Have you ever seen the ads for Elvis Refrigerator magnets?  I bought a set a few years ago.  It came with a seven-inch tall Elvis body and four different outfits:  the Blue Hawaii floral shirt and lei, Army Uniform, Karate outfit, and the black leather pants and coat from the ’68 Comeback Special.  I liked all of them except the Army uniform.  It just didn’t look very cool, especially the big old clunky boots.


One time, when my brother came to visit, I showed off my three favored Elvis outfits, and finally just threw the Army stuff in the trash because I would never use it.  Later, when I was out of the kitchen, my brother retrieved the boots and pants.  He cut the pants-legs about mid-calf and put them and the boots back on the Elvis magnet. 


He called me back into the kitchen and had the best time pointing out he had created “Jethro Elvis.”  If you ever watched The Beverly Hillbillies, you know the look of Jethro’s pants and boots.  I went along with the gag while my brother was there, but as soon as he left, those pants and boots were history. 


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