What Elvis Would Look Like at 75

This is a repeat of an ElvisBlog post from 2010.  It included altered images of Elvis that artists and Photoshoppers had created showing what he would look like as an old man.  In the ten years since the original posting, several new “Old Elvis” pictures have immerged.  Here’s one, and more are presented at the end.



I got up early on the morning of January 8, Elvis’ birthday, so I could watch Harum Scarum on Turner Classic Movies.  They were doing an all-day marathon of Elvis movies, but I knew my wife would give me a lot of grief about wasting so much time watching films I had seen many times already.  At least, she would still be asleep while I took in the first one.

However, because I had seen Harum Scarum quite a few times, I also turned on my laptop and opened e-mail.  You know, multi-tasking.  To my surprise, there was a message form Chris Kensler, Director of Entertainment/Style at FoxNews.com.  They were putting the finishing touches on their article celebrating Elvis 75th Birthday, and they wanted permission to use a picture of old Elvis from a 2008 ElvisBlog article titled “Fun With Elvis on Photoshop – 2”.


Well, I had to be honest with FoxNews.  It wasn’t my photo.  I found it on the web and have seen it numerous places since.  So, I wrote back and told him that the picture belonged to the tabloid Weekly World News and that they had used it on at least two of their covers over the years.


The first one appeared during the 2004 Presidential campaign between George Bush and John Kerry.  Don’t you just love the headline:  “Alien Slimes Teresa Heinz Kerry – With Ketchup”



  I bought the second issue a year later. And it was the inspiration for the ElvisBlog article “Elvis Is Alive – and Running for President.”  I also enjoyed reading about the “Seeing Eye Squirrels for Dogs.”


As I stated in my article, old Elvis looked really good in this picture.  Unfortunately, that is not the case with most of the other depictions of 70 or 75 year-old Elvis that have appeared on the web.  Here is probably the one where he looks the worse.

From a technical standpoint, this one is very well done.  You can still see recognizable elements of Elvis, but why the bald head?  Elvis’ dad, Vernon, still had a full head of wavy hair when he died, so I’d like to believe Elvis would have retained lots of good looking hair had he lived until his seventies.


Here is a different attempt.  In a quickie Photoshop effort, someone simply changed Elvis’ hair color to gray.  However, nothing else is altered, so it doesn’t look very realistic.


Here is the reverse.  This terrible picture still keeps the young Elvis hair but has aged all the facial features.  Given the choice, I would pick the one above.  Maybe, it’s the jumpsuit.


The last two old Elvises are interesting because they show the original “before” Elvis picture alongside the altered “old” Elvis picture.


I guess this is a pretty accurate illustration of the aging process, but I don’t like it.  Maybe, it’s because I see a little of George Wallace in it.


This could be the most accurate guess at what Elvis would look like at 75.  Do you see a little resemblance to Arnold Palmer? 


The handsome Elvis picture from Weekly World News is probably too good to be true, but you can see why FoxNews.com would have wanted to use it in their story.  I’m sorry I couldn’t help them, because I would have asked for a link to ElvisBlog, which might have brought lots of people to the site.  But things turned out OK, anyway.  ElvisBlog had 6,214 hits on Elvis’ 75th birthday, so I had two things to celebrate.


Here are four more “Old Elvis” pictures I found on Google.





We are all familiar with the original photo used for this.  I have it in my files somewhere, but I couldn’t find it.  I’m glad Elvis still has all his great hair, even if it isn’t black anymore.




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6 responses to “What Elvis Would Look Like at 75

  1. Hi Phil,
    some of the photos really scared me, bt the last one… Elvis looks there like an old woman.
    On the other hand your website is brilliant, and Elvis would be proud of you.
    Thanks for sharing these eautifu moments of Elvis’s life!

  2. I try not to think what Elvis might look like today. I just think if he had lived longer he’d be living a more and happy life in Hawaii where he could be himself and not the image or superstar that we see him as sometimes.

  3. Hi Phil,
    What strikes me as strange is when they think that Elvis would have totally changed his style and personality just because he was older. We can see that didn’t happen in 42 years. Also, at the young age of 40 he had already had cosmetic surgery he didn’t even need – a full facelift and eyelift. Of course he would age, but he would not have looked like a typical old wrinkled man and he would not have been bald; as you said, just look at Vernon. And he would not have suddenly worn a conservative business suit and tie unless it was for a serious role in a good movie. Hopefully that would have happened!

    • Hi Katgirlblue: I agree with you about Elvis not changing his style or personality. I would have liked to see that movie, too.


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