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Elvis Movie 50th Anniversary Pictorials: Clambake – 1967

Elvis Presley in Clambake

As you can imagine, coming up with 52 new ideas every year for blog posts can be quite a challenge.  So, I felt a sense of relief when I got the idea back in 2010 to do Elvis Movie 50th Anniversary Pictorials.  The first was for G.I. Blues.

ElvisBlog First 50th Anniversary Movie Pictorials


I knew I’d have three or four movies a year that would get the same treatment: lobby posters, stills from the film, publicity pictures, backstage photos, and screen grabs of some funny Elvis stuff in the movie.  Like this:

Elvis Weird Face in GI Blues


Then in 2014, Graceland started their own blog.

The Official Blog of Graceland


I’ve read them all, and I’m kind of a fan.  With all the resources and manpower that Graceland has, they do a good job.  I didn’t really see the Graceland Blog as a threat to ElvisBlog because I post stuff they would never think of.


Graceland Blog Love Me Tender

Then, a year ago, with the 60th anniversary of Love Me Tender approaching, they did a blog post on it.  A week later, Graceland Blog celebrated the 55th anniversary of Blue Hawaii.

Graceland Blog Blue Hawaii


I sensed a trend, and since then every 50th, 55th or 60th Elvis movie anniversary has been covered.  Including Clambake last month.  So I considered giving up on the ElvisBlog series… or finding a way to these pictorials that is completely different from Graceland Blog.  I finally figured it out.  Here’s how I will feature Elvis movies 50th anniversaries from now on.

Cool Stuff to Look for the Next Time You Watch Clambake


Clambake title Shot from Trailer

Interesting shot, isn’t it?


Locked spurs - Clambake

This is Will Hutchins who plays Elvis’ buddy in the movie.  He provides most of the comic relief, some good, some not so much.  Here we are told he is hopping along because his spurs locked.  But, he just out of a low sports car.  I’m pretty sure you can’t drive one wearing spurs.


Six inch flame - Clambake

This was better.  He nearly burned his face with this six-inch lighter flame. But I especially like the look from the guy behind the registration desk.  He made several more snide glances when Elvis showed up.


Elvis in Clambake Coat with heavy black stiching

This is a publicity shot, and you will notice that Elvis is wearing the same suit as Will Hutchens in the previous picture.  I’m sure you all remember how they switched identities early in the movie.  Anyway, this has to be one of the worst wardrobe items Elvis ever had to wear.  It is supposed to represent him as a rich guy from Texas.  To me, the stitching looks like similar to how Dr. Frankenstein sewed up the monster.


Charlie Hodge as Barber - Clambake

I always look for bit parts by Elvis’ buddies in his movies.  Did you recognize Charlie Hodge as the barber?


Red West With play arrow on forehead

And this is Red West playing an ice cream vendor at a kids’ park where there’s a lot of cowboys- and-Indians playing going on.  Then Red joined in the fun by climbing on the monkey bars and fake shooting back with his finger.

Red West taking a dive in Clambake

Then he faked taking a hit and fell to the ground.  You will see that he did the stunt himself, doing a somersault and landing flat on his back.



During the shoot-em-up scene, a few seconds of this Calvary charge flashed on the screen.


Spinning dance sequence

Even weirder was a longer sequence where, for no reason, the camera angle rotated around 180 degrees.  The girl on the swing hops off and starts dancing.  The upside-down choreography is actually a pretty neat visual. Then it rotated back to normal.


Shelly Flirting with Jameson

These are the other two main characters in Clambake.  Bill Bixby played a rich business man who is a champion speedboat racer.  Shelly Fabares is a young cutie trying to snag this prime catch.  There is nothing unusual here, but the mood is much different later in the movie.


Shelly showing off water skying on Clambake

She also pals around with Elvis, who pretended to be a poor water ski instructor. Shelly pretended to not know how to water ski, but shows off for Bill Bixby to see.  It was obvious that a stunt double did all the other tricky moves, but she really did this one.  You’ll see the difference.


The clambake

This is the clambake scene which showed off lots of skimpily-clad girls dancing.  And Elvis has a big song and dance production number, but the title song is certainly one of the worst he ever had to sing in a movie.


Joe Esposito in Clambake

Two more Elvis buddies get short cameos in the party scene.  This is Joe Esposito with a cocktail shaker in his hand.  He tosses it to Richard Davis.

Richard davis catches the shaker


Elvis Presley in the lab in Clambake

This is an unusual shot of Elvis.  His character has a degree in engineering, not chemistry, but here he is trying to develop an extra-tough and durable coating for his speedboat’s hull.

Girls Elvis helping in the shop in Clambake

See the can?  That contains GOOP, the coating Elvis invented.  Six girls show up to help, but more dancing occurs that any work.

Elvis Kissing girls down the line in Clambake

To thank the girls for their hard work(?), Elvis goes down the line and kisses each one.  And they all swoon and fall back against the wall.  Tough acting jobs, huh?


No, you creep

Toward the end of the movie, Bill Bixby’s character shows that he is just after sex and starts putting unwelcome moves on Shelly Fabares.


Here he is in full Harvey Weinstein mode, and she’s having trouble holding him off.  Guess who knocks on the door and cools things off?  Elvis, of course.

Elvis interrupts in Clambake

He has some flimsy excuse of delivering a water ski, but it works.  Never mind that Elvis pulled a similar stunt to get Ann Margret away from the clutches of Cesare Denova in Viva Las Vegas.


First sparks of love in Clambake

After that, Elvis and Shelly share sparks of love.  He wins the speedboat race, and they profess their love for each other.  As they drive off into the sunset, two really strange things happen.


Clambake - Mountains in Florida

See the mountains in the background.  The movie is set in Florida near Miami.  It’s pretty obvious that this scene was filmed in California.  He tells her that he really is the rich son of the Texas oilman, and takes out his drivers’ license to prove it.


Elvis' Drivers license in Clambake

How do you like that date of birth?  I guess they wanted to present Elvis as 27 years old, not 32.


I’ve always ended these movie pictorials with a shot of Elvis kissing his leading ladies.

Clambake - The Kiss

Watch for this when you next see Clambake.  The kiss occurs after he has asked her to marry him and she said yes.  But it is the first time they kiss. Has anybody ever proposed to someone he has never kissed?  Oh, well.  It’s a fun movie.



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Random Thoughts on Encore’s Elvis Collection — Part 5

For the second week in a row my new laptop spent four days in Data Transfer Hell at Geek Squad.  It’s back home now and almost everything is working.  So, let’s continue with the random thoughts on Encore’s Elvis Collection.

Movies Presented in the Past Week That I Liked:

Follow That Dream Lobby Poster

Follow That Dream — I will always be thankful to my buddy Alan Hanson over at the Elvis-History Blog for pointing out the subtle nuances of this film.  The more I watch it, the more I like it – especially the courtroom scene where Elvis utterly charms the judge and outsmarts the spiteful child protection lady.  And I just love the end where Anne Helm transforms into a woman and nuzzles Elvis into realizing his feelings for her.

In many of his movies, Elvis plays characters with various flaws.  Here he is initially presented as a country bumpkin, but he comes out on top in every situation.  I found his character thoroughly likeable.  On a similar note, I usually dislike the cutesy child actors in Elvis’ movies, but Eddie and Teddy in this were kind-of cool.


Easy Come Lobby Poster

Easy Come, Easy Go — My reasons for liking this probably wouldn’t sway the folks who slam Elvis’ later movies when he was pretty much just going through the motions.  For one thing, I hadn’t viewed it a bunch of times, so it seemed kind-of fresh.  The second reason I liked it was that Pat Priest spent half her screen time in bikinis.  She was hot as Marilyn Munster, but she is something else in this movie.  And finally, there was a song I really enjoyed: “You Gotta Stop.”  After some of the dogs Elvis had to sing in his 1967-68 movies, it was a pleasant surprise to find a good one.

The Movies I’m Tired of Watching:

Clambake Lobby Poster

Clambake – I’ve watched this one a lot, mainly because I like Shelly Fabares so much.  However, she is much better in Girl Happy, where her character was more likeable than the spoiled rich girl she played in Clambake.  So, I amused myself watching for Elvis’ Memphis Mafia buddies in bit parts.  Did you notice Charlie Hodge giving Elvis’ character’s dad a shave early in the movie?  You could hardly miss Red West as the ice cream vendor.  You had to look pretty close to spot Jerry Schilling and Richard Davis at the clambake-themed pool party.

Hey, this movie takes place in Florida.  Where'd the mountains come from?

Hey, this movie takes place in Florida. Where’d the mountains come from?

My favorite scene in the movie is when Elvis moves down the line kissing all the pretty women who helped put the hardening goop on the racing boat’s repaired body.


It Happened  at the Worlds Fair Poster

It Happened at the World’s Fair – As I said a month ago in the 50th Anniversary Movie Pictorial, “By this time, Col. Parker and the producers had given up any pretense of putting Elvis into quality movies, and this one was a real stinkeroo, in my opinion.  The plot was very thin, there was way too much of five-year-old Sue-Lin, and the songs were weak (especially the four Elvis sang to Sue-Lin).


Harum Scarum Lobby Poster

Harum Scarum – This is one I wish I could like more, because I am a big Mary Ann Mobley fan.  At least she got better treatment from Elvis compared to all the double dealing he subjected her to in Girl Happy.

 Harum Scarum - Elvis and Mary Ann Mobley

Unfortunately Harum Scarum doesn’t get better with repeated viewings.  Mighty weak plot.  I did notice something watching it again – by the time the movie was fourteen minutes old, Elvis had already sung four songs.  And they were all very forgettable.  The scene with the little girl doing a belly dance for Elvis totally freaks me out.


Repeat Showing — Already Discussed:

This Is Elvis

King Creole


Coming Up:

Sunday, May 26 – Girl Happy:

 Girl Happy Lobby Poster

My third chance to see Shelly Fabares, and this is the best one.  I love watching her sing “I’m Evil.”

I'm Evil

I also get a kick out of Elvis escaping from jail in drag.


Monday, May 27 — Change of Habit

Tuesday, May 28 — G.I. Blues

Wednesday, May 29 — Jailhouse Rock

Thursday, May 30 – Roustabout

Friday, May 31 — Kid Galahad

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Random Thoughts on Encore’s Elvis Collection — Part 4

When I decided to comment on every Elvis movie offered by the Encore channel in May, I never figured my old laptop would die one week into the series.  And I didn’t know I would go into Data Transfer Hell with my new laptop.  Everything is finally up and running now, so let’s talk about some Elvis movies.


Movies Presented in the Past Week That I Liked:

Live A Little 3


There were four:  Live A Little, Love A Little, Viva Las Vegas, Blue Hawaii, and Kissin’ Cousins.  All four are like must-see choices for me every time they show up on cable.

Viva Las Vegas — Ann-Margret can tune my race car any time.

Blue Hawaii — My favorite scene is when Elvis sings “Slicin’ Sand” while putting out a luau campfire.  Those teenage girls are so energetic and really get into kicking sand around.

Live A Little, Love A Little — Of course, I know that Live A Little is a dumb movie, but long ago I decided it is so bad it’s cool.  Michele Carey is a delight to watch, and the strange interaction between her and Elvis works for me.  I also get a kick out of the surreal dream sequence where Elvis sings “Edge of Reality.”  The talking dog in it is totally bizarre.



Kissin’ Cousins — This is a silly little movie, but it has its own charm.  Yvonne Craig is one of my favorite Elvis co-stars.  Here’s a trivia question for you.  What actress was number eight in the credits but ended up with Elvis at the end of the movie?  Check it out on your DVD case.  And how about all “them darn Kitty Hawks” who live in a valley where no men have been born for twenty years.  It takes a unique movie to have a clan of men-starved lovelies stage raids on mountain guys and Army soldiers.  Finally, I always make sure my dog is in the room when Maw Tatum sings about missing beloved Pappy.  Every time she sings the word Pappy, the family bloodhound moans loudly.  It freaks my dog out.


The Ones I Didn’t Like:

Fun In Acapulco – Neither of the two leading ladies, Ursula Andress and Elsa Cardenas, do much for me.

Spinout – I like Shelly Fabares a lot, but she wasn’t enough to save this movie.  It’s hard to believe that an Elvis movie could end without him getting the girl.  He didn’t fall in love with any of three choices.


The Ones That Are So-So:

English Poster

Paradise, Hawaiian Style – I haven’t watched this one very often over the years, and I had to miss it this time.  I don’t have any feelings of regret about that because I just don’t remember that much about the movie.  One thing I do remember is Elvis singing a song while piloting a helicopter full of dogs.

This Is Elvis — Unfortunately, this bio seems weaker with repetitive viewing.  You start to pick out little factual errors and images that are out of sync with the storyline.  Several better Elvis biographical movies have come out since this one.


Coming Up:

Saturday, May 18 —  G.I. Blues:

Definitely going to watch this one.  I especially like the funny faces Elvis makes in the scenes with the little babies.


Promo Photo - Copy

Sunday, May 19 — Clambake:

I’ll be watching this one, too.  More Shelly Fabares.  Yum, yum.


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Elvis, Shelly Fabares, and an Online Auction

From time to time ElvisBlog receives e-mails about charity events that include some Elvis-related item for sale.  They ask if their worthy cause could be mentioned on the blog.  Well, we don’t really do announcements, so, unless there is some way to turn it into a full length article, I’m not able to help.

This week I received an e-mail from the Gulf Regional Advocacy Center, which I never heard of.  The message explains that they provide high quality legal representation for poor prisoners facing the death penalty in Texas and Louisiana.  I thought, “this is a real long shot,” but I read on.  It turns out they are having an online auction, including a signed lobby card from Elvis’ movie Spinout.  The e-mail included a picture of the item which piqued my interest, because the film’s title on it is California Holiday, not Spinout.

I knew California Holiday was the name used for the movie in several foreign countries, including England and Australia.

As you have seen in numerous ElvisBlog articles, I like to follow auctions of Elvis memorabilia and note what prices the items bring.  So, now I’m kind of interested in this charity auction, because this is a pretty rare Elvis lobby card.  Plus, it also has an extra kicker – it will be signed by Shelly Fabares, Elvis’ costar in Spinout.  I have always been a big Shelly Fabares fan and figured someday I’d do a blog article about her.  So, now is a good time to do it.


The folks at the Gulf Regional Advocacy Center sent me a current photo of Shelly, who is now 68.  The hair kind of set me back, so I Googled to see if there were other fairly recent photos of her without the multi-colored hair.  Not really.

Here she is with Mike Farrell, her husband of 28 years.  You remember him from playing B.J. Hunnicutt in Mash from 1975 to 1983.  It appears they both have been involved in many environmental and social causes over the years.


Shelly’s hair was curly, but not multi-colored in this photo taken at the 1991 Emmy Awards.  She starred on TV’s Coach from 1989 to 1997.


I liked her in Coach, but I really liked her in Clambake (1967).


And in Girl Happy (1965).


And, of course, in Spinout (1966).  These last two photos are from the movie with the foreign lobby card that sparked this article.


Shelly Fabares is the only actress to co-star with Elvis in three movies.  He must have enjoyed working with her.  She’s never written a tell-all book about her experiences with Elvis, but I’ll bet they’d be pretty good.

So, back to the internet auction for the benefit of the Gulf Regional Advocacy Center.  Bidding starts on November 12 and ends on November 17.


The opening bid for the Spinout lobby card is just $35, so, if the bidding doesn’t run way up, this could be a good bargain for any Elvis collector.  The lobby card is a rare international version using a different title, and it is signed by Shelly Fabares.  Because it is the only Elvis-related item in an eclectic collection of offerings, there probably won’t an army of dedicated Elvis collectors bidding on it.

By the way, the silent auction will also include items donated by George Lopez, Martin Lawrence, Joan Baez, Melissa Gilbert, Robert Greenwald, and Salman Rushdie.  Check it out here.


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