Happy 13th Birthday, ElvisBlog

Happy 13th Birthday

For a child, the 13th birthday is a big one – finally becoming a teenager. For ElvisBlog, it means that the first blog devoted to Elvis Presley keeps plugging along. When I started this project in 2005, I really never imagined it would reach 784 posts. How could anyone think of that many different Elvis things to write about?

Dashboard at a Glance

So, I intend to keep plugging along and aim for 1,000 posts. Because a new article is posted every weekend, it should take me four years to get there. Stay tuned.


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There is one area of growth I would like to comment on. The box above appears on the upper right corner of the ElvisBlog home page. In a little over two years,  311 readers have signed up to subscribe to the blog, which means it comes directly to them in their email. They can read it there or double click and get the bigger version on-line.

I know some folks check in sporadically and read up on a bunch of posts. That’s fine, but some articles are timely, prompted by something in the news, so subscribing is the way to get them right as they happen.

Whether you subscribe or visit ElvisBlog when the fancy strikes you, I appreciate your interest. Thank you.

Did you notice the 2,440 comments in the Dashboard box above? The real number is about half that, because my responses are included in the count. I try to answer every comment that comes in, even those about a six or seven year old post. The writers obviously found ElvisBlog through a Google search, and typically the message is something like, “I found a signed Elvis scarf in my dead aunt’s cedar chest. What’s it worth?” So, I advise a couple of places that might provide an answer. And, about one time in twenty will the person send back a thank you.

I’m thinking I might start screening these requests. If they don’t say something nice about ElvisBlog first before asking me to spend my time helping them, maybe they won’t get an answer.

Of course, a lot of comments are interesting and informative. For example, they keep coming in about those photos I posted that I had never seen before. So why not follow-up with another article to share all the tags, explanations and alt pictures you readers have sent in during the past week.  Scroll down to the next post.


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Happy 12th Birthday, ElvisBlog

Happy 12th Birthday

Do you know how long internet blogs have been around? At least since late 2004, when I read a newspaper article about this new thing called blogs. It said they were popping up devoted to all sorts of topics, so I thought to myself: I would like to read a blog about Elvis. I wonder if there is one.

So, I Googled Elvis blog, but nothing even close came up in the results. Hmmn. I’m a writer and Elvis fan. I should start one. And I did. On January 31, 2005, ElvisBlog was born. Because it was the first, I created a silly handle for myself: Original ElvisBlogmeister. Nobody has ever challenged this claim, so I guess it’s mine to keep.


ElvisBlog - Elvis Jukebox Rankings

This was the first post, all 228 words of it. There were no pictures until two and a half years later when I posted an article on Elvis outfits and wigs.

ElvisBlog - Being Elvis for Halloween

Today, pictures and photos are the main appeal of ElvisBlog, with a bit of text to add interest and sometimes a little humor.


Happy Birthday ElvisBlog

Every two or three years I publish a Happy Birthday, ElvisBlog post. The above from the 2007 mentions 108 blog articles so far. Now the total is 730 posts.

ElvisBlog - 730 Posts


Also, on the second birthday post, I mentioned that the total hits over the two-year period had reached 80,000. For the year 2016, the total was 301,336, up 4.4% from the previous year.

2016 ElvisBlog Stats

Visitors is a more important number to me. People accessed ElvisBlog almost 168,000 times last year. I am very proud and grateful for this support. Thank you.


Elvis Blog on Google Search

Please indulge me with one more brag. Today, the results are much different than in 2004 when you search for Elvis blog. 18 million results? The brag is that for the time being, ElvisBlog is higher in the results than Graceland’s official Elvis Blog. I am sure this position will reverse sometime soon, with their huge mailing list and Graceland Insiders membership. I have praised this blog in several posts and provided links to it. It is quite good, and you should check it out. (but don’t skip this blog to do that).


Here’s a list showing the international spread of ElvisBlog readers.

2016 ElvisBlog Stats by Country

Japan used to be in the top 10 ten, but they have dropped off and Brazil has moved in. I have no idea why.

2016 ElvisBlog Stats - - Minor Country

This is the bottom of list (cut off at a minimum of 20 page views). Somebody in Iraq has been checking in to read ElvisBlog. Do you think they run the risk of being beheaded if they are caught reading about Elvis?

And where in the world are Guernsey and Reunion located?


There is one last picture I would like to show you. This fall, I will be introducing another book: BIG E and the SANTA MAN – Part 2. Here is the artwork for the cover.

Big E Flying Caddy Jet Sled

Isn’t this outstanding? I am so grateful to Carol Stephens at 2D Creative Designs for her brilliant work creating this picture of Big E’s gold Cadillac jet sled. He and Santa will be flying around in it to defeat another plot by Scrooge to ruin Christmas. After the success of the first book, I was moved to write a sequel. Stay tuned for more news on BIG E and the SANTA MAN – Part 2 as we get closer to the Christmas season.


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Happy 10th Birthday ElvisBlog

Happy 10th Birthday Banner

I don’t know exactly when blogs got started, but I read an article in late 2004 about how popular they had become.  So, I thought I’d like to check out whatever Elvis blogs there were out there.  Guess what? There were none.

Then I looked into it and found out how to set one up.  I bought the URL for $11, and on January 30, 2005, ElvisBlog was born.  To celebrate its 10th birthday, this post will be a retrospective of articles published on (or very close to) the anniversary date each of these ten years.


Year 1, The First Article:    Elvis Jukebox Rankings – 1/30/05:

Guess what is Elvis’ most successful record in terms of jukebox play?

According to the Amusement & Music Operators Association, it is HoundDog/Don’t Be Cruel from 1956, the 3rd biggest jukebox hit of all time.  This trade association of jukebox owners, operators, and suppliers compiled their list back in 1989 (100th anniversary of the jukebox).  They updated it again in 1996, and there were no changes in the top of the rankings.

So,Hound Dog/Don’t Be Cruel seems to be permanently locked into the #3 position.  It’s no surprise that this double-sided hit got the most play of all the Elvis records featured on jukeboxes.  Hound Dog stayed at the top of the record charts for twelve weeks, and then Don’t Be Cruel took over the next week.   That’s a long run of popularity during an age when jukeboxes were really big.

What two songs could possibly beat Elvis?  #2 is the 1979 Bob Seger hit. Old Time Rock & Roll, no doubt helped by Tom Cruise singing it in his underwear in the movie, “Risky Business.”  #1 is Crazy by Patsy Cline.  That song came out in 1962, but I’ll bet you can still find it on some jukeboxes in 2005.  Talk about staying power.  Elvis’ next best finish in the jukebox rankings is All Shook Up at #38.  Seems like it should be higher.

(Editor’s note: This premier ElvisBlog article racked up a grand total of six hits during the entire first month of the blog’s history.)


1st Birthday:    OK, I Finally Visited Elvis-A-Rama — February 5, 2006


Thanks to my company’s annual trade show in Las Vegas, I finally got to see ELVIS-A-RAMA.  None too soon, either.  The museum will shut down for good on August 15 this year.  Do you think there’s any significance that the death of ELVIS-A-RAMA will come one day before the anniversary of Elvis’ death?  The good news is that the memorabilia will not be permanently lost to us fans.  It will be sent to Memphis, added to the extensive EPE collection, and ultimately will be part of Elvis-themed attractions in Las Vegas and other major cities.

 Elvis-A Rama Jumpsuits

I’m glad I took in ELVIS-A-RAMA, and I got my money’s worth for the $13 admission cost.  Visitors with only a casual interest in Elvis could probably blow through the exhibits in 30 minutes, but I stayed there for over two hours.  The 4 cars, 3 rings, 9 pendants, 4 guitars, 9 layman badges, 4 guns, 2 jumpsuits, and dozens of other clothes items catch every visitor’s eyes.  Plus, there were brass plaques that gave the history of nearly every significant item.

Elvis-A-Rama Wall Mural

Some folks barely noticed the wall covered with every Elvis 45 and album released during his lifetime.  Not me.  I loved the year-by-year approach, each with a plaque telling that year’s highlights in record rankings and sales figures.  Below the plaques were the releases.  I learned that Elvis’ five Sun Records singles came with printed picture sleeves.  I had never seen them before.

Blue Suede Shoes at Elvis-A-Rama 

I spent a lot of time with all the paper documents contained in eleven, tall, freestanding, two-sided display panels.  There were tickets, contracts, letters, receipts, photos and all kinds of other stuff.  I took time to read all the descriptive plaques and really studied the items on display.  Now I know that Elvis’ phone bill for the entire month of May 1963 was only $6.84, for example.  I do have one complaint.  Each side of the displays had three framed sections.  The top one was a little high for comfortable reading.  The middle one was perfect, but the bottom one was only 6 inches off the ground.  My knees were so sore after squatting up-and-down to read everything.  Several times I wished I had a flashlight, because it was tough to read the plaques when they were at the very bottom.

Elvis-A-Rama Elvis Bentley

The sources for much of the museum’s collection were revealed in the various plaques.  As mentioned in a previous Elvisbog article, some key items came form Jimmy Velvet.  Norman Taurog, who directed eight Elvis movies, provided much of the movie memorabilia.  A lot of Elvis’ personal items were purchased from Trish Henley, who was his nurse for eleven years and lived behind Graceland with husband, a guard for the mansion.

Elvis-A-Rama Elvis Pistol

Of course, there is a gift shop as part of the ELVIS-A-RAMA experience, but it’s pretty cool.  In addition to the usual coffee mugs, pocketbooks, and T-shirts, there is actual memorabilia for sale.  One of the most expensive was a shirt owned by Elvis going for $4,000.  The price includes two 1973 photos of him wearing the shirt.  I was impressed with the presentation of a ticket from Elvis’ 1956 concert in Tupelo ($1.50 face value).   For $99 you can buy it in a large framed and matted collection of photos and other mementos of the event.  A similar framed presentation was used to offer a set of five Sun Records colored-vinyl 45’s.  It is an impressive sight, but the price was $875.  That seems pretty steep for bootlegs.

Red Vinyl Elvis Sun 45

All in all, I’m glad I finally got to visit ELVIS-A-RAMA.  If you travel to Las Vegas in the next seven months, be sure to see it.

(Editor’s note:  All these pictures were just added.  ElvisBlog didn’t post photos back in 2006)


2nd Birthday:   Visitors to Graceland — January 28, 2007

In addition to politicians and TV stars, the list of famous visitors to Graceland includes movie stars, sports figures, models, country singers, pop music singers, and rock groups – lots of rock groups.  It seems like every music act that ever performed in Memphis also made a visit to the home of Elvis Presley.  I was especially impressed with all the heavy metal bands that came to Graceland.  You know that the music of groups like Ratt and Poison is about as far from “Hound Dog” or “Suspicious Minds” as you can get, but they still paid their respects to rock music’s seminal pioneer.  Here’s some of the bigger names in heavy metal music that checked out the Jungle Room and the rest of Graceland:


Judas Priest
Motley Crue
Robert Plant and Jimmy Page (Led Zepellin)
Axl Rose (Guns and Roses)

And check out this line-up of classic rock bands who made the pilgrimage to Elvis’ home:


Bad Company
Bon Jovi
Cheap Trick
Crosby, Stills, & Nash
Doobie Brothers
Duran, Duran
Van Halen
38 Special
Keith Richards & Ronnie Woods (Rolling Stones)
REO Speedwagon
Pink Floyd
Tom Petty
Moody Blues
Meat Loaf
Don Henley (Eagles)
John Fogerty (Credence Clearwater Revival)
Fleetwood Mac

Bruce Springsteen is listed just like everybody else on the list, but his visit to Graceland has an interesting story.  He jumped the fence and tried to get into the house before the security guards escorted him off the premises.  This was back in 1976, just after Springsteen had blasted to the top of the music scene.  His picture had recently appeared on the covers of both Time and Newsweek.   Memphis was a stop on his Born To Run tour, and after the concert, Springsteen took a cab to Graceland.  He noticed a light on up at the house, so he climbed the wall and ran up to the front door.  When security nabbed him, he asked, “Is Elvis home?”  They informed him Elvis was in Lake Tahoe (true).  Springsteen tried to explain who he was, but the guards apparently hadn’t heard of him yet.

Bruce Springsteen and flashing Born to Run Elvis Button 1975

If Bruce Springsteen ever decides to visit Graceland again, it’s a good bet the security guys will recognize him.

(Editor’s note: Portions of the original article have been deleted because of links to URLs that no longer work.  Also, the photos have just been added.)


3rd Birthday:   Fun with Elvis on Photoshop — February 3, 2008

Now that I’m retired, I spend even more time on the Internet searching for Elvis stuff.  Not just the big Elvis sites that come up on the first two Google search pages.  What I really like to find are sites where Elvis isn’t the whole deal – other kinds of sites that happen to contain some obscure Elvis content.  You find strange and wonderful stuff that way.

Like altered photos of Elvis.  I guess these are done on Photoshop or something similar, and some of them are so clever.  Like this one where Elvis looks like an Arab.  It’s pretty dark, but you can see that somebody did a great job of putting Elvis’ face inside that headdress.


For the past two years, every time I find a really good one of these altered Elvis photos, I copy it to a file.  There’s enough in there now to do a couple of blog articles.  Here’s another picture with a different twist.  In my photo file, I label it Melting Elvis, and you can see why.


Another way of doing this is to put someone else’s face on Elvis body.  Bill Clinton is a natural for this, because his election staff in 1992 called him Elvis.  Here’s what he looks like in a jumpsuit.


While we are on Presidents, here are Bush’s that served before and after Clinton.



Of the three presidents, I think Clinton looks the best, probably because he’s wearing a jumpsuit.  However, there is one other president who gets my prize for the best President in a jumpsuit.  Does Ronald Reagan look cool, or what?


Here’s one more of Reagan, but on this one he’s doing the Richard Nixon thing, and George W gets to be Elvis.  How do people come up with these ideas?


I wish the quality on this next one were a little better, because the concept is great:  Elvis in a gift box.  I sent e-mail birthday greetings to two female friends and asked them how they would like to open up that present.


Did you ever wonder what Elvis might have looked like if he had been born twenty or thirty years later and sang heavy metal Rock & Roll?  Here’s your answer.


I labeled the next one “Shiny Elvis” for obvious reasons.  If I knew anything about Photoshop, I put some clever phrase in that bottom right turned-up corner and send it out to my Elvis friends.


I wish I had kept track of where I found all these photos.  Talented folks made artful creations and should be credited.  The best I can do is say thanks to all of them for having fun with Elvis while still respecting his legacy.  Well, with the possible exception of this last one.


(Editor’s note:  Photos became a regular part of ElvisBlog posts in 2008)


4th Birthday:   Elvis and Buddy Holly, February 1, 2009

Tuesday, February 3 will be the 50th anniversary of the plane crash that killed Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper. This story will be covered thoroughly by all the entertainment media, so I won’t repeat it here. What I want to look at is the connection between Buddy Holly and Elvis Presley.

Young Buddy Holly was a nineteen-year-old aspiring musician in Lubbock Texas when he first met Elvis in 1955. Buddy and his friend Bob Montgomery opened the show as Buddy and Bob, before Elvis came out and took over.

Buddy Holly and Bob Montgomery Looking at Elvis

Buddy Holly also opened for Elvis later in 1955 at the Fair Park Coliseum.

Here is an interesting legend to come out of these meetings, according to Elvis – His Life from A to Z by Fred L. Worth and Steve D. Tamerius:

“According to legend, Elvis told Holly and Montgomery that if they came down to the ‘Louisiana Hayride,’ he’d get them on the show, but when they did show up, Horace Logan [ed. note: station manager at KWKH, which produced the Louisiana Hayride] turned them away, and Elvis wasn’t there.”

In spite of this, Holly has been quoted, “Without Elvis, none of us would have made it.


Here’s a little-known nugget. Elvis’ band, Scottie Moore, Bill Black and DJ Fontana, caused almost all West Texas Rockabilly bands to change their style, including the Crickets playing behind Buddy Holly, and Roy Orbison’s band.

Elvis and Buddy Holly must have liked a lot of the same songs, because they both recorded these songs by other popular singers:

Good Rockin’ Tonight (Roy Hamilton)
Reddy Teddy (Little Richard)
Blue Suede Shoes (Carl Perkins)
Shake, Rattle and Roll (Joe Turner / Bill Haley)
Rip It Up (Little Richard)

Elvis never recorded any songs released by Buddy Holly, and Holly never recorded any Elvis songs except one. He once said, “(You’re So Square) Baby, I Don’t Care” was his favorite Elvis song. He recorded it as a demo during a visit to a radio station in 1956. To my knowledge, it was never released during his life.

After his death, all sort of rare Buddy Holly music was released. Because Holly’s career was cut so short, the total number of songs he recorded was much less than Elvis accumulated. But that didn’t prevent historians and record producers from finding every scrap of tape with Holly playing and singing on them. Then they put out albums like this. He was the undisputed king of the lost-basement-tapes, until they started digging for Jimi Hendrix material a decade later..

It is generally known that Waylon Jennings was part of the Crickets on that fateful night fifty years ago. He was supposed to be on the charter plane with Holly, but gave up his seat to the Big Bopper. There are few photos of Jennings with Holly, but here is one:

There is one last Elvis and Buddy Holly connection. Both Elvis and Holly are charter members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In 1986, when the first ten inductees to the Hall were named, Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly were chosen. Two rock icons, for sure.


Happy 10th Birthday Balloons 2

That concludes the first five articles from the archives to celebrate ElvisBlog‘s 10th birthday.   Next week we will look at the five articles that were posted at the time of ElvisBlog birthdays in 2010-2014.


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Happy Birthday ElvisBlog

This month marks the ninth anniversary of ElvisBlog. The number of Elvis fans visiting the site continues to grow, and the inspirations for blog topics keep coming, so ElvisBlog will plug along into its tenth year.

Elvis Picking up Girl

One thing I learned over the years is to include a good picture early in the post. Don’t open with a whole bunch of text pushing the first photo way down and off the reader’s screen. ElvisBlog is supposed to be fun, not a literary journal. The first image now also shows on my Facebook page in the thumbnail tease from the NetworkedBlogs link. It really pays to have an interesting first photo.

By the way, this shot was used in Caption Contest #13 back in 2009 with the winning caption “Elvis tries out a new way to pick up girls.” There hasn’t been a new caption contest is a long time. I need to do some.

 ElvisBlog 2007 Homepage


This 2007 ElvisBlog homepage shows what it looked like for the first few years. Obviously, it needed to be jazzed up a bit. The tag line to the right of the title may be too small for you to read, but it said:

Nuggets of news, history and commentary posted every Sunday


That had to go. I make a serious effort to post a new blog every weekend (Friday – Sunday, sometimes Monday), but you can’t pin yourself down to a specific day. Also, the tag line worked originally when the posts were all text, but as pictures become a prominent part of the mix, the trend went toward more fun topics. Thus, the change in 2011 to:

All the Cool Stuff Out There in Elvis World


Elvis Spank

Thanks to endless hours of searching on Google Images, I have collected a bottomless treasure chest of cool Elvis images. Until now, this picture has never been used on ElvisBlog, mainly because it didn’t fit in any of the themes. I have one set of pictures that I am saving until the last post, whenever that is. It will surely anger the folks at Graceland, but it will be too late then for them to put the muscle on me.

If you scroll back up, you will note that the title of that 2007 post was “Fool’s Gold,” referring to the huge sandwich containing a jar of peanut butter, a jar of grape jam, and a pound of bacon on an Italian loaf split down the middle. Elvis had such a craving for it that he flew from Memphis to Denver to get one.

Early on, I delighted in other catchy titles like:

Virtuoso of Hootchy-Kootchy – This title came from Jack Gould, entertainment critic for the New York Times. It was the only semi-favorable opinion in his brutal article about Elvis’ second appearance on the Milton Berle Show.

A Jug of Corn Liquor at a Champagne Party — This post was a look at Elvis’ 1956 appearances at the New Frontier Hotel in Las Vegas. The line came from a Newsweek magazine review.

Is It A Sausage? No, It’s A Rusty Foghorn – This title came from two phrases in a 1956 New York Times review of Elvis’ first movie Love Me Tender. The reviewer said Elvis looked like a smooth, damp-looking sausage, and his singing voice sounded like a rusty foghorn.

My favorite title of all was Turgid, Juicy and Flamboyant, from another New York Times review, but it has the same problem as the others above — the word Elvis was not in the titles. I learned that to grow your SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Elvis needed to be in the title, so now it is whenever possible. Check out the titles of the eight most recent ElvisBlog posts, top of left column.


Bush in an Elvis Jumpsuit

This is just another photo to break up the text. And an example of how the Photoshop jockeys love altering Elvis. ElvisBlog has posted photos of Presidents Reagan, Bush (41), Clinton, Bush (43) and Obama in Elvis jumpsuits. I did get some negative feedback when I posted Osama bin Laden in one.


After a few years of emphasizing the fun side of Elvis, a logo was added to the ElvisBlog homepage.


ElvisBlog Lip Logo


Hopefully everyone recognizes the famous Elvis lip curl. That was one inspiration for it. Here is the other:


Rolling Stones logo


One last thing about the February 2007 ElvisBlog homepage shown above. Under Recent Articles, the list included “Happy Birthday ElvisBlog.” Back then, after two years of existence, the number of hits per week was up to a little over 1,000. Today it is over 5,600. So, thanks to all you folks who keep coming back.

As long as I’m able, ElvisBlog will continue to bring you all the cool stuff out there in Elvis World.

Phil Arnold
Original Elvis Blogmeister


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Happy 8th Birthday, ElvisBlog

I almost missed the eighth anniversary of the start of ElvisBlog.  527 articles posted, a new one added every weekend (except for three when my wife had surgeries).  Still plugging along.

The switch to WordPress last April has worked out pretty good.  They have a way to upload lots of pictures in a short time.  The set-up to leave Comments is much simpler, so comments to ElvisBlog have quadrupled.

However, the switch also left me without the Stats the old blog platform made available.  I was completely hooked on reading the numbers for page views and unique visitors every morning.  So, I got Google Analytics.  Obviously they have a much tighter matrix, because they cut ElvisBlog’s numbers by two-thirds.  Really bummed me out.  The happy news is that you good folks (unique visitors) have doubled in the first nine months on WordPress.

That’s enough of the victory lap.  So, to celebrate the birthday, lets go back to the early days.  During the first four years of ElvisBlog, no pictures were published, just text.  So, I went back to 2006 to see what stories would benefit the most from having  images included.

The winner is:   The Strange Story of Barney and Mabel


(You can tell this is a strange story by looking at the chaos in this room.  Here’s the old blog article, now updated with photos.)


Elvis fans come in many forms, including an extremely rich English aristocrat who lives in a castle.  His name is Sir Benjamin Slade, and he has a substantial Elvis collection.  One of his more recent additions was a rare 1909 teddy bear from famous German manufacturer Steiff.  A teddy bear with that pedigree has intrinsic collectible value, but Elvis owned this one for a while, which made it even more valuable.   Sir Benjamin purchased the teddy bear, named Mabel, at auction in Memphis for $75,000.  However, he didn’t keep it long.  In a very generous move, he loaned Mabel to a nearby tourist attraction that was assembling an exhibition of rare teddy bears.  Mabel joined the British Bear Collection from Barnwell Castle, the Wareham Bears from Dorset, and others.  The total insured value of these combined loaner bears was $900,000.



The insurance company insisted on 24-hour-uniformed security with highly trained guard dogs.   Security Guard Greg West was on duty when Mabel the bear showed up at the exhibition area.  His canine partner of six years was a Doberman named Barney.

All the most valuable bears in the collection were kept inside glass cases.  However, Mabel needed some prep work, so she was left on a large worktable.  Greg West came strolling through with Barney the Doberman, who was not on a leash.  Seeing Mabel laying there belly-up, West could not resist giving her a stroke and saying what a nice little bear she was.  Barney saw this and freaked out.

In a jealous rage, he attacked Mabel and tore her head off.  The ninety-seven-year-old, $75,000 Steiff teddy bear that Elvis once owned was decapitated – by the guard dog.  Uh oh.  Barney must have liked the taste of stuffing, because he went on to tear up several other bears worth another $25,000.


Greg West and Barney

The insurance company can’t be too happy about having to pay this claim, and Sir Benjamin is really mad.  Who can blame him?

The attraction where all this took place is Wookey Hole Caves near Somerset.  How’s that for a name?  Their website boasts that Wookey Hole has 300,000 visitors a year and is “the most stunning underground caverns in the British Isles.”  In addition, the Wookey Hole attractions include: Dinosaur Valley (20 life-size dinosaurs), Victorian Arcade (large collection of Edwardian Arcade machines you can play), Pirates of the River Axe (pirate ship game area involving nerf cannonballs), Magical Mirror Maze (distorted mirrors plus a maze you try to navigate through), and Enchanted Fairy Garden, (a river trail where you encounter fairies, elves, and dragons).   What Wookey Hole doesn’t have anymore is Barney the guard dog – and probably not Mabel the Elvis bear either, if Sir Benjamin has any sense.

Barney and the Rubble

Barney and the Rubble


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Happy 6th Birthday, ElvisBlog

The first week in February marks the 6th birthday of ElvisBlog, and several milestones have been reached.  If you don’t want to read a little bragging about this blog, scroll down to a fun article, “Reagan, Obama, and Elvis.”

The first milestone occurred when the 2010 year-end numbers came in.  ElvisBlog had 728,833 hits as measured by total page views, more than double the 2009 total.

Elvis’ birthday, January 8, is always the biggest day of the year for visitors to the site, and this year, ElvisBlog had a phenomenal total of 13,306 hits on that day.

Boosted by that one day record, January 2011 was the best month ever, finishing over another milestone with 100,371 hits.

The website reports that ElvisBlog gets a daily average of 1047 visitors.  It’s pretty cool to know a thousand people read your stuff every day. 

Thank you to everyone for your continued support.

Phil Arnold

Original Elvis Blogmeister… ElvisBlog


Time moves fast when you are having fun.  It just doesn’t seem possible that Elvisblog is now two years old.  Writing a new article each week for Elvis fans to enjoy has been a labor of love, and to my great relief, there has never been a week when I couldn’t come up with a new subject to write about.


Total content after two years comes to 106 blog articles, 24 reprints of articles from Elvis…The Magazine, 10 Elvisblog News updates, and two short Christmas stories about Elvis.  In the next few weeks two more articles from the magazine will be posted.


During the past year, changes to Elvisblog included a switch in archive categories.  They are now done by topic rather than month, which makes it easier for readers to find articles that may interest them.  I also figured out how to add pictures to the articles, and I will do that from time to time when it really adds to the story.


Elvis fans have visited Elvisblog over 80,000 times since it began.  This still leaves it well behind some of the big websites devoted to Elvis, but readership is steadily growing all the time.  This past January 8, 2007, set a new one-day record of 292 hits.  My blog software lists the articles accessed each day, and there are always one or two new visitors who catch up and read dozens of my Elvis stories at one sitting.


The software also shows that Elvisblog has been translated into six or seven languages, including Chinese.  I print them out and have no idea what a couple of the languages are.  It’s fun to see how your name is spelled in Chinese, but Elvis is not translated.  It is still spelled E l v i s.


My special thanks go out to Scotty Moore for adding as a link from his excellent website.  I’ve done four stories about Scotty and there will be more before and after his “Last Man Standing” double-concert tribute in Memphis this summer.  If you are going to Elvis Week 2007, you need to take in this show.  It will be great.


It is comforting that Elvis-related news items keep popping up and giving me inspiration for interesting blog articles.  Even when it doesn’t, I’ve got files bulging with ideas and background material, so I should be able to meet the challenge of posting a new story each week in 2007.


Phil Arnold

Creator and Host of Elvisblog


Man, what a fast year.  Things started on January 30, 2005, when I posted the first article to Elvisblog.  There was some pressure of course, since you don’t know for sure if you can come up with a new article every Sunday.  It is now 53 articles later, so it looks like Elvisworld provides an abundance of story ideas.  .


The original plan was to post articles containing 250-300 words, in keeping with the site’s subtitle “Nuggets of News, History, and Commentary About Elvis.”  Now they run from 450-550 words.  Elvis is really fun to write about, so they may get even longer.


In addition to the weekly articles, Elvisblog now contains reprints of 22 longer pieces from Elvis International, The Magazine.  There are also two short stories of Elvis fiction:  “The Bootleg Album” and “Elvis Claus — Santa’s Favorite Brother Gets A Present.”  Check them out if you haven’t already.


In November, Elvisblog switched to a new blogware supplier and a new internet address,  Since February 1, the old address no longer automatically forwards to the new, so I’ve lost a few readers.  Hope they find their way back to Elvisblog.  If you haven’t bookmarked, please do so.


During it’s first year, 34,000 fans visited Elvisblog, so, I say to you all, “Thank you, thank you very much.”

(c)  2005   Philip R Arrnold