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Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, and Carl Perkins performing at the same concert was a very rare phenomenon. It only happened twice: November 17, 1955, in Texarkana, Arkansas, and December 12, 1955 in Amory, MS . Continue reading

More Anecdotes about Elvis’ Humor and Love of Fooling Around

Two years ago I shared a few excerpts from the book Elvis’ Humor by Bo Keeley. Bo had a unique concept to prevail in a crowded market with a successful book about Elvis. He went out and bought 43 other … Continue reading

Elvis’ Original Graceland Piano Returns to the Music Room

  Ten days ago, made this announcement: “Elvis Presley’s Graceland has announced the acquisition of one of the most significant pieces of Elvis’ musical history, which will be returned to Graceland 60 years after it was first purchased by … Continue reading

Concerts at the Graceland Guest House Theater – Part 2

Last week we took a look at the first big concert in the new Graceland Guest House Theater. Actually, big does not adequately describe the Joe Walsh “All Shook Up at Graceland” event. It’s a package deal including two nights … Continue reading

A Tribute to Scotty Moore – Part 2

This is the way most people think of Scotty Moore – playing guitar on stage while Elvis performs. Scotty will forever be linked with Elvis, and that’s fine, because his guitar skills played a huge part in Elvis’ music starting … Continue reading

So, How Much is an Elvis Autograph Worth? — Part 6

This series on Elvis autographs has been great for driving search engine traffic to ElvisBlog. There sure are a lot of folks out there who ended up with grandma’s prized Elvis autograph, and are curious what it is worth. I … Continue reading

The 3rd Auction at Graceland – How ElvisBlog did Handicapping the Pricey Items Estimates

Five days before the recent Auction at Graceland, ElvisBlog looked at the pre-auction estimates for the fourteen most pricey items. Predictions were made on whether they would miss the estimated range, make it, or exceed it.  Scroll down to the … Continue reading

Happy 10th Birthday ElvisBlog

I don’t know exactly when blogs got started, but I read an article in late 2004 about how popular they had become.  So, I thought I’d like to check out whatever Elvis blogs there were out there.  Guess what? There … Continue reading

More Elvis Photos Worthy of American Cool Exhibition

This is the picture chosen to represent Elvis in the American Cool exhibition presented by the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery. The exhibition shows photographs of 50 men and 50 women selected as typifying cool during the last century in America. … Continue reading

Paul McCartney Sings Elvis

Recently, the official Elvis Presley website presented their selections for The Top 12 Moments for Elvis Presley’s Graceland in 2013. Some of the selections had nothing to do with Graceland, such as Encore Presents the Elvis Movie Collection in May, … Continue reading