Once again, I have found convincing proof that Elvis’ hold on American culture is unmatched by any other popular icon.  He keeps showing up in the most unexpected places.  For example, the animated movie “Quest For Camelot.” 


This is a 1998 release from Warner Brothers Animation, following right after their huge success with “Space Jam.”  It features the voice talents of many notable actors, including Pierce Brosnan, Jane Seymour, John Gielgud, and Gary Oldham.  The story is yet another variation on the fables about King Arthur, Excalibur, and the Knights of the Round Table.  The main villain has lots of black magic, and he uses it against the young hero and heroine during their quest to find the stolen Excalibur and return it to the king.  Of course, there was lots of action and heroics galore.


There is also a love story, four songs (Celine Dion provides the voice for one), and humor.  The comic relief in this movie comes from a timid two-headed dragon named Devon (Eric Idle) and Cornwall (Don Rickles).  He/they can’t fly, can’t breath fire, and can’t get along with each other.  They are constantly quibbling, which leads to a duet on the song, “I Can Get Along Without You.”


The song is standard soundtrack pop music, but the big finale is belted out in heavy blues fashion, similar to the way Elvis ended “I Got A Woman.”  The dragon suddenly has on a white, Las Vegas-style Elvis jumpsuit.  Both heads have black Elvis hair, and they wear his trademark sunglasses.  The choreography even has a couple of classic Elvis moves.  Now, I’ve seen everything: A two-headed dragon in a sword and sorcery movie doing Elvis.  He really is everywhere.

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