January 31 next year when my blog platform would be up for renewal.

So we have five months left together. I want to find new homes for everything in my Elvis collection, and I want to hit post number 1,000 on the day before I close it all down.

So, stay tuned to see some interesting Elvis collectibles offered at really low prices.

Thank you,

Phil Arnold

Original ElvisBlogmeister


24 responses to “The End of ElvisBlog — Part 2

  1. Wanda Lúcia Lopes Costa

    Eu sonho em ter um boneco do Elvis mas é tão caro.

  2. Wanda Lúcia Lopes Costa

    Estou triste pelo fim do Blog. Muitas informações sobre o Elvis deixarão de ser transmitidas as novas gerações. Uma pena!

  3. I would like a small piece of Elvis treasures, not to make it an item of worship, but I’m so proud of him

  4. Deanna K Fanning

    Hi Phil,

    I hate to see your blog go away. I always come back here to check the facts. You know that I am interested in your Elvis collectibles. I have enjoyed every thing that I have purchased from you! I will be anxiously waiting to see what you have next. I truly appreciate the time you spend on keeping this blog going and I hope you know that your Elvis fans will miss you (and Elvis) when you go.

    God bless,

    Now I am ready to shop!!! Bring it on.

    • Hi Deanna: You will be happy to hear that I am posting 7 items for sale later today. Thanks for the nice words about ElvisBlog.


  5. I can’t imagine not getting your ElvisBlog! All the great information, stories and pictures have
    been really enjoyed. Wish you the best, but will miss your weekly e-mail. I look forward to the rest.

  6. Whatever you decide to do, thanks for a lot of thoughtful, thought-filled posts in the past few years. I spend many hours each day reading about Elvis, as there is always so much to learn about my favorite topic. Your writings have been a nice addition to my days. Continue as long as it brings you joy!!!! Blessings 😉

    • Hi Diana: You posted comments of three different posts, but this one means the most to me. Thank you for the very nice things you said.


  7. This makes me very sad, I don’t want you to leave. I don’t really understand why you have to sell everything either, although I have certainly benefitted because of it. You can’t possibly be making any money on the prices you offer. I hate sad endings.

    • Hi katgirlblue: You are a true fan of the first order. I’m thinking of making an email list of people like you. Then, next year if I get the urge to create a post, I can send it to a few special people like you.


  8. Hi Phil,
    I’ll be watching.

    • Hi Linda: I am glad you are still following ElvisBlog. I have gone back six years or more for all of the repeated posts, but I may make an exception so I can repost the article about you.


  9. Wow, Wow, Wow Phil is all I can say! I have so thoroughly Enjoyed and Loved Your Elvis Blog! I for one will really Miss You and Elvis. I have learned so much more about Elvis due to your blog. I appreciate all the hard work, pictures and many hours and dedication that You have given us!! Thank-You So Very Much Phil! Stay Safe, Take Care and God Bless.

    From Your Canadian Friend

    Tracy Deveau

    • Hi Tracy. Thank you for your very kind words. Like I said to another commentor, You are a true fan of the first order. I’m thinking of making an email list of people like you. Then, next year if I get the urge to create a post, I can send it to a few special people.


  10. Thank you for the time and effort of sharing Elvisblog with us. Hopefully in time when things settle down you might be back. But until then take it easy keep TCB and til we meet again may God bless you.

  11. Phil: You are a treasure of information about Elvis and everything about Elvis. Your photo’s and commentary have been so enjoyable. I visited Graceland last year, our third visit and the first with all the updates to Graceland. I will continue to enjoy your postings as long as we can have you share your indepth knowledge.
    Thank you!

  12. GREETINGS MR. ARNOLD….is there a Summary/Gallery Page showing all the items that have already been posted and those that are still available for purchase?

    • Hi Edward: Everything that was offered before but didn’t sell will show up again at reduced prices. However, there is no summary page of the items I have offered for sale.

      Phil Arnold

  13. Phil,

    I must say, I will miss your unique voice in the Elvis world. I’m glad you’re still going to be around for a few more months at least. Now, every time I see a post, I will think, “No, slow down, Phil. It’s not time to hit 1,000 yet.”


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