Things are moving much faster than I reported in the news a week ago.  The URL address for Elvisblog has already been changed to www.elvisblog.net.  If you have the old address bookmarked as a favorite, it will still work for a while, but why not change it now to www.elvisblog.net.



Odd Websites


On November 28, someone typed odd websites into Google Search.  Google reported they found 3,170,000 odd websites, and the listed the first ten.  Elvisblog came in #8.  I printed out the page and showed it to my wife.  She asked, “Is That Good?”  I mumbled, “Well, yeah, I guess, sort-of.”  Then I went back and checked Google.  They weren’t passing judgment on what was odd.  They were reporting the magnitude of hits on sites containing the words, “odd websites.  On November 7, Elvisblog posted, “New Archive Articles, Some Odd Websites, and A Tease. 



New Magazine Article


The new issue of Elvis International, The Magazine is off the presses, and it contains another article by your blog host, Phil Arnold.  It has been added to Elvisblog as well.  Just click on the Archives folder in the left column.  The first listing will be “January, 1956,” and it takes a detailed look at what this writer considers the most significant month in the life of Elvis Presley.

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