Man, what a fast year.  Things started on January 30, 2005, when I posted the first article to Elvisblog.  There was some pressure of course, since you don’t know for sure if you can come up with a new article every Sunday.  It is now 53 articles later, so it looks like Elvisworld provides an abundance of story ideas.  .


The original plan was to post articles containing 250-300 words, in keeping with the site’s subtitle “Nuggets of News, History, and Commentary About Elvis.”  Now they run from 450-550 words.  Elvis is really fun to write about, so they may get even longer.


In addition to the weekly articles, Elvisblog now contains reprints of 22 longer pieces from Elvis International, The Magazine.  There are also two short stories of Elvis fiction:  “The Bootleg Album” and “Elvis Claus — Santa’s Favorite Brother Gets A Present.”  Check them out if you haven’t already.


In November, Elvisblog switched to a new blogware supplier and a new internet address, www.elvisblog.net.  Since February 1, the old address no longer automatically forwards to the new, so I’ve lost a few readers.  Hope they find their way back to Elvisblog.  If you haven’t bookmarked www.elvisblog.net, please do so.


During it’s first year, 34,000 fans visited Elvisblog, so, I say to you all, “Thank you, thank you very much.”

(c)  2005   Philip R Arrnold   www.elvisblog.net

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