The Elvis Side of the Moon

Over the years I’ve had fun collecting variations of this iconic Jailhouse Rock image of Elvis.  There were enough to do a post back in 2012, and to expand with lots of new ones on a repost last November.

Here’s one I stumbled on yesterday:


Certainly there are some Elvis fans who know what original image inspired this.  But for the rest of you, here it is:

Dark Side of the Moon

It is the front cover of the 1973 Pink Floyd album Dark Side of the Moon. This is a historically significant album because it remained on the Billboard Top LP list for 957 weeks. That’s over eighteen years.  Wow.


So, I think an excellent name for the new picture would be Elvis Side of the Moon, and like you, I see it as a variation of an Elvis image.


However, Pink Floyd fans would consider it a variation on their album cover, which has been done a lot by some clever Photoshop jockeys.  These are my two favorites.



So, would you like to see another Elvis / Pink Floyd connection?  Check this out.  It is concert video of David Gilmour, singer and lead guitarist of the band, singing Elvis’ hit “Don’t”.  The guitar part in the middle is totally unique.



Well, let’s get back to Elvis images to end this post.

Polka Dot Jailhouse Rock.  What’s next?



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