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How's that for an attention-grabbing headline? With two-inch high letters, it dominated the front page of the May 16, 2006, issue of the tabloid Weekly World News. I chuckled when I saw that their 'Political Writer' wrote it. It seems like it should have been their 'Not-Really-Dead-Rock-Star Writer. Continue reading

The Last Photograph of Elvis Alive

The celebration of Elvis Week is going on right now in Memphis. I start early each year trying to figure out a new way to blog about the anniversary of Elvis’ death. A few weeks ago, I came across my copy of the September 20, 1977, issue of the National Enquirer. On the cover was a photo of Elvis in a car, and the tag was “Hours Before He Died.” The caption under the picture was, “The Last Photo of Elvis Alive.” Continue reading

Negative Critiques of Elvis in 1956

Here are two old posts.  The first one I originally wrote in 2006 and added pictures to it in 2016.  The second one I wrote in 2007 but never went back and added pictures.  I’m not going to do that … Continue reading

Eclectic and Cheap Elvis Reading Material

Between Covid 19 and the cold winter weather, you are going to be spending a lot of time indoors. So, what better way to spend it than by reading about Elvis? Here are some groups of magazines to keep you … Continue reading

What Elvis Would Look Like at 75

This is a repeat of an ElvisBlog post from 2010.  It included altered images of Elvis that artists and Photoshoppers had created showing what he would look like as an old man.  In the ten years since the original posting, … Continue reading

Strange Elvis Searches on the Internet

There has been so much bad news and depressing stuff going on this week, I thought you might enjoy something funny.  Here is another look at a post from 2010.   Google and the other search engines have been very … Continue reading

A Look at Elvis’ First Weekend of Each New Year

I have a number of Elvis reference books I use when researching topics for new blog posts. Sometimes I just scroll through one to get an inspiration. That worked for me this week with ELVIS: Day by Day by Peter … Continue reading

Happy 4th of July, Elvis — Once Again

I posted the first “Happy 4th of July, Elvis” pictorial back in 2009, and repeated that topic regularly through 2014. Then I had trouble finding pictures that hadn’t already been used, so I skipped the next three years, did one … Continue reading

Elvis Goodies from the Fuzzy Room – Part 7

Note:  This item has been sold   I’m going to try it a little different this time. There will be just one item — a collection of 9 issues of The Star tabloid from the first years after Elvis’ death. … Continue reading

Some Elvis Pictures I’ve Never Seen Before – Part 11

I haven’t done this in three months, and my files are full of stuff to show you. This is obviously from the very early days. Elvis and the guys are performing on a flat-bed truck. I especially like the picnic … Continue reading