Folks, I was as surprised as you when the banner for “myblogsite by FortuneCity” showed up on Elvisblog.  Maybe I should have seen it coming.  After receiving totally free service from them for the last eight months, it just doesn’t figure the free ride would go on forever.  The banner is a trade-off I can live with.  It changes the look of the page, but not the content of the writing.


Another change coming soon will be archives of the articles by month.  After 35 posts, you have to do serious scrolling down to get to the early stuff.  Some organization is long overdue.


We might as well use this occasion to mention a few other things concerning the first chapter in the life of Elvisblog.  For the past six weeks, over 1000 people have visited the site each week.  The total for August was 4,276 hits, and September is going well, too.  The favorite article is “Check Out Elvis In Paper Doll Heaven” by a wide margin.  “Riley Keough Presley?” is second, and third is an archived article from Elvis International the Magazine, “Still Taking Care of Business” about the TCB Band.


Well, that’s all the announcements, so it’s time for some Elvis.  In 2004, People magazine celebrated their 30th anniversary with a special double issue.  It contained numerous stats, such as, Princess Diana was the most popular cover subject.  The People editors also admitted to the dumbest decision they ever made.  For the issue the week of August 16, 1977, they chose not to put Elvis on the cover, thinking it would be too macabre.


Instead, they gave Elvis’ death just a single paragraph in the magazine.  So who did they put on the cover?  Comedian Marty Feldman.  Huhhh?  I agree with the People editors.  That was their dumbest decision.  Wonder if the guy who thought Marty Feldman would sell more copies than dead Elvis lost his job over that.

© 2005  Philip R Arnold

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