For some folks, hosting a blog is like making regular entries in a journal.  However, this writer is motivated by something more.  I want Elvis fans to enjoy this blog and return to it regularly.  But first they have to know it exists.  Internet search engines are of limited help in the beginning.  If you type Elvis Presley into Google, you will find 2 zillion links, and ELVISBLOG is way down at the bottom of the list.  The more hits your site gets, the higher up the list you move.


So, it was my good fortune to do a blog article on Riley Keough Presley a few weeks ago.  Fully 75% of the visits to ELVISBLOG so far have been to read about Elvis’ granddaughter.  It is highly probable that most of these hits were from young men intrigued with this 15-year-old beauty, and who had to be disappointed to find only text.  Well, I’m writing about Riley again to hype ratings, but I’ll give back something to those folks searching for pictures of her.  Click on this: 


It is a March 23 article about the new Christian Dior perfume “Miss Dior Cherie.”  Described as having the scent of sugar and spice, it will be embodied by Riley Keough Presley in a global print campaign to be launched in May, followed by television spots.  The article features a striking picture of Riley.


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