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I hope Elvis fans all over the world have a great Christmas.

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Too Many Santas – Let’s Have an Elvis

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            A few years ago, I took our two dogs to a local pet super-store and had their photograph taken with Santa Claus.  When my wife received the framed picture as a Christmas present, she loved it.

            I had spent an extra $6.00 for two pairs of optional cloth antlers to put on the dogs’ heads, so they looked like reindeer.  The photographer had to work fast once I got those things on, because my dogs didn't like them and started shaking them off immediately.  In a matter of seconds, the antlers were hanging from their necks.  Instead of looking like reindeer, they looked more like little cows with mutant udders.

            Speaking of going to see Santa Claus, there are some things I don't understand about the shopping-mall Santas.  Do little children ever ask, “Is that really Santa?”   And what do you answer?  Do you just say “Yes”, and live with the little white lie?  If you tell them it is the real Santa, you better not shop at another mall the same day, or you’ll have to explain how there are now two Santas.

            Of course, we all know the shopping mall Santas are actually part of an overt plan to sell photographs.  So, here's a new twist.


            Some year, one of the malls could get a huge advantage on the others in the area by skipping Santa and instead offering an Elvis tribute artist (can't call them Elvis impersonators anymore).  Sure, it's a far-out idea, but it has some merit.  For one thing, the mall would certainly get a lot of good buzz in the local press.

            Also, there’s a wonderful supply of trained men out there who qualify for the job.  These guys, already making a nice living as Elvis, can do impersonations of him at least as believable as those you get from the temp-worker Santas.

            It could also save the mall a lot of money, because they wouldn’t need an elaborate North Pole Village.  All it would require is an old Cadillac convertible, sitting on a low stage with a seasonal backdrop behind it.

            Once every half-hour, 'Elvis' would play a Karaoke CD on a jambox and sing along with some Elvis Christmas songs.  “Santa Claus is Back in Town,” his great blues-rocker, would be perfect.  “Blue Christmas” would work nicely, too.  Naturally, these performances would draw a crowd.

            Then those pretty helpers would assist parent and child to get into the front seat of the convertible with 'Elvis'.  He would warm up the youngster with some happy chatter, and then show how to use an old CB radio to talk to Santa back at the North Pole (where he should be).

            After the child tells Santa what he wants for Christmas, it's time for the photograph.  A camera, mounted about eight feet high in front of and to one side of the car, takes a wide shot that includes everyone in the front seat, surrounded by all that chrome and glass.  It could be as much a treat for Mom as for the children.

            In fact, if the guy is a close look-alike, I would gladly pay the price for a picture of Elvis and me — two pals cruising around in a Caddy…  I wonder if I can bring my dogs?


            Merry Christmas and a hunk-a, hunk-a burning love to everyone.


                                                                                  Phil Arnold, Original Elvis Blogmeister





The Christmas season is here again, so it’s time to say thanks to all the Elvis fans who regularly read Elvisblog.  May everyone have a wonderful and safe holiday. 


It’s a busy time for everyone, including your Elvisblog host.  So, again this year, we will skip the regular articles for two weeks (Sunday, December 16 and Sunday, December 23).  Instead, we will return to something that is becoming a Christmas tradition at ElvisblogThe Elvis Claus Trilogy.


The third episode is titled, “Elvis Claus Upstages an Elvis Impersonator,” and it continues the love story of pretty Judy Parker and the mysterious man behind a Santa beard.  It takes place in 1985, so some willing suspension of disbelief is necessary.  We all know Elvis has been gone for thirty years, but just for fun at Christmas, let’s enjoy a fantasy of what might have happened if Elvis had started a new life in 1977.


The trilogy started with “Santa’s Favorite Brother Gets a Present,” and followed with “Another Present for Elvis Claus.”  I would suggest you read them first, to get an understanding of ‘Santa’ and Judy’s history.  The new episode will make much more sense that way.  Click here to bring up the whole trilogy in sequence.  Or, if you still remember the back-story, click here to link right to “Elvis Claus Upstages an Elvis Impersonator.”   Hope you like it.


The next regular Elvisblog article will be posted on Sunday, December 30.


Merry Christmas and a hunk-a hunk-a burning love to everyone.



                                                Phil Arnold – Creator and Host of Elvisblog


With Christmas almost here, it’s time once again to wish the regular readers of Elvisblog a happy holiday season.  It’s also a good occasion to thank you for your continued support.  Last week, over 1300 folks checked in to the first and only real blog devoted to Elvis.


Last year, Elvisblog did something special for Christmas.  Instead of posting regular articles, I took a two-week break and posted a short Christmas story about Elvis.  It was titled, “ELVIS CLAUS – Santa’s Favorite Brother Gets A Present.”


This year, the follow up to this fictional tale will be presented in lieu of regular articles on December 17 and 24.  I hope you will enjoy “Another Present For Elvis Claus.”


Two notes.  To really understand and enjoy this year’s story, you should read last year’s story first.  Also, because they take place in 1983 and 1984, some willing suspension of disbelief is needed.  We all know Elvis has been gone for almost 30 years, but at a magical time like Christmas, it’s fun to believe in the fantasy that Elvis didn’t really leave us back in 1977.


To read last year’s story, click on Elvis Fiction in the column to the left.  The new story, “Another Present for Elvis Claus,” follows directly after this message.


The next regular Elvisblog article will be posted on Sunday, December 31.  I hope everyone has a great Christmas and get lots of Elvis goodies under the tree.


Merry Christmas and a hunk-a hunk-a burning love to everyone.


                                    Phil Arnold,   host and creator of Elvisblog


It’s time to say thanks to all the Elvis fans who visited Elvisblog this year.  I like writing the articles every week, and it seems like you enjoy reading them.  Merry Christmas to you all.


Your host has some traveling to do this holiday season, so there will be no regular articles posted on December 18 or 25.  Instead, there is a special Christmas treat.  It is a short fiction story titled ELVIS CLAUS – Santa’s Favorite Brother Gets A Present.  It takes place in 1983, and because its main character is Elvis, you have to start with a little willing suspension of disbelief.  As much as we might wish otherwise, Elvis is no longer with us.  But it’s still fun to write about him as though he were.  I hope you enjoy it.


To read ELVIS CLAUS, click on the folder “Elvis Fiction by Phil Arnold” in the left column.  After you’ve read it, why not e-mail it to a few Elvis fan buddies.  I think you’ll agree it would be a nice way to remember them this Christmas.


The next regular Elvisblog article will be on Sunday, January 1, 2006.  Remember, the new internet address is  Please change your bookmarks to this because automatic forwarding from the old address ends soon.


Merry Christmas and a hunk-a hunk-a burning love to everyone!


Phil Arnold,  host and creator of Elvisblog