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Are There Any Collectible Elvis Figurines That Actually Look Like Elvis?

Elvis Presley Collectible Vinyl Figures

That’s a pretty scary face looking out from this box. It says ELVIS, but does it really look much like him? This is the latest collectible Elvis figurine. It is made by Kidrobot and is available on Graceland.com for $14.99.

Elvis Vinyl Figure '68 Special by Kidrobot

Here’s another view. It is the ’68 Special black leather version, and it doesn’t look much like Elvis to me, either, except maybe the lip snarl.

Elvis Gold Lame Vinyl Collectible

And this is the other option – Gold Lamé Elvis. Both are 4-1/2 inches tall, which means the head is about 2-1/2 inches. That should be plenty big enough to allow decent design and art work that looks like Elvis.


Back in 2008, I did an article on Tiny Elvis Heads from various figurines on the market over the years. I realized how difficult the task was when the head was just ¾” tall, like this:

Elvis and Priscilla Barbie Doll Collector Set

This one is the Elvis and Priscilla Barbie Doll Set, and his eyes are just creepy. But, like I said, it must be hard to mold and paint a good Elvis on such a tiny head.

Elvis Jailhouse Rock Christmas Ornament

Here’s what I call the skinny Elvis head Jailhouse Rock Christmas tree ornament. I’ve realized you could make a collection of just Jailhouse Rock Elvis figurines.

Elvis Nodnik

This charming thing is called an Elvis Nodnik.

Elvis Jailhouse Rock Bobblehead

This is called the Wacky Wobbler Bobblehead. There is another set of Elvis bobbleheads offered by Royal Bobbles, but no Jailhouse Rock design, just ’68 Special and Las Vegas Jumpsuit.

NECO Jumpsuit Elvis Bobblehead

Believe it or not, there is a third set of Elvis bobble heads by Neco.  And you have to say this head is very well done, easily identified without the jumpsuit or the name on the base.


Mini Black Elvis Nutcracker

However, if this nutcracker didn’t have the name on the base, who would ever guess it was Elvis? I do like the guitar strung over his shoulder, though. Here’s another nutcracker that’s maybe a little better.

Elvis Phoenix Jumpsuit Nutcracker

The Phoenix jumpsuit helps, but it still needs the name on the base.


While we are talking about bad images, how about this horrible one?

Elvis Jailhouse Rock n Sock Em Robot

I wonder if they ever sold any of these. Why would anybody want one?


Elvis Windshield Bobbler

I actually have one of these hanging in a window across the room, but I really like the way the photographer framed Elvis with the Graceland wall in the background.


Jumpsuit Elvis Pez

This is one of three PEZ Elvis that came in this tin display. The head is just over ½ inch high, so the PEZ designers deserve praise for coming up with a good tiny Elvis.


Elvis Bobble-Car Wacky Wobbler

This is a nice variation in Elvis figurines, and the face is pretty good.


Barbie Collectibles three doll Tommy as Elvis

Uggggh! This looks more like Kim Jung Un than Elvis.


Barbie Blue Hawaii Elvis Presley Doll

Blue Hawaii Elvis is not too common in the figurine themes. The top four are Jailhouse Rock, ’68 Special Black Leather, Aloha White Jumpsuit, and Gold Lamé. Others include G.I. Elvis and young Elvis wearing a sport coat.


Let’s finish up with the best of the Elvis figurines. That title goes to McFarlane Toys was started in 1994 by Todd McFarlane, a comic book creator and illustrator. His first figurines were the characters from his Spawn comic series. He has now produced hundreds of figures including cartoon horror icons, sports legends, dragons, the Simpsons, the Beatles, and many more.

McFarlane Elvis Wearing White Suit from '68 Special

Now this looks like Elvis. I also like it because it features Elvis dressed in a different outfit than in those other sets. I’m sure you recognize it as the white suit he wore in the ’68 Special when he sang “If I Can Dream.”


McFarlane Toys Elvis Jailhouse Rock

This is so good. Look at this close up to see how well McFarlane captured Elvis’ likeness.

McFarlane Jailhouse rock Elvis Side View

I’m really impressed with the quality of this Elvis reproduction. I don’t think they are still in production, but when I searched for good images, I found them for sale on eBay and other places.


Mr Potatohead Jumpsuit Elvis with Black Guitar

If you would prefer a fun Elvis figurine over an accurate one, there is always the Mr. Potato Head Elvis. I have the whole set.



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Battle of the Elvis Bobbleheads

I chose that title because it sounds so good, but there is no real battle of Elvis bobbleheads.  That has been convincingly won by this new guy:

Royal Bobbles 68 Special Elvis

Royal Bobbles 68 Special Elvis


I call him “Black Leather Elvis” because there is no other name on the box.  Instead, there is a lengthy article about the ’68 Special, so maybe that’s what he should be called: “68 Special Elvis.”  I like Black Leather better.  This is no toy.  It’s a limited edition collectible from Royal Bobbles.

Royal Bobblers

I received an email a few days ago from Rick Schwarz, their Social Media & Marketing Analyst.  I guess ElvisBlog is media, and it’s been analyzed and declared worthy.  I love this part of Rick’s email:

Now I wouldn’t expect you to review some stupid bobblehead of Elvis that looks absolutely ridiculous.  Lord knows there are plenty of those out there.

I was intrigued by the reference to plenty of stupid Elvis bobbleheads out there that look absolutely ridiculous.  I Googled to look for some ugly Elvis bobbleheads, but there aren’t any.  The worst I found was this:

Wacky Wobbler 68 Special

Wacky Wobbler 68 Special

But, this really isn’t so bad for an inexpensive toy.  Funko makes their Wacky Wobblers out of hollow PVC plastic.  They are mass-produced by a high-speed plastic injection molding process, chunked out by the thousands.  But still, not bad for $12, or so.

I also ran into this guy on a few sites.

NECA 1968 Special

NECA 1968 Special

At first glance, this looked pretty good.  The body pose is great and the face is very good, except for one thing.  The bottom of the head has a short cut-off neck coming down.  Then, the thin neck from the body goes up into the big neck.  This one does not work for me.  I can’t avoid noticing the points sticking down from his jowls. It doesn’t really matter because this design by NECA has been discontinued for several years, and is no longer available.  I couldn’t find any sites selling it.

Naturally, these three companies also have an Aloha jumpsuit model.  The new champ, Royal Bobbles, has a wonderful one:

Royal Bobbles Aloha Elvis

Royal Bobbles Aloha Elvis

This bobblehead stands almost nine inches tall and is surprisingly heavy.  I call it Aloha Jumpsuit Elvis.  Warren Royal, head man of the company, refers to it as the “Aloha From Hawaii” model, but that name is nowhere on the box.

Here is what Mr. Royal says about its quality:

They are hand-molded, hand-cast, then hand-painted, hand-polished, individually hand-checked for quality, and then hand-packed.   The result is that our pieces are much heavier, much more finely detailed, and of much higher quality.

Wow, that’s a lot of hands.

If you check the individual stones on the back and side of the Elvis “Aloha From Hawaii” model, you will see the remarkable detail that went into painstakingly painting each tiny little stone by hand. Some of the details are so tiny that the artists had to use a brush with only one bristle.

I looked at the back of this model with a magnifying glass, and he is right.  This is a serious, quality product, so the $30 price tag seems very reasonable.


We looked at the FUNKO Black Leather Elvis above.  Here is their Aloha From Hawaii Elvis:   This stands about 6” tall, and the cape is a nice touch.  It looks stiff with the legs straight and joined together.

Funco Wacky Wobbler Aloha Elvis

Funco Wacky Wobbler Aloha Elvis

And the discontinued NECO line also included an Aloha Elvis:

NECO Jumpsuit Elvis

NECO Jumpsuit Elvis

This is about 7” tall.  I love the legs and torso, and the detail on the jumpsuit is excellent.  And the face is even better than their Black Leather Elvis, but it’s still got the two necks.


Here’s the three Elvis bobbleheads side-by-side showing their relative height’s fairly accurately:

Black Leather Group

Aloha Jumpsuit Group.

So, if you are going to be at ElvisWeek this year, Warren Royal and his crew will be there with their two Elvis Bobbleheads.  Drop by and check out the outstanding quality of one of these:

Royal Bobbles '68 Special Elvis Bobblehead



I think the Black Leather Elvis looks best in side view, so this is how I display my Royal Bobbles:

My Elvis Bobblehead Display

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