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Elvis’ Top 10 Songs — A Contrarian View

This is a repeat of a post from 2012. It prompted a very positive comment from a fellow named Rod. I have visited more Elvis sites on this WWW than I can remember, and your effort was very refreshing. Well … Continue reading

Top 10 Elvis Songs — A Contrarian View

This is a repeat of a post from 2012. A few years ago, my friend Alan Hanson listed Elvis Presley’s 20 Greatest Recordings on his Elvis-History-Blog   (Editor’s note.  This blog is now inactive.)  This past August, another Elvis-blogger-buddy Troy … Continue reading

ElvisBlog Mini-Nuggets # 26

Energizer Bunny: What’s the Energizer Bunny playing his drum have to do with Elvis? Not much. But there is some resemblance to Laid-back Elvis Hound Dog playing his guitar.   Maybe what we need is an Energizer Elvis Bunny playing … Continue reading

Elvis Movie Madness — Handicapping the Final Four

You can see the survivors of Round 3 voting above. King Creole knocked off Loving You 71% to 29%. Viva Las Vegas topped GI Blues 67% to 33%. Jailhouse Rock slammed Girl Happy 73% to 37%. ELVIS: That’s The Way … Continue reading

Elvis Movie Madness — The Plot Thickens

Voting has now narrowed the field to eight choices in Graceland’s promotion to determine the fans’ favorite Elvis movie. It’s a fairly predictable group, containing two serious dramatic films, four comedies, one concert film, and one semi-autobiographical movie. Here is … Continue reading

Random Thoughts on Encore’s The Elvis Collection

Elvis fans ought to be happy this month.  Cable channel Encore is showing an Elvis movie, commercial free, at 8 PM every night in May.  Encore labels it The Elvis Collection, and their promo pitch is Whole Lotta Elvis.  Six … Continue reading