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Remembering Ronnie Tutt

Most of you know I spend much less time doing ElvisBlog now that I am the full-time caregiver for my wife.  I have been reposting old articles from the archives this year because it takes less time.  I also don’t visit a lot of the websites I’ve used for years to get inspirations for new posts.

So, it wasn’t until November 6 that I found out Elvis’ drummer Ronnie Tutt died on October 16.  ElvisBlog has remembered a lot of people in Elvis world who passed away during the last 16 years. It’s time to add a belated remembrance of Ronnie Tutt.



I assume you’ve read all the biographical stuff about Ronnie already, so I’ll do something different.  At a concert in November 1969, Elvis amused himself with the names  Ronnie Tutt and bassist Jerry Scheff during the introductions:

“So that’s Tutt and that’s Scheff.  That’s Tutt Scheff, any way you look at it, boy.”  (Think about that one for a minute.)



I like this picture of Elvis’ two long-time drummers, Ronnie Tutt and DJ Fontana. I believe it was taken at one of Darwin Lamm’s Good Rockin’ Tonight concerts at Elvis Week.  The TCB Band was featured, and DJ was the special guest.  I was backstage, but I can’t remember if Ronnie and DJ played together or DJ took over the drum kit on a few songs. Either way, it was a great show.


Before the concert, I sat in a room backstage where the TCB guys were hanging out.  They were at a table and I was on a chair against the wall, but I caught every bit of their rambling conversations about all kinds of stuff.  Ronnie was the funniest.  A real good ol’ boy.  Toward the end, Glenn Hardin left, so I asked if I could sit on his seat and have a picture taken with them.  I think Darwin snapped it.


How would you like to see Ronnie Tutt do a drum solo?  Click here. You can see by Elvis’ Sundial Jumpsuit that the clip comes from a 1977 concert



Good bye Ronnie Tutt.  We will miss you.  Say hi to Elvis for us.


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