Elvira and Elvis

Elvira, the campy Mistress of the Dark, has an interesting website, and she waits until only line six in her bio to mention her “evening with Elvis.”  She’s not telling much, however.  Just that he saw her perform as a Las Vegas showgirl and encouraged her to pursue a singing career.  Boy, did she leave out the good part.




Cassandra Peterson created her Elvira persona in 1981, but back in 1969 she was just a 17 year old, struggling showgirl.  According to an August 3, 1997 article by Ruthe Stein in the San Francisco Chronicle, a friend of Cassandra’s managed to get them both invited to a party at Elvis’ penthouse suite.  Elvis liked to be around showgirls, and on this night he took an interest in Cassandra.  “Elvis singled me out,” she said.  “I sat at the piano and he played songs for me.”


Later, in a more private setting, they talked all night, and a variety of subjects were broached.  Elvis told her he was very spiritual and discussed numerology.  He showed her a jewel-encrusted belt buckle – a present from President Richard Nixon.  “It was the biggest, gaudiest thing I had ever seen, and he was just so thrilled with it, like he was a little kid.”


She told him she smoked marijuana and that she was a virgin, and both revelations had an effect on Elvis.  He lectured her on the evils of pot and marveled that there actually was a showgirl virgin in Las Vegas.  After a while, she came to a realization.  “It was clear that he was not going to, like, hit on me.  I could kick myself now for telling him.”  Twenty-eight years after that night, Elvira admitted, “It would have been great to have him as my first lover.  If it’s got to be somebody, it might as well be Elvis.” 


How’s that for an understatement?



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