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Caption Contest # 22 — Winner


Thie winner this time submitted three different entries, but he wished to remain anonymous.


FTD's cover art team picks another winner.
One of his other submissions was, “Are these yours, honey?”  Mr. Anonymous, you have a nasty mind.


Caption Contest # 21 — Winner


Frequent winner Jean Pyle has done it again.  This might just be her best caption yet.


Elvis Incorporates Levitating Air Piano Into His Act


Caption Contest # 20 — NO Winner


For the first time since I started doing the Elvis Caption Contest, we have no winner.  In fact, there were no submissions.  Apparently, this publicity still from the movie The Trouble with Girls stumped everybody.  I thought I'd give it a try, too, but this one is really tough.  The photo for the next Caption Contest will go back to Elvis in real life situations. No more staged images in period costumes with props.


Caption Contest # 19 — Winner


Several readers submitted the same caption for this picture, and “Taking Care of Business” certainly works.  However, frequent contest winner Jean Pyle sent in one that is cruder, but also funnier, and we'll go with that.

Shake it, baby, shake it

Caption Contest # 18 — Winner

Jean Pyle has done it again, but this may be the best caption she has ever come up with.  As usual, she has re-worked the lyrics of an Elvis song to fit the picture.  This one is from “I'll Be Home for Christmas.”

“I won't be home for Christmas.
You can't count on me.
Here are a couple of reasons,
Beside my Christmas tree.”



Congratulations to reader Rick Janczac for the winning caption.  A new contest will be posted next week.week.


Please step back , sir.  Mr Presley doesn't need any help trying on new pants.



Repeat winner Jean Pyle likes to revise Elvis song lyrics slightly to fit the Caption Contest pictures.  Here is her latest.

“Ghouls rush in, when intruders dare to tread.”



Congratulations to Betsy Harris for the winning caption.  There will be a new contest next week.


Hey, ditch that guitar and get me some towels.



Regular contributor Laura Harrison has come up with another winner.


Elvis' singing sets the beach on fire



A lot of previous winners were back again this time, but Phillip Jolly takes the prize for lucky contest # 13.  Here are the runners up:

John Migacz (winner contest #2)       “Catch and release?  Like Hell!”

Laura Harrison (winner contest #8)   “My girl, my girl… Stay off my blue suede shoes.”

Jean Pyle (winner contest #10)         “It ain’t no big thing.  Butt–It’s growing.”


And, the winner is…

Elvis tries out a new way to pick up girls.