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Gladys and Elvis — A Mothers' Day Commemorative Stamp ?


Did you see the news earlier this week that the US Postal Service has changed its rules and will now consider stamp designs that feature people who are still alive.  According to the Postmaster General, “This change will enable us to pay tribute to individuals for their achievements while they are still alive to enjoy the honor.”

But, several news articles speculate that this could be as much about money as admiration.  We all know the Postal Service is in bad shape financially.  Could this new policy be a move to bring in extra profit, as they hope many of the new popular designs might be bought as collectibles and not used as postage?

There is one stunning example of this phenomenon – the Elvis stamp from 1993.  The USPS issued 500 million of them, but reported in 2002 that over 124 million were never used to mail a letter.  That resulted in a cool $36 million profit for the post office.


The news sources also reported the Postal Service is now inviting suggestions for new stamps featuring people who are still alive.  Although they get 40-50,000 suggestions every year, most of the resulting stamps don’t inspire folks to hang on to large numbers of them as collectibles.  What they want now are pop culture icons like Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber with rabid fans who will buy lots and lots of stamps.



I have an idea for the Postal Service.  Based on their prior experience with Elvis fans buying and hoarding the Elvis stamps, why not go back to the well one more time.  How about a Mothers’ Day commemorative stamp featuring Elvis and his mama Gladys?  Can you think of any image that would better show a son’s love for his mother?  I went into my files to see if there were any photos of the two that would make a good stamp picture.  Here’s what I found.


This shot from 1956 is pretty good, but we can’t see either of their eyes, so, it’s probably not the one to use.

This would be a good one if it were a sharper image.


Probably the best so far.  Elvis is his usual bad self and Gladys looks about as good here as she ever did in her last years.


This won’t work.  Gladys just doesn’t look her best here.

Another shot with Gladys in profile and she looks pretty good.  It would be better if they were closer and Elvis wasn’t wearing the hat.


It’s a nice image of Elvis kissing his mom, but Gladys looks so sad.  I believe this shot was taken as Elvis prepared to join the Army.


When I finally found the picture I liked best for an Elvis and Gladys Mothers’ Day stamp, it turned out to be a Photoshop composite. The shot of smiling Gladys below had to have been taken several years before the one of Elvis.


The picture on the stamp idea above was cropped from a larger one created by Tommy Piretos, who has designed at least two dozen great Elvis images.  You can see fourteen of them on Flickr at   I have tried to find a way to contact Tommy Piretos and Piretos Creations using Google, Bing, and Flickr, but have had no success.  I’d like to do a feature about these wonderful images and their creator.  If you know of an e-mail address or website for Tommy Piretos, please let me know at

So, if you like the concept of an Elvis and Gladys Mothers’ Day Commemorative stamp, you can boost the chances of it happening by sending your proposal to:

Creative Stamp Advisory Committee

C/O Stamp Development          

US Postal Service           

475 L’Enfant Plaza SW,  Room 3300        

Washington, DC  20260

You don’t need to send a picture with your proposal.  That’s another long involved process, and the Postal Service has a group of preferred artists they use most of the time.


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Elvis Scrapbooks — Part 4

This will be the last installment of the series on Elvis scrapbooks.  Here’s a look at several more Elvis scrapbooks I found on the internet.





Now, let’s take a look at the last six pages of the Elvis scrapbook we have been covering this month.



Page 16 lacks much interest.  The top left photo caption says, “Birth of sideburns during high school years.”  Next to it is a photo of Elvis and director Norman Taurog on the set of one of the eight Elvis movies he directed.   At the bottom there is a cropped photo of Elvis’ head and a familiar shot form Aloha From Hawaii.


Page 17:  The main thing of interest here is the one color photo.  Most of photos of Elvis doing his lip snarl are from the earlier days.  I can’t remember too many jumpsuit shots of his lip curl.  It sure looks like the jumpsuit top is open all the way to the belt.


Page 18:  This is the forth and possibly the most interesting photo of Priscilla in our scrapbook.  She obviously spent some time with a top-notch photographer to produce these glamour shots.  Perhaps it was part of the healing process after splitting with Elvis.  Maybe something to bolster self-esteem?  I have pictures of Priscilla covering fifty years, and I strongly believe she hit her peak of beauty at age 27 or so when these were taken.


Priscilla looked substantially different in her mid-thirties, but still a beauty, as shown on this magazine cover from the early 80s.


Page 19:  This clipping came from the National Enquirer, so you know it has to be pretty strange. It appeared shortly after Elvis’ death.  The guy with the white hair is Dr. George Nichopoulos, Elvis’ personal physician.  Readers of this blog know I don’t think too much of Dr. Nick, and this story didn’t change my mind.  He touched on drugs ever so briefly, and then blamed Elvis’ problems on the Graceland cooks.  Seriously!   Here are some of Dr. Nick’s quotes:

“They [the cooks] mothered him to death.  They couldn’t believe they were doing him harm by making a fuss of him.”

So, the cooks are what did Elvis in, not anything out of Dr. Nick’s bag.  He did offer up an example to prove the cooks were the problem.

“He’d say fix up a hamburger and some fries, and they’d send up enough for six people.”  … He’d nibble on it until it was all gone.”

What a heinous plot — death by hamburger.  The National Enquirer writer contributed to the slant Dr. Nick was pushing by adding that Elvis had an insatiable craving for junk food.  Believe it or not, the article got worse after that.  Dr. Nick explained that food consumption was only part of the reason for Elvis’ weight problem,

“Part of his obesity was diet, part was that enlarged colon he had.  His colon was four or five inches in diameter – and when there is several feet of it, it fills a lot of space.”

Too Much Information!  This article filled a lot of space in the National Enquirer, but I’m not sure why an Elvis fan would put it in her scrapbook. 


Page 20 has beautiful flowers from Elvis’ funeral and another jumpsuit shot.  The other shot is the interesting one.  It shows sharp-dressed Vernon Presley briskly walking out of Probate Court in Memphis where he was “given ironclad control over the huge estate, as executor and trustee.”  Vernon surely mourned for his son, but he also seems to have adapted well to the spotlight.  No boring suit and tie for this appearance.  Very natty, Vernon.


Page 21:  The scrapbook ends with this one large color photo, as kind of a tribute to Elvis.  Notice how a puffy-looking Elvis still had that magic with the fans.  He had it to the end.


Nice scrapbook.

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Elvis Scrapbooks — Part 2

Last week we started a discussion on Elvis Scrapbooks and took a look at the first six pages of one I recently borrowed.  50s teenagers enjoyed compiling Elvis items in organized scrapbooks.  It should come as no surprise to you that Col. Parker saw the fad for Elvis scrapbooks and marketed a few to meet this demand.  Of course, there was no shortage of newspaper and magazine articles to cut out and past in the books.  Here are three scrapbooks that went on sale early in Elvis’ career.




Zippered 3-Ring Elvis Scrapbook


The Elvis scrapbook we looked at last week was totally a home-made endeavor.  Here are the next four pages with a few comments.


Page 7 gets into older Elvis – a shot from the ’68 Comeback Special, a color Jumpsuit shot (probably from a magazine) and two black-and-white jumpsuit newspaper photos  Finally, there is the second Priscilla picture.  It is another look at Priscilla around the time she parted with Elvis.  Although it’s not full page like the first one, it does have a nice caption: “Friends say he never got over their divorce – and never stopped loving her.”


Page 8 is a real hodge-podge of pictures.  We get a shot of Elvis on the set of Flaming Star with an unidentified woman, probably a fan.  Then, yet another picture of Elvis and Natalie Wood.  The caption reports that Wood said Elvis had almost mystical beliefs.  At the bottom of the page, Elvis hangs out with film crew on location.  Too bad they didn’t say what movie it was.  Next, we get our second look at Lisa Marie, perhaps a little older than in the earlier photo.  Finally, we get the scrapbook’s third shot of Priscilla, and she looks young in all of them.  Priscilla was twenty-eight when she and Elvis divorced, and it would seem all these photographs were taken shortly after that.



Page 9 is a strange one.  The three newspaper photos are nothing unusual.  You can see the date 9/12/77 written on the picture of Elvis performing, so it appeared in the weeks after his death.  The photo on the right side seems to be from Viva Las Vegas.  And the bottom one says, “Elvis leaves a concert in a flurry of action and tension.”

The newspaper article is sort of interesting.  It quotes Richard Fulcher of the Brentwood Historical Society in Tennessee, who traced Elvis lineage through eleven generations..  He states that Elvis father, grandfather, and great-grandfather all struggled as sharecroppers in the Mississippi bottom land.  It was during Reconstruction after the Civil War that the fortunes of Elvis great-great-grandfather turned for the worse and he moved his family to Mississippi.

According to Mr Fulcher, things were much better for the earlier generations of Presleys, who lived in Tennessee.


Page 10:  This does not look like a casual photo snapped at random.  I know it was done during a professional session, because I have another pose in the same outfit. 



In these shots, Priscilla is twenty-eight or so, and she has an appearance that is different from both the early black hair and heavy makeup period and the mature period when she appeared on Dallas on TV and the Naked Gun movies.  I’ll go out on a limb and say her peak of beauty was at the time of these photos.

More Elvis Scrapbook stories to come.


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Elvis' Wedding Reception Redo

Lots of Elvis fans celebrate the anniversaries of events in Elvis’ life, including May 1, the day he and Priscilla married.  However, not many folks this week celebrated the forty-third anniversary of Elvis’ second wedding reception on May 29, 1967.  This event is pretty far down on the list of Elvis lore, but it is still an interesting story.

In her book, “Elvis and Me,” Priscilla Presley devotes a few pages to the special wedding party she and Elvis hosted in Memphis four weeks after they were wed in Las Vegas.  The most telling line was: “We threw a big reception at Graceland for all our friends and relatives.”  The italics were provided by Priscilla, to indicate she and Elvis were not happy with way some of the folks in their circle were excluded from the wedding ceremony.  She categorized them into three groups:

Those who hadn’t known about the wedding.

Those who knew but couldn’t attend.

Those who knew but weren’t invited.

Yes, there were a few people, especially among Elvis’ Memphis Mafia pals, who got cut out from the wedding.  And guess who cut them out – Col. Parker, who was running the whole show, as usual.

Elvis had assembled a large wedding party at his Palm Springs home the day before the wedding.  Then, two leased jets took everybody to Las Vegas.  Shortly before the scheduled time of the wedding, Col Parker advised most of Elvis’ entourage and their wives that there was no room for them at the ceremony.  They had to sit and wait until the reception room opened and they could join the celebration.


Here are the five Elvis buddies that actually got into the wedding:



Joe Esposito is no surprise.  He was Elvis’ tour manager and has been called Elvis’ best friend.  He was the logical choice to be Elvis best man.  However, Elvis actually had two best men.

Marty Lacker was the other.  He was Elvis’ personal bookkeeper and secretary.   This probably involved a lot of contact with Col. Parker, so my guess is that the Colonel liked him better than the rest of the guys and allowed him to be at the wedding.  Another guess that would logically follow is this:  Elvis knew there would be big trouble with the excluded guys if Marty Lacker got to go and they didn’t.  Do you think Elvis might have named Lacker Co-Best Man to justify him being at the wedding?

George Klein was a buddy of Elvis’ dating back to high school.  He did not work for Elvis, but he hung around a good bit with Elvis, and travelled with him sometimes, so his place at the wedding ceremony was natural.  If anybody should have been Co-Best Man with Joe Esposito, it was George Klein.  A few years later, Elvis was the best man at George Klein’s wedding

Billy Smith was a cousin on Elvis’ mother’s side.  He took care of Elvis’ wardrobe and served as his valet.  Billy and his wife lived in Graceland for many years.

Gee Gee Gambill was married to a cousin on Elvis’ dad’s side.  He had just married Elvis’ cousin three months earlier, but that gave him the family status it took to be assured a place at the ceremony.


So, Colonel Parker excluded some men very close to Elvis, most notably Jerry Shilling, Red West and Charlie Hodge.  In the photo below, you can see Shilling and Hodge (second from left and second from right, respectively) as they joined Elvis at the reception.  Red West was so furious about being excluded from the wedding that he refused to attend the reception.

Farther down on the pecking order, Alan Fortas and Lamar Fike did not receive invitations to anything.  Larry Geller first learned of the wedding from a supermarket tabloid (Parker really did not like him).

According to Priscilla, the second wedding celebration at Graceland was a lot more fun.  “Elvis and I wore our wedding clothes, greeted everyone, sipped champagne, and shared cake just as if the party were taking place after the wedding ceremony.”


                    Cake at First Reception in Vegas                               Cake at Second Reception in Memphis

It would appear she had a lot less cake to share with a lot more people at the second party, but that didn’t really matter.  They had lots of champagne.  “It was much more comfortable and relaxed than Las Vegas.  Laughing and somewhat high from the champagne, we could really have a good time.” 


Elvis and Priscilla Enjoying Champagne at Their Wedding Reception Redo


“There were no photographers watching our every move.  It was fun seeing Vernon get loose.”   Here is a favorite memory Priscilla has from this reception:

“Daddy, you want some more champagne?”  Elvis asked, his eyes twinkling.

“Don’t mind if I do, Son.  That’s pretty good stuff.”

“Yeah.  Well, don’t drink too much.  I don’t want my daddy gettin’ in trouble.  I see that blonde you’ve been eyein’.”

Vernon stole a glance at the girl and, with the same twinkle replied, “She ain’t too bad, is she?  Think I’ll go see if she needs anything.”


Go for it Vernon, you old hound dog.


The New Bride and Groom Start their Honeymoon

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Elvis' Grandchildren Cut 75th Birthday Cake

In the last ElvisBlog article, we looked at the sketch of the winning design for the special Elvis 75th birthday cake to be unveiled at Graceland on January 8.  I promised to show a photo of the actual cake as soon as it was available.  Well, here it is, and there is a big surprise.  Cutting the cake are Riley and Ben Keough, Elvis' oldest grandchildren.

Riley and Ben Keough


Danielle Riley Keough is twenty years old.  She is a successful model and has a supporting role in the soon to be released Joan Jett biopic The Runaways.  Benjamin Storm Keough is seventeen years old.  It was recently reported that he signed a $5 million recording contract, but his mother Lisa Marie has refuted that.  Her ex-husband, musician Danny Keough, is Ben and Riley's father.

You can't see much of Riley's face in the above photo, and that's too bad, because she is a beautiful young lady.  Here's a recent close-up:


Riley and Ben's grandmother, Priscilla Presley, was asked it was like to have them at the 75th Birthday event:  “I thought, my gosh, if Elvis only knew that he would have such beautiful grandchildren, so supportive to him, and how beautiful they are. It is bittersweet. He would have been very, very proud, absolutely very proud of his grandchildren.”


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More New Ben Keough Photos


In addition to being fans of Elvis Presley, some of the regular Elvisblog readers are also fans of his grandson Benjamin Keough.   They must appreciate it when we post new photos of Ben, because now they are sending in other photos they have found on the web.  Here are a few new ones.  


These three photos were taken when Benjamin, his mom Lisa, and his grandmother Priscilla left a restuarant in London recently.   It's too bad the one taken through the car window has so much glare, because he really looks like Elvis in it.




These next two appear to be taken at the birthday bash thrown by popular singer Ryan Cabrera this summer.  Benjamin's sister, Riley Keough, had dated Ryan for some time, and he and Benjamin seem to have become friends.  Just a guess, but do you think Cabrera's influence had as much to do with Ben's decision to pursue a career in music as did his famous heritage?



Last week we looked at a comparison of two tight shots of Elvis and Benjamin to see how much resemblance there was.  Let's try it again with the two photos above.



There is now a story going around on some forums that the news about Benjamin signing a $5 million recording contract is not true.  First, an unnamed spokesman for Lisa Marie supposedly said it ain't so.  Then, the People magazine website posted this denial by Peter LoFrumento, Executive Vice President of Universal Music Group, “This story is totally untrue.” 

To be continued.


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Benjamin Keough Signs Recording Contract


According to the UK Telegraph, Elvis Presley's only grandson, Benjamin Keough, has reportedly been offered a $5 million contract by Universal, the world's biggest record company.  To earn this nice chunk of change, Benjamin will make up to five albums.   

The news was reported by Mr. Tim Walker in his regular Telegraph on-line column.  He says he spoke with Benjamin at the Inspiration Awards for Women in London to get the scoop.  Benjamin told him he is already recording his first album, and it will be very different in style from the music Elvis made.  “The music will be nothing like Elvis, nothing like him at all.”  He hopes to release the first album next year.

For some reason, Mr. Walker referred to him as Benjamin Presley.  I hope ElvisBlog will be the first of many voices calling on him to use his given name, Benjamin Keough.  If he wants to create his own identity, his own musical style free from any connection to Elvis, he should not capitalize of his famous grandfather's name.  He will get plenty of press without it.


Benjamin Keough                                             Elvis Presley

According to Mr. Walker, Benjamin bears a strong resemblance to Elvis.  Here's a couple of pictures for comparison.  What do you think?  It appears that the resemblance gets stronger as Benjamin ages, as we can see in this earlier ElvisBlog column.

Apparently Benjamin already has a “spokesman,” who issued this quote, “He's a typical 17-year old.  He doesn't get up before midday and then he grunts at you.”   If you think about it, while Benjamin doesn't want his music to sound like Elvis', he already has one of Elvis' traits down pat.  Elvis was famous for getting out of bed in the middle of the day. 


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Guest Blog: ElvisBlog's Greatest Hits, Volume 1

This is Tygrrius, filling in again for Phil.


As an Elvis fan, you are undoubtedly used to “greatest hits” and various other methods of re-packaging existing material. Today, I'm going to steal a page from RCA's playbook by taking a look at ElvisBlog's Greatest Hits.

We'll start our compilation with a look back at the early days of ElvisBlog.

RILEY KEOUGH PRESLEY? (February 6, 2005)

Phil's early posts were shorter than his more recent work and also contained fewer photos. This instant classic was a look at Lisa Marie's daughter, Riley Keough, as she started her modeling career. This post gained ElvisBlog some of its earliest readers. Writing about models will tend to do that.

Nearly five years later, Riley is now twenty. In a certain way, she's following in her grandfather's footsteps. She's at work on her first movie, The Runaways. It's a film about the 1970s girl band of the same name that featured Joan Jett. Dakota Fanning will star as Jett, while Kristen Stewart will play Cherie Currie. Riley will appear as Marie Currie in the movie, scheduled for release in 2010.

ELVIS AND CAPTAIN MARVEL JR. (November 20, 2005)

Was Elvis' life influenced by comic books? A clever series of articles over at the excellent Dial B for Blog compared Elvis with Captain Marvel, Jr., and caught Phil's eye. Elvis himself would seem to agree with Robby Reed, writer of the original piece. “When I was a child . . . I was a dreamer. I read comic books, and I was the hero of the comic book. I saw movies, and I was the hero in the movie. So every dream I ever dreamed has come true a hundred times,” Elvis said in 1971.


Here, Phil takes the 2005 hit film Walk The Line to task for implying not only that Elvis used drugs in 1956, but that he also helped to get Johnny Cash hooked as well. Not being a Cash fan, I can't say I've even seen the movie. The only thing interesting about it to me is Reese Witherspoon, but she has plenty of other movies I'd rather see her in.

Tyler Hilton, a professional singer in his own right, played Elvis in the film. He actually has a couple of songs on the soundtrack, great versions of “That's All Right” and “Milkcow Blues Boogie” that I bought as individual MP3s from Amazon. “That's All Right” gets covered every now and then, since it was Elvis' first single, but “Milkcow” is pretty rare. Hilton makes occasional appearances on the TV series One Tree Hill.


Thanks again, everyone.

/Tygrrius, The Film Frontier

Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie


I’ve never much cared for Michael Jackson, and I am certainly glad of one thing about him.  Decades ago, the media bestowed the title “King of Pop” on Jackson.  If the media had taken away Elvis’ title as the “King of Rock and Roll” and given it to Michael Jackson, I would have been very upset.  I hope the autopsy doesn’t reveal Jackson had a system full of prescription drugs when he died.  We can do without the endless comparisons to Elvis that would result.

I never figured on writing about Lisa Marie and Michael Jackson in ElvisBlog, so I never accumulated much about them in my files of possible story ideas.  However, with Jackson’s passing yesterday, it was time to dig up something to write.  Within minutes of hearing the news about Michael Jackson passing, I was on the computer gathering information for this article.

I was particularly pleased to find six photos of the happily married couple.  They were posted at 7:38 last night.  By midnight, ElvisBlog had more hits than on any day since Elvis Week, when interest is always high.  Google did a great job bringing people to the site.  Then, Lisa Marie made a public statement about Jackson’s death, and all the news and entertainment websites picked it up.  Now, ElvisBlog is way down the list of sites on the Google list about Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie.  Oh, well.

Here is Lisa’s statement:  “I am heartbroken for his children who I know were everything to him and for his family.  This is such a massive loss on so many levels, words fail me.”  Words did not fail her during two appearances on the Oprah Winfrey show.  During the first one, Oprah asked her to describe her marriage to Jackson, and she replied, “Holy Mother of God.  It was insane.”  In 2005, Oprah asked, “Do you think he loved you?”  Lisa replied, “It’s hard for me to answer that question.  I don’t know the answer to that, to be honest with you.”  In answer to a follow up question, Lisa said Jackson loved her as much as he was capable of loving someone.  Lisa also confirmed to Oprah, “It was a consummated marriage.  Yeah, that’s all I have to say on it.”  However, ten years earlier on ABC’s Primetime Live, Diane Sawyer wondered about the same thing.  Lisa answered, “Do we have sex?   Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Acording to, Lisa first saw Michael Jackson when Elvis took her to a Jackson 5 concert in Las Vegas in 1975.  Supposedly, they met backstage.  When Lisa was sixteen, Michael asked Priscilla to meet him for dinner, and he was very insistent that she bring Lisa with her.  Priscilla thought Lisa was too young and said no.  Michael persisted, but Priscilla held her ground. Years later, Michael and Lisa were connected by a mutual friend.  They married on May 24, 1994, at the elegant Case de Campo resort in La Romana, Dominican Republic.  The couple kept their marriage secret for as long as they could.  On August 1, 1994 they finally confirmed the rumors and announced their marriage.  Lisa said, “I am very much in love with Michael.  I dedicate my life to being his wife.”

Seventeen months later, Lisa Marie filed for divorce.  It was finalized on August 20, 1996.

Michael Jackson’s life was pretty weird, and it spawned its share of jokes.  There are even a dozen Michael/Lisa jokes listed on  Most are pretty lame, but here are two better ones:

Q – What was Lisa Marie’s newlywed complaint about Michael Jackson?

A – He leaves the lid off the mascara, causing it to dry out.



Q – What did Elvis say after seeing Michael and Lisa Marie on television?

A – “Boy, that’s a relief.  I thought she married a black guy.”

Likewise, had an interesting comment on the question, “How did Michael Jackson get Lisa Marie Presley to marry him?”  They offered this list of perks:  Neverland, a house that actually trumps Graceland; a pet chimp (named Bubbles); and the bones of the Elephant Man.

Now, maybe the jokes will stop.  Rest in peace, Michael.

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First Look: New Bemjamin Keough Photos


(Ed. note:  To see a photo of Benjamin Keough taken in October, 2009, check out two more recent ElvisBlog columns, “Benjamin Keough Signs Recording Contract”  or  “More New Benjamin Keough Photos.”)


In the past two weeks, ElvisBlog has been the recipient of two new photos of Elvis’ only grandson, Benjamin Keough .  One of this blog’s loyal readers has an uncanny way of uncovering these pictures, and she chooses to send them here so we can share them with many other fans.  We now have three photos of Benjamin as a teenager, to go along with three younger shots.

Internet searches for Ben Keough, or Benjamin Keough, or Elvis' grandson have brought many Elvis fans to this site for years, linking to four different articles posted between February 2007 to May 2009.  As soon as photos of Ben were discovered during that period, they were posted.

The wonderful ElvisBlog reader who sent me number four and five in the series came up with number six yesterday.  She won't say how she gets them, and I’m not going to push her for that information.

So, let’s look at all six Ben Keogh photos together in a pictorial essay, along with comments on each.



If you look close at this picture, you can see that Benjamin has a diamond stud in his nose.  Elvis’ grandson is growing up.

My mysterious source advised me that the logo at the top right is from the jewelry line Bullets 4 PeaceTheir website says, “Bullets 4 Peace takes used bullet casings, which are meant to be recycled and used in the streets and battlefields, and turns them into beautiful jewelry pieces that promote peace and compassion.  Proceeds from sales help support various charitable organizations.”  Singers like Justin Timberlake, Kanye West and the Jonas Brothers have taken to this jewelry, as well. 

Benjamin is holding what seems to be the design called “Army of Peace Eagle”.  It is from the Bullets 4 Peace Silver Collection, and sells for $275.  I have a suggestion.  These folks ought to make a TCB design.  That would probably sell a bunch.



This is the photo we posted just two weeks ago.  It was the first one where Benjamin showed some resemblance to Elvis. 

 Note that the facial hair in this shot is gone in the more recent one.  About this same time, somebody Googled “Did Elvis ever meet his grandson?”  Oh boy, that would be a little impossible.  Elvis died thirty-two years ago, and Benjamin is seventeen.



This photo was posted on ElvisBlog about nine months ago, and it generated more comments than any other article in the four year history of this site.  Some of them discussed whether Ben had any resemblance to Elvis.  However, more folks were concerned about that beer bottle sitting on the table in front of a sixteen-year-old.  Not me.  I know a lot of us drank a beer at that age, and we all turned out okay, right?


The next three photos are of young Benjamin, first posted on ElvisBlog in December 2007, and they now show up on all sorts of websites.  Considering his age in the pictures, they were all taken well before 2007, but they sure weren’t in general circulation until then.  Lisa Marie took great care to keep Benjamin out of the public eye when he was little.


This one was supposedly taken at Elvis Week 2004, so Benjamin would have been twelve then.


I have no information about this photo, but the fan forum website where I found it says it is Benjamin, so I am going with that.


This is the youngest photo of Benjamin in this collection.  Cute kid.


The first ElvisBlog post with pictures of Ben in 2007 was cleverly titled “Benjamin Keough Photos.”  Although it is now very outdated, it is still ranked number one on Google for Benjamin Keough searches.  So, I’m going to drop the original article and replace it with a reprint of this one.  Folks are going to be a lot happier with the results of their searches.

I always say writing about Elvis is fun, and now it turns out, writing about Benjamin Keough is fun, too.  I hope my friend can come up with more photos.


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