There have been recent press reports about Elvis’ granddaughter doing modeling work for the IMG Agency.  The interesting thing is that the name listed in the press for this sixteen-year-old beauty is Riley Keough Presley.  She is, of course, the first child of Lisa Marie Presley and former husband Danny Keough, and she was christened Danielle Riley Keough.


So, why is her name now Riley Keough Presley?  It sounds like a good marketing move to me.  Certainly it can’t hurt her modeling career or a possible future recording career to have the Presley name out in front.  Although Lisa Marie kept her out of the public eye for her first fourteen years, we should see a lot more of Riley from now on.


There is almost nothing in the press about Lisa Marie’s twelve-year-old son, and that’s the way it should be at that young age.  But in about five years, don’t be surprised if a hot new rock star emerges on the scene – Benjamin Keough Presley.  I sure hope so.


© 2005  Philip R Arnold

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