Daily Archives: May 22, 2005


The folks at Graceland and the suits at CBS have to be pleased with the way things went last week.  Their six hours of Elvis TV programming from Sunday to Friday paid off big time.  Even better, we fans got to watch some pretty good new Elvis shows.


On Sunday night, May 8, Part 1 of the “Elvis” miniseries went head-to-head with “Desperate Housewives.”   According to tv.yahoo.com, this notable powerhouse took third best for the whole week with 27 million viewers, but “Elvis” hung in there at nearly 15 million, second best for the night, and # 17 for the week (5/2 –5/8).


Part 2 of “Elvis” started against ABC’s “Lost” at 8PM Wednesday, May 11, and came in with about 10 million viewers.  At 9PM, the competition got tougher, as huge hit “American Idol” grabbed 26 million viewers, enough to rank third for the week (5/9 – 5/16).  The funny thing is that, in spite of this, the “Elvis” audience increased to over 11 million for the last hour, pushing the show into second place for the night and #27 for the week.


Did anyone notice that “Elvis By The Presleys” aired on Friday the 13th?  Fortunately, there was good luck, not bad, for the King’s home movies, as the competition was rather weak:  America’s Funniest Home Videos” and “Dateline.”  “Elvis By The Presleys” pulled in 12 million viewers to rank top show for the night.  Chalk all this up as more proof that Elvis is the most enduring celebrity in American history.  Dead for 28 years, he can go up against some of the strongest shows on television and still pull in 12-15 million viewers.


All in all, I’m glad I invested 6 hours in watching Elvis last week.  I will mention the DVD of “Elvis By The Presleys” to my brother-in –law, and I will be glad when he gives it to me at Christmas.  If “Elvis” the miniseries comes back on cable in a year or so, I will watch the first half again, but probably not the second.  I like my Elvis happy.

© 2005  Philip R Arnold