Once before, this blog listed a link to a website I thought a lot of readers would enjoy visiting.  Here’s another one:   This site offers a cyber version of the old children’s pastime, but now you don’t have to cut and glue anything, just drag and drop.  Paper Doll Heaven can be the source for hours of mindless fun.  It has hundreds of celebrities you can choose to dress, from categories like singers, actors and actresses, models, and royalty.


There, nearly buried in a long list of female singers, is our man – Elvis.  If you enjoyed swapping outfits on the old Elvis refrigerator magnets, you will love this site.  It provides three racks of clothing to mix and match.  Check out this list:

            2 pair of jeans

            2 pair of shorts

            4 dress/performance jackets

            2 sweaters

            2 vee-neck T-shirts

            2 golf shirts

            4 long sleeve dress and casual shirts

            3 tank tops

            1 pair of black boots

2 jumpsuits


I played with all this stuff on the computer while sort-of watching a baseball game on TV, so I had a couple of hours to experiment.  Here are a few observations.  Forget the boots.  They look stupid with the shorts and are mostly covered by the jeans and jumpsuits.  The two jumpsuits are pretty good, especially the black one with the blinking lights along the collar and lapels, but you can’t mix them with the other items.


The most fun thing is trying each of the jeans and shorts in combination with each of the shirts.  I particularly like the blue jeans with the tank tops.  Think about it.  Have you ever seen a picture of Elvis in a tank top?  Now you can make your own.  Another good combination is the black jeans with the jackets and long-sleeved shirts.


The clothing goes over a drawing of the young Elvis, not a photo, and they drew him in a nice pair of tight black briefs.  Just for kicks, compare Elvis’ drawers with those on Usher, 50 Cent, and Eminem.  The artist who did the drawings obviously liked Elvis better than those guys.


So, go ahead, check out Elvis in Paper Doll Heaven, and have a ball putting clothes on Elvis (and taking them off).


©  2005   Philip R Arnold   All Rights Reserved

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