In the late 50’s and early 60’s there were three blond bombshells sometimes referred to as “The 3 M’s”: ”Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, and Mamie Van Doren.  Howard Hughes discovered Mamie Van Doren at age 16, and she signed a contract with Universal Studios in 1953. 


On her web site, www.mamievandoren.com, she talkes about herself in the third person: “Mamie starred as the “bad girl” in some of Hollywood’s most enduring teenage cult films.”  Her signature film was the 1960 feature “Sex Kittens Go To College.


“Off the screen, Mamie was a maverick in her personal life as well, often following her heart in torrid off-screen romances.”  According to http://allmovie.com, her autobiography Playing The Field claims she slept with nearly every male in the entertainment industry


OK, would you like to know if Elvis was one of those lovers?


Mamievandoren.com has a section called Bedtime Stories, and Elvis is in there.  So are Burt Reynolds, Tony Curtis, and a bunch of other famous men.  Mamie goes into quite graphic detail of her sexual liaisons.  Sometimes, the Bedroom Stories almost read like pages from a romance novel.  Here’s one sample about Elvis and her:  “He French kissed me deeply and I responded passionately to him, barely able to hold myself back.”


So, the question is, did she hold back or not.  Or did Elvis hold back like he did with Elvira?  You’ll have to check out Mamie’s web site to find out.  It’s a better place than Elvisblog for that kind of stuff.  Let’s just say they had quite a night.   Elvis took her to the Frontier Hotel, the Sahara, and the Desert Inn before they started necking in his Cadillac.


There are two other interesting things of note.  Mamie proudly admits she stole Elvis’ wiggle when she danced and sang in the 1957 movie Untamed Youth.  Also, her site has present-day photographs of her in revealing outfits.  For a woman in her 70’s, she looks great.  Sort of makes you of wish you had been in those Bedtime Stories.

© 2005   Philip R Arnold

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