As promised some weeks ago, earlier Elvisblog articles are now archived by month.  Please see the list in the left column.  This should have happened sooner, but a problem with the placement of the “MyBlogSite” banner had to get fixed first.  Man, it took a bunch of e-mails to finally get some action on that.


Also, there are two new additions to the archives of my articles in Elvis International, the Magazine.  Both are from the 28th Anniversary Issue published last summer.  The first, “DJ Fontana Belongs In The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame,” deals with the injustice of DJ not being in the Hall six years after the Sidemen category was created.  The other, “Where Do Elvis’ Hits Rank In The Top 100 Songs Of All Time?” analyzes the shabby treatment of Elvis music in rankings by VH1 and Billboard magazine.  Sounds like I was on some kind of quest to right the wrongs in Elvisworld, doesn’t it?  Well, both articles are still good reading.  Please note, when you click on Archives – Articles from Elvis International Magazine, a list of all 21 of them will drop down.


If you’ve got some time on your hands and would like to visit some odd Elvis-connected websites, here’s a few I’ve discovered while surfing the net:


“When Nixon Met Elvis,” from The National Archives, of all places.   There are lots of good pictures and an interesting description of the historic 1970 event.


“Elvis Presley In Scotland”  Rare pictures of Elvis stopping over at Prestwick Airport in Scotland for two hours on March 3, 1960 (on his way home after Army service)


“The Pumpkin Gutter”   I hope this site continues on even though Halloween has passed, because this artist has incredible talent.  Elvis is just one of dozens of subjects he has carved on pumpkins.


“Elvis Presley & Karate”   This is the website of Kang Rhee, the man who taught Elvis karate.  Lots of good pictures of The King and Kang.


“Elvis Lives In a Flash”   This is an alternate video for “A Little Less Conversation,” and it’s worth watching once or twice. 


The last regular article for Elvisblog in 2005 will be posted on Sunday December 11.  The following Sunday, I will post a special Christmas treat.  It is a previously unpublished short story of Elvis fiction titled “ELVIS CLAUS – Santa’s Favorite Brother Gets A Present.”  Be sure to check in during the Christmas holidays and read this one.  Then print it out, send it to all your Elvis buddies, and tell them to visit Elvisblog in 2006.


©  2005   Philip R Arnold

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