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Elvis’ Fabulous Rings — Part 1

The next time you look at concert photos of Elvis in his jumpsuits, check out his fingers. You will note that he usually has three or four rings on each hand. Elvis must have really loved rings, but he was also very generous with them and gave many away. Because of that, quite a few have ultimately ended up at rock and roll memorabilia auctions. Continue reading

Postscripts To Earlier ElvisBlogs — 7

We took a look at Elvis’ Fabulous Rings back in May. In the article, I suggested you check out Elvis’ hands in any of his jumpsuit pictures, because he would usually have three or four on each hand. Now, look at the picture below. There are no rings on his right hand. Continue reading

ElvisBlog Pictures on Pinterest

Look what came into my email yesterday. Ever since I started searching Pinterest for Elvis photos to use in blog posts, they send me a dozen or so emails every week. Usually the email header says something like: We think … Continue reading

Elvis Goodies from the Fuzzy Room – Part 7

Note:  This item has been sold   I’m going to try it a little different this time. There will be just one item — a collection of 9 issues of The Star tabloid from the first years after Elvis’ death. … Continue reading

Elvis’ First Guitar — Part 2

When I posted the article last weekend on Elvis’ first guitar, I had no idea of what was to follow. There were more favorable comments on this post than any other in a long time. For example, Collette C. sent … Continue reading

Remembering Marty Lacker

On Tuesday, this appeared on “The staff of Elvis Presley’s Graceland wishes to send its deepest condolences to the family and friends of Marty Lacker, who passed away yesterday. “A member of Elvis’ inner circle, known in the fan … Continue reading

First Look – -The Rooms at the Guest House at Graceland

Back in July 2014, ElvisBlog reported EPE’s announcement that they would be building a 450-room luxury hotel in Memphis. It was be located across Elvis Presley Blvd from the Graceland Crossing shops and Heartbreak Hotel. For some reason I never … Continue reading

The Second Auction at Graceland — Part 2

Last week, I promised we would look at the items that failed to receive the minimum bid established by the auction — overly optimistic minimums in most cases: Gold Nugget and Diamond Ring: Dozens of Elvis’ rings have been covered … Continue reading

The Second Auction at Graceland — The Big Winners

As part of the activities for Elvis’ 80th birthday celebration, EPE promoted a large auction of his memorabilia. You have to give them credit for coming up with another reason for folks to brave the harsh winter weather in Memphis … Continue reading

The Auction at Graceland — Postgame Show

We looked at the losers last week, so now it is time for the winners. I’ve followed dozens of Elvis auctions over the years, and there is no question that having this one at Graceland was a brilliant move. Some … Continue reading