I went the dentist this week to have a permanent crown put on a lower molar.  As the assistant struggled to remove the temporary cap, it popped off and landed at the back of my mouth.  My throat closed reflexively, so I did not swallow the crown, but there were a few scary seconds while she fished it out.


Once the crown was safely back in her hand, I told her I was so glad I hadn’t swallowed it and mentioned that Elvis had done that once while filming a movie.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t remember any of the pertinent details, so later I scoured through my library of Elvis books to find the facts.


According to Elvis Presley – Unseen Archives, by Marie Clayton, Elvis did a rehearsal of the famous “Jailhouse Rock” dance routine with such abandon that he swallowed a temporary crown.  It lodged in his lung and had to be removed by surgery. 


Unfortunately, there was no description of what the surgery entailed. Another reference said he spent just one night at Cedars of Lebanon Hospital for this, so it must not have been too bad.  Still, I’m glad I didn’t swallow my crown.


© 2005  Philip R Arnold

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