If you plan to go to Las Vegas during the next few months, be sure to take in ELVIS-A-RAMA.  It will be the last opportunity to see this substantial collection of Elvis goodies.


A news release this week announced the sale of ELVIS-A-RAMA to CKX Inc., who plan to close it and retire the name.  In case CKX doesn’t ring a bell, it is the company run by media genius Robert F X Sillerman, who purchased 85% of Elvis Presley Enterprises from Lisa Marie earlier this year.


Mr. Sillerman also announced his intention to place a world-class Elvis-themed attraction on the Las Vegas strip within a few years.  This is very exciting news.  When all the memorabilia from ELVIS-A-RAMA is added to the huge collection at Graceland, this combined inventory could be sufficient to stock the Las Vegas facility on a rotating basis.  Think about it.  Maybe someday we’ll be able take yearly trips to Vegas and see a new Elvis exhibit every time.  My wife would gladly sit alone at the slots for four hours while I do my annual “Elvis thing”.


Mr. Sillerman has previously expressed his interest in establishing Elvis as a worldwide marketing brand.  So, it’s pretty obvious what might follow if the operation in Las Vegas is successful: Graceland-Lite attractions in Tokyo, Toronto, and the great capitals of Europe.  And all getting their chance to exhibit the marvelous rotating Elvis memorabilia shows.  Sort of like how Hard-Rock Café has done it, except hopefully all the Elvis displays will be mounted down low enough you can actually see them.


So, as we say good-bye to ELVIS-A-RAMA, we can look forward to saying hello to some exciting new Elvis attractions.


Elvisblog contained another article on Robert Sillerman and CKX Inc. back in March.  At that time, the company’s stock (ticker symbol CKXE) was selling at $26.73.  It is now $12.57.  My record at picking stocks is pretty bad, but it sure seems like now would be a good time to buy CKX Inc.  Elvis and CKX are going to be big winners.


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