Elvis is such an interesting subject to write about.  Inspiration for many of the ElvisBlog articles comes when I surf the Internet and find obscure sites that contain something different about Elvis.  So, I was delighted to stumble onto the link for the site of Elvis’ Villa Hostel in Bucharest, Romania.


Their web pages don’t mentioned any Elvis Presley themed decor or other connection with The King, so it seems they just chose the name to catch the attention of American and English backpackers, their usual clientele.  Elvis’ Villa certainly has the prices to attract this young, economy-minded crowd.  For $12-15 a night you can get a bed in a co-ed dorm room, if you don’t mind sharing with 5-10 people.  Bathrooms are shared, too, of course.  For $27 you can get a private room for two, but you’ll still have to share a bathroom.


Take a look at the list of freebies you get during each day of your stay at Elvis’ Villa: Romanian beer, two hours of Internet access, breakfast, laundry facilities, and Romanian cigarettes.  For a small fee, on-site massage is available.  Although the hostel’s website stresses they are in a safe part of the city, it also advises you to take a cab back from clubs late at night.  The folks at Elvis’ Villa thought it prudent to provide details on three of the most common scams in Bucharest and how to avoid them.


They also offer tips for travel in Romania, including a list of the allowable items you can bring into the country.  This includes: two rings, one watch, two pendants with chains, two pair of earrings, two bracelets, and two pair of handcuffs.  What would you want the handcuffs for?  Well, lets see.  After you check into Elvis’ Villa, you could take the free beer and cigarettes up to the dorm room and hang out with those co-eds and see what happens.  If I were younger, I might give it a try, but I’d probably need only one pair of handcuffs.


© 2005  Philip R Arnold


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