Happy Birthday, Elvis


Most years when holidays come up, I search in Google for Photoshopped pictures that incorporate Elvis and the holiday.   There a few talented folks out there who have made dozens of these Elvis images and usually mark them with their name along the bottom.

One of the most prevalent names I came across was Blingee.  For years, I mistakenly thought Blingee was somebody’s handle or pseudomym, but I wondered why the style of the images varied so greatly.  Some were fairly simple, but others were loaded up with glitter, sparks, and stuff that flashed or spun around.  Here is an example that I found last week while looking for Happy New Years Elvis images.


Let’s see, we have an Elvis photo in front of a clock.  There is a big champagne glass on one side and two smaller ones on the other.  Happy New Year is expressed in text three different ways.  There are those four blinking pink things in the corners and gold confetti hanging down from the top.  Notice the two calendar pages on the right and the blinking musical notes under them.  Look at Elvis’ hair for a few seconds and you will see little blinking stars.  Look at his chin and wait for the pink heart that flashes on and off.

So, I wondered how this Blingee person could do much good work but still make the occasional cluttered mess.  Then, last week I discovered that Blingee is actually an internet website that gives you everything you need to make your own images.  The Happy Birthday, Elvis image above was my first attempt on Blingee.  The cake spins around and the word ELVIS flashed like a neon sign.  Other than that, it’s pretty restrained.



To make an Elvis Blingee, you start with your own picture or one from their library (which are called Stamps).  Then you add other Stamps to complete your design.  Believe it or not, there are 15 stamps in the above birthday greeting.  By my count, there are at least ten that blink or move.  Here are a few of these stamps.  The checkerboard backgrounds disappear when you apply them to your design.

bouncing-ballons elvis-script



Sorry these are so small.  You can enlarge the sizes after you’ve added them to your Elvis picture.  Of course, you can move them around to any location you want.

Blingee also makes it easy for you to send your completed design as an email or ecard, or to post it on Facebook, etc.

If you’d like to try your hand at creating an original Elvis image, click here to go to  You can jump right in and figure it out as you go like I did.  But it will save you some time if you click on Need Help? and watch the two how-to videos.



This is pretty incredible.  Blingee has almost 3,000 images of Elvis.  I can’t wait to go through all of them.


In spite of the abundance of Elvis images available on Blingee, I used a rare photo from my files for my first attempt.  It was taken in 1957 when Elvis sailed on the USS Matsonia to Hawaii.  I’m going to dig into my files and find another cool Elvis picture to use in a another Happy Birthday greeting.


Happy Birthday Elvis

Yeah, it’s another simple one.  I don’t see the need to clutter it up.  The photo may be one you haven’t seen before, but the message is shared by all Elvis fans.

So, Happy Birthday, Elvis.  We miss you.



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A Tribute to Scotty Moore – Part 2

Scotty Moore and Elvis Presley Performing at New Frontier Hotel 1956

This is the way most people think of Scotty Moore – playing guitar on stage while Elvis performs. Scotty will forever be linked with Elvis, and that’s fine, because his guitar skills played a huge part in Elvis’ music starting a revolution.

Scotty Moore died ten days ago at age 84, cause not announced, and ElvisBlog presented a tribute that generated much positive comment. Because there is still more to say about this rock pioneer, here is A Tribute to Scotty Moore, Part 2.


Elvis Leaning on Scotty Moore's Wife's 1954 Chevy Bel Air

This photograph has appeared on the web everywhere. The emphasis is always on Elvis’ wild clothes, especially the pink shirt, back in the early days. The thing most people don’t realize is that the car he is leaning on is Scotty’ wife’s 1954 Chevy Bel Air. The group used this car to travel on all their initial road tours. So, not only was Scotty’s guitar work instrumental in creating Elvis’ Rockabilly sound, he also made it possible for the singer to travel to appearances that added to his growing fame.


Cartoon of Scotty Moore

I don’t know the story behind this drawing, but I’m glad I found it. However, I’d change the tagline to “The Man that made the King Rock.”


Now for a few things about Scotty Moore you may not know.


Rolling Stone's 100 Greatest Guitarists -- # 29 Scotty Moore

Scotty Moore's Bio on Rolling Stone

How about that. When Rolling Stone magazine selected the 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time, Scotty made the list. His # 29 position put him ahead of many famous names, such as Prince, Stephen Stills, John Lennon, Bruce Springsteen, and Kurt Cobain. Of more interest to me was how Scotty fared against his contemporaries in the early days of Rock & Roll. Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley placed ahead of Scotty, but Duane eddy, Dick Dale, Buddy Holly, and Carl Perkins trailed him. In case you’re curious, Elvis’ guitar player in the 70s, James Burton, placed # 19.


Rolling Stone's 100 Greatest Guitarists

I was particularly struck by the praise Rolling Stone magazine heaped on Scotty. In a flip on the widely-accepted notion that Elvis was the first to mix country, gospel, and blues music, Rolling Stone‘s bio on Scotty said:

“Moore’s tight, aggressive runs mixed country picking with blues phrasing into a new instrumental language.”

Think about what that says. Was it the guitar player or the singer in those 1954 Sun recording sessions that deserves the credit for the monumental change in music that followed? Probably both together, but Scotty deserves more credit. I’m glad Rolling Stone got it right.


Priscilla Presley, Scotty Moore, and Gail Pollock

There are two women in this picture with Scotty. One you easily recognize as Priscilla Presley, but can you identify the other? She is Gail Pollock, who was the woman in his life since the early 80’s. I met Scotty at four Elvis Weeks, and Gail was with him every time. They were a team.

Gail Pollock passed away in November 2015, and I am only guessing here, but I think her passing may have hastened Scotty’s death. With her gone, Scotty must have had a huge emptiness in his heart.

That's Alright Elvis - Scotty Moore Bio

I remembered there was a cute story about Gail and Scotty in his autobiography, That’s Alright, Elvis. (Side note: The book is out of print, and the prices for used copies on Amazon have zoomed up since Scotty died). I got out my old signed copy and looked up the story. Back in 1973, Scotty lived in Nashville and worked as a free-lance recording engineer, frequently at Monument Records. Gail Pollock worked there, but had no idea of his background. Scotty never talked about it to anyone.

One day a man came into Monument Records to book studio time, and Gail introduced him to Scotty. After Scotty left the room, the man asked, “Is that the real Scotty Moore?” Gail had no idea what he was talking about. He said, “Scotty Moore, the one who played with Elvis?” Gail answered, “No, he’s an engineer.”

Since then, Gail learned everything about Scotty, and the two of them had long friendships with most of Nashville’s ‘A Team’ session players, singers, and producers. She became famous for her “Southern Mother” cooking for countless recording sessions, jam sessions, or any other reason just to have friends get together.

Scotty Moore and Friends on his Back Deck

Here is Scotty (far right) with several friends socializing on the back deck of his Nashville home. We can presume that Gail either snapped the shot or was in the kitchen.


Colorized Scotty & Elvis on Stage

Here’s another strong photo of Elvis and Scotty on stage together, one of my favorites. I guess I am jumping around here. Hope you don’t mind.


Scotty on Elvis Trading Card

I wish they had used a clearer picture here for the only Elvis trading card that included Scotty.


Scotty Moore in Jailhouse Rock

Last week we looked at some photos of Scotty in the movie Loving You. Here he is at a recording session in the movie Jailhouse Rock.


Scotty Moore Album - The Guitar that Changed the World

This is an album that Scotty released in 1964, and I own a cassette copy made from it. It has since been released on CD, and Amazon’s Editorial Review says:

“Scotty Moore deserves this album’s title, exclamation point and all. His big, hollow-body Gibson electric provided the architecture that allowed Elvis Presley’s raw talent and charisma to assume its shape on those early Sun and RCA singles.”

Then, Amazon’s Editorial Review goes on to say some less complimentary things about the album itself. This is no surprise to me, because lots worse has been said about it, as related in an article I wrote for Elvis International magazine back in 2000.

“About ten years ago, I came across an interesting book in the music section of a large bookstore. The title was something like The 100 Worst Record Albums of All Time, which spiked my curiosity as an avid record collector. I flipped through it with mild amusement to see what albums the author had selected, but had quite a jolt when I came upon The Guitar That Changed The World by Scotty Moore.

“Wow,” I thought, “I didn’t know Scotty Moore recorded a solo album of Elvis songs.” Although I was pleased to learn of its existence, it bugged me that some jerk author could write such a bad review about the work of a legendary rock guitarist held in high esteem by Elvis fans. His argument was basically that the original songs were so outstanding nobody should have the audacity to record cover versions.”

Well, I got that cassette copy of Scotty’s album. I review each song in the article and had this summary, The Guitar That Changed The World is absolutely not one of the worst record albums of all time, but it sure is hard to find.”


Scotty, DJ and George Harrison

Last week, I wrote about how big Scotty Moore fans the Rolling Stones are. Same for the Beatles. Scotty and DJ Fontana hang out with here George Harrison in this shot. Scotty has done the same with Paul McCartney, and he has recorded with Ringo Starr.


Elvis and Scotty

Let’s finish up with a few more shots of Scotty and Elvis together. That’s probably the 54 Chevy Bel Air Scotty is sitting in.


Scotty and Elvis At New Frontier Hotel

This shot comes from May 1956 when Elvis performed at the New Frontier hotel in Las Vegas. It was nice that Elvis always moved back and let Scotty front the band when he did his guitar solos.


Scotty has already been buried in his hometown of Humboldt, Tennessee. However, his webmaster announced on that a memorial celebration will soon be held in Nashville. When we read the media coverage of all the people in attendance, it will confirm that Scotty Moore was a very special person loved by many.


Good bye, Scotty Moore. I’m so glad I got to spend some time with you.


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I Feel This Would be Perfect for Your Readers

Well, maybe… maybe not.

After 8-1/2 years of existence, ElvisBlog has really good SEO (search engine optimization).  So lots of folks with a product or program or website or whatever concerning Elvis will Google search and find the site.  Then, they send an e-mail hoping I will share their great (fill in the blank) with the blog’s readers.  Usually, I can’t help because ElvisBlog is about providing interesting articles, not free advertising.

Circle G Foundation Logo

The only exception is when I can build an interesting blog article around the project.  The best example of this is the Circle G Foundation which is trying to save Elvis’ old horse ranch in Mississippi.  There was such a full history and so many photos available, I got three blog articles out of it – here, here, and here.  Hopefully, they did some good.

Better guess at location

Circle G Ranch Aerial View


For some reason, the past week has seen a rush of these requests.  While none work for a stand-alone blog article, here’s a little information from five of them.


I’ve been getting e-mails from these folks for some time.  I don’t know how I got on their list, but if their latest topic interests me, I click on the link and read it on their website.  A recent post is titled June 1982: Graceland Opens to the Public.  It’s a nice little interview with Graceland’s director of public relations, Kevin Kern.  Click here to read it.

While you are there, you might want to type Elvis in the search box.  There are sixteen other features that are about completely about Elvis or at least mention him.

Elvis is Dead

Do You Remember asked me to share the Graceland article on ElvisBlog, and suggested I share an ElvisBlog article on their site.  I might just do that.  Every little bit helps that SEO.


Mercum Auctions:

Mercum Auctions Celebrity Auctions

I keep up with six or seven auctions that have a history of offering Elvis items, but I have never heard of Mercum.  However, they do have a dozen photos of Elvis during his Army days provided by old buddy Rex Mansfield.  Also included is a set of eleven Army slides, copies of Elvis’ induction and discharge papers, and a few other items. To view them all, click here.    Scroll down to the Elvis items.


Long live the King:

Long Live the King

This request came in from freelance photographer Mike Dvorak, who is doing a project on Elvis Tribute Artists and the fans who love them.  He is trying to raise $28,000 to finance his project titled Long Live the King.  Click here to see a short video about his concept and several still photos of ETAs he has already photographed.  Note to Troy Yeary at the Mystery Train Elvis Blog.  You won’t like any of these guys, except maybe the fellow above.  I know you will love that fur coat over the jumpsuit.


Paul Fraser Collectibles:

Paul Fraser Collectibles

This English company recently produced a short guide on collecting Elvis memorabilia.  If you prefer to consider big-ticket Elvis collectibles at a fixed price, rather than auction bidding, this guide may be just what you need.  Be warned, there does seem to be fair amount of hype.

This came in as a Comment on ElvisBlog’s recent series of Random Thoughts on Encore’s month of Elvis movies in May.  I guess I’ll approve it for posting, but the writer (signed only as Leb) kind of dissed me. He said, “My main comment concerning your review is the lack of information concerning HOW Encore broadcasted these films. Encore uses what is known as Pan n Scan. In other words, they redirect the film which you are watching. Doesn’t this matter to you?”

Actually, no it doesn’t.  I’ll let others worry about defending the visions and intentions of film makers.  I just want to watch Elvis movies.

Next, Leb said, “Most of Elvis’ quality Hollywood output (and cultural influence and popular music for that matter) ended with Liverpool in 1964.”  Well, he’s right about the quality of Elvis’ movies after 1964, but no way Elvis’ cultural influence ended then.  And Elvis had thirty-nine Top 40 hits (including two #1s) after 1964.

The last thing Leb said didn’t sit well with me at all.  “I am including a URL for your consideration. I hope you enjoy it and it wakes you up.”

Sorry, I’m afraid you wasted your time on me.



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Viva Elvis — Sorting Out the On-Line Reviews

At 8 AM on the morning after Viva Elvis had its official opening performance in Las Vegas, I Googled Viva Elvis to see what the entertainment critics had to say about the reworked Cirque du Soleil show.  For two months, there had been many reviews panning the initial trial presentations of Viva Elvis.  I was hoping the bugs had been worked out and the critical review would be positive.

Believe it or not, Google found over 2 million results for my search.  On the first page of these, there was a selection called “News results for Viva Elvis,” and you could click on links to fifty different articles.  As a service to ElvisBlog fans, I checked out every one of them.  Here are my choices for the five most interesting, and they come at the subject from substantially different directions.

Best Look at Costumes and Backstage:

I liked the Lights, Vegas, Action blog of for several reasons.  The text by Kristine McKenzie was organized into four categories: The Cast, The Music, The Costumes, and The Acrobatics.  There is also a video showing snippets of several dance numbers as well looks at some costumes and other backstage stuff.  And finally, there is a gallery of nine still shots plus three more in the body of the article.  Click on the picture below to go to this informative site.


Most Glowing Review (and most intellectual):

I was a bit surprised to read the review on the Time magazine website and find it so complimentary.  Time columnist Richard Corliss used his considerable writing talents to praise Viva Elvis using adjectives like spectacular, fantastic and ecstatic.  I love the way he says that Cirque du Soleil shows are to the typical Broadway shows what Avatar is to the 1933 King Kong.  Corliss tends to write in a scholarly manner, and he incorporates a lot of words we regular folks don’t use in everyday conversation.  I’ll share the ones I had to look up, so you won’t have to do it, too.  Éclat (striking effect). Hagiography (worshipful biography), Oeuvre (body of work), Oneiric (relating to dreams), Terpsichore (choreography), Caconical (recognized/accepted), and Chorines (chorus girls).  You will enjoy this review, so click this picture to go to it.


Best Videos about Viva Elvis: has a good article by KJ Matthews on its website.  I liked the analysis of how Viva Elvis differs from the Cirque show Love about the Beatles.  There are actually three videos you can check out, and two are good.  “A Look at Viva Elvis” covers the theater, the specially-built stage, set pieces, and backstage activity.  You may have already seen this video on the Elvis Insiders website.  I also liked “Sneak Peak at Viva Elvis,” which has excerpts of Priscilla’s interview on the Larry King Live TV show.  The last video is titled “Elvis, Obama, and Vegas,” but you can skip it unless you want to hear President Obama doing damage control over his recent slam at Las Vegas.  Click on the pink Caddy below to link to this site.


Best Description of the Elvis Songs Used in the Show:

There almost 40 Elvis songs used in the show, either in their entirety or in medleys.  The deepest discussion of the music in Viva Elvis is found in the show preview on the Las Vegas Review-Journal website.  Columnist Mike Weatherford has been writing regularly about Viva Elvis for two months, and this time he interviews Musical Director Erich van Tourneau.  It is revealing when van Tourneau discusses trying to keep Elvis moving artistically – trying to imagine how Elvis would do his hits today.  There is no video and only two photos.  Click on the one of van Tourneau below to read the interview.


Most Detail About What is in Viva Elvis:

As you may know, Cirque du Soleil is Montreal based enterprise, so it is no surprise that the Montreal Gazette would cover Viva Elvis on their website.  Columnist Pat Donnelly has written a lengthy article covering (in sequence) just about every element of the show.  I don’t know how anyone could read his piece without yearning for a trip to Vegas to see Viva Elvis.  Because there are no photos accompanying the article, here’s one I picked for you to click on to go to it.


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75 Reasons We (Still) Love Elvis

Like all of you, I am a big Elvis fan who recently celebrated his 75th birthday on January 8.  Perhaps you had an experience like I did on that day.  A number of friends sent me e-mails telling me to check out Elvis links on the web they thought would interest me.  You got some, too, didn’t you?

One friend suggested I check out for their article “75 Reasons We (Still) Love Elvis.” is a music website, but when I checked it today, their top three stories were about the bands Ting Tings and Mission of Burma and singer Jason Karaban.  So, it is safe to say that their sphere of interest generally doesn’t include music of the 50s, 60s or 70s.

In my opinion, the Spinner staff members who put together their list could not possibly be true Elvis fans.  They simply needed a total of 75 items, and they didn’t know enough about Elvis to come up with that many good ones.  Here are some of their stupidest reasons they supposedly still love Elvis:

#64 The NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies’ blue suede sneakers
#57 Luka Blooms’s version of “Can’t Help Falling in Love”
#54 Dexter Romweber, bastard son
#52 Bobbie Ann Mason’s brief “Penguin Live” bio
#41 Eminem, “Without Me”
#40 Other Elvises: Costello, Grbac, Stojko, Perkins
#37 Fine Young Cannibals’ version of “Suspicious Minds”
#36 Dead Kennedy’s version of “Viva Las Vegas”
#29 His sons-in-law: Nic Cage and the King of Pop
#21 Spinal Tap’s harmony-challenged rendition of “Heartbreak Hotel”
#12 Kim Jong Il’s man-crush

OK, they picked five other artists’ versions of famous Elvis songs and four other people who have the same Elvis first name.  What totally lame reasons to say they still love Elvis Presley.  How do you like the two ex-sons-in-law they picked?  Why not the fathers of Elvis’ four grandchildren:  Danny Keough and Michael Lockwood?

I had to Google Bobbie Ann Mason to find out what “Penguin Live” was all about.  It is a book about Elvis that must be terrible, because you can buy it on for 92ȼ new or 8ȼ used (Seriously. Shipping is $3.99).  Likewise, Wikipedia reveals that Dexter Romweber is a modern-day singer who affects an Elvis-style stage demeanor.  Yes, sir, those two certainly make me still love Elvis.

When I Googled Kim Jong Il and Elvis, at least a photo came up.  It was a Photoshopped picture from a parody website called Kim Jong Il Gallery in 2006.  I don’t know how derived a man-crush from this:


To be fair, about half of the list did make sense.  Here are some of the ones I like:

#74 Nickname: “The Memphis Flash
#71 Shaking hands with Nixon
#68 Vernon and Gladys
#67 Scotty Moore and Bill Black, hanging on for dear life
#61 Singing to a basset hound
#60 The “Jailhouse Rock” dance
#49 The American Eagle cape
#43 Graceland
#34 Sideburns
#25 The Elvis stamp
#18 “Elvis In Concert”
#16 Buying his black-and-pink “cat clothes” from Lansky’s on Beale Street
#8   “Elvis: That’s The Way It Is”
#6   The Million Dollar Quartet
#5   Grilled peanut butter and banana sandwiches
#3   “The ’68 Comeback”
#2   “That’s All Right”
#1   “Thank you… thank you vurry much!”

They actually did a pretty good job on the ones at the top of the list.  But, if you or I were to sit down and make our own list of reasons we still love Elvis, we would have no trouble coming up with more than 75 good ones.

I think I’ll give the list a try on his birthday next year – “The Top 76 Reasons ElvisBlog Loves Elvis.”  I promise you Dexter Romweber, Kim Jong Il and Michael Jackson will not be on it.

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In earlier Elvisblog articles, we have looked at odd Elvis websites.  The group we will look at this time are not weird at all, so you may enjoy taking some time to check them out.


ELVIS IS EVERYWHERE:  This is a sentiment expressed on ElvisBlog numerous times, and the website offers graphic proof of its accuracy.  Here is a collection of photagraphs taken by two fans who travelled around the country.  They had their camera ready as they found lots of Elvis statues, pictures, signs and other stuff.

ELVIS JUMPSUIT INDEX:  There are a number of websites that cover Elvis’s jumpsuits thoroughly.  The reason I like is because you can click on “Engagement Reference,” and you get a drop-down list of every Elvis concert from 1969 to 1977.  If you want to know what jumpsuit Elvis wore at a particular show, scroll down to it and click.  Not only will you get the jumpsuit name, in many cases there are pictures as well.  And if you care, there is information on the venue, the attendance, the song list and more.


CARICATURES OF ELVIS:  For years I have collected Elvis caricatures on my hard drive files.  I assembled them from dozens of websites.  Then I discovered, which had 114 of them, including almost every one in my file.  Check them out and see which ones are your favorites.

A PRISCILLA PHOTO ALBUM:  There are infinitely more photographs of Priscilla than there are Elvis caricatures, and no one site has them all.  However, if you would like to browse through 51 photos of Priscilla at all ages, you should try


RARE ELVIS RECORDS, CDs and MOVIE MEMORABILIA:  There are several websites that cover Elvis collectibles, but I thought it was interesting that one of these sites would be done by a man in Germany (remember, Elvis is everywhere).  So, I hope you enjoy checking out


ASK THE ELVIS EXPERTS:  I enjoy reading this site, because fans can come up with the darndest questions about Elvis.  The first time you check out, you might want to scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “All.”  An index of all Elvis question topics covered since 2004 pops up, and you can just click on the ones that interest you.  Later, you can do like me and have fun reading just the newer questions that have come in since the last visit.


THE ELVIS INN IN JERUSALEM:  Yes, this is another reminder that Elvis is everywhere.  Here are a few outside and inside pictures of the Elvis Inn located in Jerusalem.  Do you think they used enough images of Elvis?  I have no idea why this website is called

CROCHET YOUR OWN ELVIS DOLL:  Strange as it seems to me, there are apparently enough Elvis fans out there who also crochet to support sales of a pattern for making a fifteen-inch-tall Elvis doll. advises that it is made using simple, well-known stitches.  I like the way it stands up for display by cleverly using a wire mic cord for balance.


PARTY TIME WITH ELVIS:  If you want to do an Elvis theme party, here is the website for you. has decorations, games, recipes, puzzles and everything else Elvis fans could want.

LOTS OF ELVIS STAMPS:  You would be amazed at how many countries have issued Elvis stamps.  But, if you check out, you will find out.


This one is from Kazakhstan.  Remember, Elvis is everywhere.


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Postscripts to Earlier Elvisblog Columns

Recently, I have accumulated additional information or photos related to past articles on ElvisBlog.  Here are some updates you may find interesting:

<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office” /> 

Benjamin Keough Photos:  This is the title of a blog I posted on December 23, 2007.  It contained three photos of Elvis’ grandson Benjamin Keough, and it has been a consistent source of traffic to ElvisBlog ever since.  Whenever his mother Lisa Marie is in the news, there is always a big spike in hits.  News accounts that she married Michael Lockwood, that she was pregnant, and that she would be having twins, all mentioned she had a daughter Riley and son Benjamin from her first marriage to Danny Keough.  And when people started Googling Benjamin Keough, the search results brought many of them to ElvisBlog.  Well, Lisa Marie gave birth to twin girls by Caesarian section yesterday, and it happened again.  So far, 1115 visitors have linked to this site to learn more about Elvis’ grandson.  He turns 16 this month, and his sister Danielle started her modeling career at that age.  Do you think we might see Benjamin doing anything in the music business soon?  I sure hope so.


Elvis’ Frantic Sex Show:  Back in May, I wrote a blog to debunk the assertion printed in the LA Mirror-News that Elvis was a sexibitionist at his October 28, 1957 concert in Los Angeles.  I quoted two lines from competing columnist Wally George in the LA Times as verification.  Recently, I discovered another quote from Mr. George’s column when he discussed Elvis’ pre-concert interview:

“All in all, he was a pleasant, mild-mannered person who might have been any other 22-year-old young man, were it not for the high gleaming pompadour, the rhinestone belt, and the gold jacket.”

Yeah, that might give you a clue.  Hedda Hopper also had a favorable report on the concert, and I love her assessment of Elvis’ psyche as he performed.

“He knew what he was doing… You felt he was mentally saying to himself: ’Do you know an easier way of making a million a year.’”


Elvis & Johnny Cash Concert Poster:  Back in an August ElvisBlog column, we discussed the unique concert on December 12, 1955, that featured Elvis, Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins.  One illustration was a photo of a poster supposedly advertising the event, but the wrong date on it proved it to be a fake.  Alert reader Paul MacPhail sent a Comment concerning where the photograph on the poster came from.  I’m not sure where he gets his information, but he states:  The photo was taken backstage at the Grand Ole Opry December 13, 1957. Elvis was visiting the Opry and Cash was appearing on it at the time.” 

A little research in the great book “Elvis: Day By Day” shows that Elvis did in fact visit the Grand Ole Opry eight days later, and he bought a tux for his brief appearance on stage to wave at the audience.  Note that the bogus concert photo shows Elvis wearing a tux.  So, Mr. MacPhail certainly has the loctation and circumstances right, but he might want to change that date to December 21, 1957.  Either way, the photo was taken two years after the concert supposedly promoted in the poster.



Rock Around The Dock:  This June blog covered Elvis’ 1956 concert aboard the SS Mount Vernon, docked on the Potomac River in Washington, CD.  I mentioned the promoter of the concert was Connie B. Gay, and I referred to her.  Well, it turns out that Connie is a he.  Hopefully, I can be excused for the error, because there aren’t many male Connie’s around (I do remember famous baseball manager Connie Mack).  Anyway, I received a nice e-mail from Jack Burnish setting me straight.  He knows what he’s saying; Connie B. Gay is his wife’s uncle.  Jack also said I do a great column, so I thank you, sir.


A Look at Elvis Websites, Circa 1997:  Last month, we took a look at a list of Elvis websites in existence back in 1997 and noted which ones thrived until 2008 and which ones went away.  Of course,, the official site of Elvis Presley Enterprises, still continues to this day.  In the column, I said, “I wish I could go back and see what the site was like in 1997.”  Thanks to my buddy Ty, head blogger honcho at, I learned this is possible.  In fact, we can go back to December 21, 1996, by clicking here.  It appears that it was called Elvis Presley’s Graceland back then and had a slightly different URL, but this is the official EPE site that evolved into today’s  The Homepage sure isn’t much, and when you click to enter, you are taken to a page of links.  “Elvisology” is the best one, particularly the “Trivia” and “Elvis on The Screen” features.  I also liked “News from Graceland,” because it gives you a historical perspective of the state of Elvisworld in 1956.  It announced a substantial volume of Elvis movie, concerts, and specials coming up on VH1.  I gave up on that channel a long time ago, but I’ll bet you won’t see much Elvis on VH1 now.

Anyone who would like to check out archived versions of your favorite websites through the years, go to and kill a few hours.  As my friend Ty said, “Have a ball surfing in the past.”


Pappy and Elvis (Elvis Commentary Mini-Nuggets -11):  This Mini-Nugget covered a 1966 Foghorn Leghorn cartoon with two chicken hawk characters named Pappy and Elvis.  I was not too pleased to report that both were depicted as ignorant rednecks, and Elvis was a total air-head.  Well, it turns out that the cartoon’s producer smeared The King the same way years earlier.  In “Backwoods Bunny,” his 1959 Bugs Bunny cartoon, two hungry vultures chase after Bugs while he tries to vacation in the Ozarks.   The buzzards where just as stupid as the chicken hawks, and their names were Pappy and Elvis.  I hope I don’t discover any more offensive portrayals like these two.


Fun With Gold Lame:   If you surf the internet as much as I do looking for interesting Elvis stuff, you will constantly run into variations on famous photo of Elvis in the gold lamé suit.  I showed eight of them in a column a month ago.  Now, I have found one more that must be shown.  The British music magazine Mojo included a free bonus CD with their May 2006 issue.  It is titled Hail To The King, and it contains 15 versions of Elvis songs done by other rockers.




The artists in gold lamé above are, from left to right, Roy Orbison, Link Wray, Jeff Beck, Johnny Cash, and Jerry Lee Lewis.


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Two months ago we looked at ten Elvis websites recommended on back in 1997.  Columnist Andrea Basora had organized her selections into four categories: “The Basics,” The Absurdists, “The Truly Weird,” and “The Music, Movies and Memorabilia.”  Well, we’ve already covered weird and absurd, so let’s take a look at the more mainstream blogs she liked.  How many of them were able to thrive and continue on to 2008?

It was not even necessary to click on the links for two of the Basics to see if they still exist.  Of course, is the official site of Elvis Presley Enterprises, and I check it out often.  I assume you do too, but if not, there is a lot there for you to see if you follow all the links out to the many choices.  I wish we could go back and see what the site was like back in 1997.  It certainly has evolved a great deal since then.  The other no-brainer link in the article was, and this one takes you to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.  You really should spend some time on this site, as it is full of good stuff.  I recommend you check out the year-by-year lists of new inductees.  You will note that Elvis was in the inaugural class of 1986.  Also be sure to read about Scotty Moore and James Burton who were picked in the Sidemen category back in 2000 and 2001, respectively.

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The Sites We Lost Along The Way


Elvis Women – Actresses in Elvis Films:  This site didn’t come up when I clicked on the URL, and even Googling the name didn’t work.  I’m surprised this site has bit the bullet, because there are several other sites out there today that cover the subject of the women in Elvis’ movies.

Elvis In Latin:  Clicking on the URl goes nowhere, but a search on Google for “Elvis In Latin” does take you to the site of a Finnish guy who has recorded a CD of Elvis songs in Latin.  His biography indicates that this happened in 1995, so maybe he changed his URL along the way.  Still, I don’t see much there to recommend.  I mean, Elvis songs in Latin – who cares.

The Doghaus Collection / The Hillbilly Cat and Me:  This was actually two websites, but neither exists today.  The Washington Post article summarized them as “Fun stuff for collectors.  Everything from the Elvis Presley Board Game to Love Me Tender Conditioning Shampoo.”  Oh well, you can find Elvis goodies for sale on dozens of other sites today, so these two oldies won’t be missed.

The Elvis Movie Guide:  I really expected this site to pop up when I clicked on the URL, but it didn’t work.  A search of Google led only to several places where the phrase was used in a generic way.  Like the three previous dead ducks, this one is no great loss.  You can find guides to Elvis movies on probably hundreds of websites.

The Third Annual International Conference on Elvis Presley:  This looked like it might be a long shot for survival to 2008, and it was.  It sounds like it might be a bunch of boring academic psychobabble about why Elvis’ popularity endures and so forth.  I wouldn’t read it all even if it came up.  Elvis is fun for me, and this doesn’t sound like much fun.

Elvis Lives In Evil Levis:  Clicking on the link in the article brought up nothing, but Googling that interesting phrase did bring up as the first choice a foreign language site with that title.  However, after I clicked the box to translate it, I couldn’t find anything about Elvis, so I quickly moved on.


The Sites That Are Still Around


The Original (Unofficial) Elvis Home Page:  I like the justification presented by the for this selection: “… Has the honor of being sued by Elvis Presley Enterprises.”  Indeed, the fine print at the bottom of the home page says, “The Elvis Home Page, as it once was, is unavailable due to legal problems.”  If you are interested, you can read about the squabble with EPE.  It appears that not much new has been added to this site for several years, but it still contains a wealth of content, so you might want to give it a look.

Pelvis:  The Washington Post capsule summary of this site was: “For a more academic view … actually a rather dull site, but worthy of mention due to its place of origin, Princeton. The King is truly ominipresleyent.”  How do you like that fancy word?  I wonder why they would recommend a rather dull site?  If you go to it, you will see that it is just a list if links, most of which do not work.  The one good thing I found was an Elvis quote I had never seen before: “Computers may out-think us one day, but as long as people got feelings, we'll be better than they are.”

Down In The Alley:  A click on this link took me to a site now called Elvex Pages, which surprisingly I had never discovered before.  As in 1997, the best feature of this Dutch site is the lyrics to over 700 Elvis songs.  There are some other sections you might want to explore, particularly the photos of Elvis in various jumpsuits taken at concerts from 1969 to 1977.

Elvis In the Machine:  A click on this link takes you to one section of the Elvis Home Page listed above.  It is supposed to be a collection of virtual Elvis computer stuff, but almost every link I clicked on brought up one of those boxes that give you scary warnings should you continue.  I got out of there pretty quick.


So that’s it.  Of the twelve recommended Elvis websites from 1997, only four exist today that are worth checking out.  But, that’s not so bad, really.  In 2008, we now have thousands of websites devoted to Elvis to choose from.

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Cruising through the Internet is one of my favorite ways of finding ideas for ElvisBlog, and I have a special joy in finding the oddball websites with Elvis content.  Over the years, I have found enough to do three previous columns titled, “Odd Elvis Websites.”

That’s why I was so happy when I stumbled upon a 1997 WashingtonPost.Com column by Andrea Basora, written to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of Elvis’ passing.  It was titled “Elvis in the Machine,” and Ms. Basora asserted that anything was possible with Elvis online.  She was impressed because there were hundreds of Elvis websites.  Eleven years later, there are thousands.

Ms. Basora organized her recommended Elvis sites into four groups:  “The Basics”, “The Absurdists,”  “The Truly Weird,” and “The Music, Movies and Memorabilia.”   That’s right; fully half of the Elvis sites recommended by the this article were either “Absurdist” or “The Truly Weird.’  I knew checking this out was going to be fun.

My first impulse was to see how many of these odd Elvis websites are still in business.  Which ones had the legs to make it from 1997 to 2008?  Here’s a look at the winners and losers along with some of the original commentary in the 1997 article.  Then, I add my own observations.

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The Sites We Lost Along the Way


Elvis Shot JFK:  For the conspiracists out there.

I’m glad this one is gone.  It was over the line.  I can’t believe that the Washington Post had so little taste and mentioned it


The Strange Case of the Missing Elvis Diaries:  A novel idea – an on-line serialized mystery featuring Jeff Parrish on the trail of Elvis Presley’s legendary lost journals.  A “tale of blue suede and bullets, greed and grease.

How about records and robbers?  Jumpsuits and jailbirds?  I tried to Google this to see if it had a new URL.  There was one link, but it wouldn’t open.  I wonder if the story was any good.


Elvis Ain’t Dead  /  The Elvis Spotters Page:  Contribute your own Elvis-sighting experience, or read through other people’s visions of The King.

Even if this “Elvis Sightings” website has died, several more have sprung up.  I don’t waste any time on them.  However, you do have to admit that “ELVIS Ain’t Dead” is a pretty catchy title.


Vote for Elvis:  The site that asks: “Why settle for a Prime minister when you can elect a King?”  Of Canada, no less.

I Googled this one, but 13 sites have the phrase in their title, now.  So, it’s impossible to know if one was the 1997 original.  My favorite of these new titles is “Disco Elvis / Show Your Support and Vote For Elvis.”  Disco Elvis??


The Oracle of the Plywood Elvis:  Unearthed near the quaint alpine village of Belgrade, Mont., the Plywood Elvis supposedly “provides guidance on topics of personal concern to those who seek its powers.  Click on the Elvis image for useful advice along the lines of:  “You are fluent in the language of futility” or “You can never have too many sweaters.”

I remember this site.  I was on it at work a few times six or seven years ago.  At the end of the day when you were totally wiped out, you could kill time until 5PM by playing on this one.   Just click on the plywood Elvis image and get fortune-cookie-like messages.  Totally stupid, but I’m sorry it’s gone.


The Sites That Are Still Around


The Oracle of Elvis: By the creator of The Oracle of Bacon (more commonly known as Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon), the best way to ferret out those top secret relationships to The King.

The link in the original article went nowhere.  I thought, “That’s too bad.  I would have liked to play Six Degrees of Elvis.”  So, rather than give up, I Googled that name, and the site is still on the net.  The single page site looks like it had no additional posts over the years.  A one-shot-deal that has just floated along in the web all these years.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time or patience to figure out any of the fifteen connections you could pick.  Not even all the actresses that need just 2 degrees to get to Elvis.  For example, if you click Cher, all you had to come up with was the two actors who starred together in a movie, and each of them also starred with either Elvis or Cher.  If you think you’d like to play, check it out here.


Gimme That Dang Pill:  A shockwave game that provides the opportunity to help Elvis from himself.  Your task?  To flush down the toilet before Elvis can eat them.  Your reward?  A fried peanut butter sandwich.

You can’t get to this site anymore by clicking on the link in the WashingtonPost.Com column.  But, a quick search found it at another URL.  Like Six degrees of Elvis, this appears to be a one-time post that has prevailed in spite of its despicable concept.  It is a brain-dead game where you drag pill bottles and large capsules over a toilet and drop them in, accompanied by Elvis grunting “yeah” and “oh baby”.  No matter what you score, a message tells you’ve won a fried peanut-butter sandwich.  They couldn’t even get that right.  Elvis ate peanut butter and ‘nanner sandwiches.  I don’t like this site and wish you would stay away from it.


Americans for Cloning Elvis (ACE):  Just like it sounds; a petition – via e-mail – for the cloning of Elvis.

Apparently, this site that has switched URLs over the years.  It is somewhat interesting for a couple of minutes, but I find it hard to believe over two-and-a-half million people have signed the petition.  If you want to add your name to the list, click here.  If you are really motivated you can contribute $5 to the cause.


The First Church of Jesus Christ, Elvis:  For true Elvis worshippers… In case you had any doubts that Elvis represents the second coming, check out some of the Elvis as Jesus parallels, such as… Jesus is the Lord’s shepherd / Elvis dated Cybill Shepherd.

This one is still around, but it appears to be another one-page deal that has nothing new added over the years.  In fact, maybe some things have removed, because I could not find the Elvis as Jesus parallels.  There are two altered pictures that I have seen elsewhere and some text about Elvis written in the style of Biblical passages.  Not a very impressive website.


Disglaceland – The Home of Tim-Elvis:  A humorous site that is actually full of useful information… don’t miss The Showroom which features photographs of Friz-Elvis, the first known Budgie King.

Well, we’ll never learn who Friz-Elvis is.  This site still comes up, but it has been inactive for eight months.  Tim-Elvis made his last post on November 28, 2007, and he called it “Fading Away.”  Very apropos.  Unfortunately, the archives go back only to 2004.  How do you like this sub-title: “Disgraceland, the cybermansion of Tim-Elvis.  It’s where I ramble on about Elvis, his fans, zucchini, and a variety of related subjects.”

I scanned a lot of his posts, and Tim stopped writing about Elvis a few years ago.  Then he just stopped writing altogether.  I feel sad for Tim-Elvis, and I hope he won’t mind if I borrow something from him.  When I write the last ElvisBlog column, it will be titled, “Fading Away.”  Don’t worry, that won’t be for a long time.


In the future we will look at WashingtonPost.Com’s recommended sites in the categories of “The Basics” and “The Music, Movies and Memorabilia.”   I hope they made better choices than they did with this bunch of losers.


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Cruising through the Internet is one of my favorite ways of finding ideas for ElvisBlog columns.  I doubt that there are many websites devoted totally to Elvis that I haven’t visited at least once.  But, I have a special joy in finding other sites with just some Elvis content, and often it is pretty strange.  I bookmark them, so I can share them with you from time to time.



Elvis Shot JFK – We Have Proof:  This site is 100% tongue-in-cheek, and contains some interesting elements.  I like the disclaimer at the bottom that says, “This web page is best viewed… while on prescribed doses of Prozac, Lithium and Valium.  Check out the letter that supposedly shows the startling similarities between Elvis and JFK, or the one were the writer talks about putting on his aluminum foil cap to keep the alien beta-waves from causing further brain damage.


Elvis Effigies:  I don’t think effigies is the right word here, but this website certainly has an eclectic assortment of Elvis images, and most seem to be made by Elvis fans.  Elvis has been depicted many ways, but this is the first time I’ve seen him done with balloon art.


Elvis Guns for Sale (Maybe):  I discovered this site back in November 2007, so I was surprised that these guns Elvis used to own are still available for sale five months later.  If you are interested in finding out, click on Home, and scroll down to the contact information.


Mickey Mouse in an Elvis Jumpsuit:  Here is a joint offer from Disney and EPE, and it looks pretty good for $20.  Thanks to Photoshop, we have seen everybody else in an Elvis jumpsuit, so why not Mickey Mouse?


38 Women Elvis Dated:  It figures that a website named “Who’s Dated Who?” would have a pretty good section on Elvis Presley.  There are quite a few women they say Elvis ‘hooked up with” who I have never heard of.  No proof is offered, so take it with a grain of salt.\


Elvis Does Some Self-Promotion in Sweetwater, TX:  This is a six-year-old web column from Don Aly’s Celebrity Scene.  Aly is a freelance journalist with past experience in motion picture promotion.  In this article, he reminisces about Elvis performing in his hometown in 1954.  I especially like the part about Elvis going from car to car at a drive-in hamburger joint promoting himself while “That’s All Right” played on the PA system.


Elvis Bootleg Albums — The Bottom of the Barrel:  When this site opens, your first impulse may be to get out quickly.  The two photos at the top of the home page of El Buncho’s Sound Dungeon aren’t very appealing, and neither is most of the content.  However, if you scroll quickly about 2/3 of the way down, you will spot a picture of a bootleg Elvis album with a title I won’t repeat here.  The concept is totally gross, presumably because the album is a collection of the worst songs Elvis ever recorded.  I’ve never seen a copy of this mess, but if you are curious and not easily offended, check it out. (Note to the male readers: I’ll bet something will catch your eye as you scroll down, and you will stop and look at it.  I do have this album.)


Tag Team Match – The Oprahs versus The Elvii:  I would imagine very few of you readers ever watched Celebrity Death Match on cable TV.  It was an animated show pairing two celebrities in a no-holds-barred fight, and it was pretty crude and very violent.  Two courtside announcers provided verbal humor ((sort-of) with their commentary.  Well, there is an Internet version called WWWF Grudge Match.  There is no animation, just the text of the announcers’ commentary.  For 248 matches, the fans could vote for the winner, but the function has now been retired.  Most fights had just two combatants, but this one has both fat and skinny Oprah Winfrey and fat and skinny Elvis in a tag team match.  At least check it out to see if the Elvii came out on top.


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