Daily Archives: April 18, 2005


Michael Jackson is not the only person being painted as a slime ball at his current trial. Some of the prosecution’s witnesses have less than stellar histories, too.  Take for example, Adrian McManus, a maid for Jackson from 1990 to1994.  She and four other former employees sued Jackson for $16 million back in the mid-1990’s.


When these five people first approached a lawyer about filing their civil suit, they apparently had little money between them.  Based on the lawyer’s advice, they sold stories to the tabloids to come up with his $17,000 fee. 


The case was so flimsy that Michael Jackson countersued.  He not only won, he was awarded $1.5 million to cover his legal costs.  On top of that, the former maid was ordered to repay Jackson $30,000 for stealing a sketch of Elvis Presley that Jackson had drawn.


The former maid said she found the Elvis drawing in the trash and thought it had been thrown away.  She said she didn’t consider its worth.  It is my opinion the prosecution will regret ever putting her on the stand in the current trial.  The jury will know she is a liar.   They know there’s no way an Elvis drawing gets thrown away.  And when she said she saw no value in an Elvis drawing, she deserved to be cited for contempt of court.


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