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Stories about Elvis and Ann-Margret have floated around for years, but there’s no way to verify the accuracy of them.  Ann-Margret has certainly kept mum about her relationship with Elvis, allowing only that she and Elvis were close friends.  One story we can put some credence in comes from Alan Fortas, a member of Elvis’ Memphis Mafia.  Here is his story as told on the website of Elvis International, the Magazine some years ago.


One night, during the filming of Viva Las Vegas in 1963, Elvis invited Ann-Margret over to his house.  He specifically told all his buddies to disappear before she arrived, but Alan and George Klein asked if they could stay if they promised not to leave their rooms.  Elvis agreed, but he should have known better.


After Ann-Margret had been there awhile, Alan and George snuck on to the patio and peeked into the den.  According to Alan, “They were dancing and cuddling and talking, and George and I were going crazy.”


Then, Elvis left the room to get something and walked around to another part of the house.  From this vantage point, he could see the two spies plain as day. When Alan and George realized they had been caught peeping, they panicked.  George tried to run off and slammed right into the glass patio door, nearly breaking his nose.


Elvis got a good laugh about the whole ruckus, but you have to wonder about its effect on the rest of the evening.  Do you think Elvis was able to recapture that warm and fuzzy mood with Ann-Margret?  I guess we’ll never know, but I’ll give odds he did.

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