Daily Archives: December 18, 2005


It’s time to say thanks to all the Elvis fans who visited Elvisblog this year.  I like writing the articles every week, and it seems like you enjoy reading them.  Merry Christmas to you all.


Your host has some traveling to do this holiday season, so there will be no regular articles posted on December 18 or 25.  Instead, there is a special Christmas treat.  It is a short fiction story titled ELVIS CLAUS – Santa’s Favorite Brother Gets A Present.  It takes place in 1983, and because its main character is Elvis, you have to start with a little willing suspension of disbelief.  As much as we might wish otherwise, Elvis is no longer with us.  But it’s still fun to write about him as though he were.  I hope you enjoy it.


To read ELVIS CLAUS, click on the folder “Elvis Fiction by Phil Arnold” in the left column.  After you’ve read it, why not e-mail it to a few Elvis fan buddies.  I think you’ll agree it would be a nice way to remember them this Christmas.


The next regular Elvisblog article will be on Sunday, January 1, 2006.  Remember, the new internet address is www.elvisblog.net.  Please change your bookmarks to this because automatic forwarding from the old address ends soon.


Merry Christmas and a hunk-a hunk-a burning love to everyone!


Phil Arnold,  host and creator of Elvisblog