As I mentioned in an earlier article, many of the items on display at ELVIS-A-RAMA were placed so low in the cabinets that it created an exercise regimen for determined visitors like me.  My knees were hurtin’ from squatting up and down to read everything, so when I came to something that really interested me, I just sat on the floor and took my time.


One thing I liked was a love letter Elvis wrote while stationed in Germany to old girlfriend Anita Wood in November 1959.  It was four hand-written pages long, and Elvis’ penmanship made it difficult to read, but the entire text was reproduced on a brass plaque.  If Elvis wrote it without help, he deserves credit as something of a romantic poet.  See what you think.


“I want you to know that in spite of our being apart, I have developed a love for you that cannot be equaled or surpassed by anyone.  My every thought is of you, my darling, every song I hear, every sunset reminds me of the happy and wonderful times we’ve had together.”


You know, that’s pretty nice.  Toward the end of the letter, Elvis perhaps revealed some other thoughts on his mind as his discharge from the Army quickly approached.


“I can’t explain to you how I crave you and desire your lips and your body under me, darling.”


I guess Col. Parker never saw that, or he would have licensed it to Hallmark for a line of Elvis Valentine’s Day cards.


Another thing that intrigued me was an open page in the screenplay for “Jailhouse Rock.”  Do you remember the early scene in a bar when Elvis’ character Vince Everett tries to sing but is heckled by a drunk guy named Ken?  When Vince confronts Ken, the jerk pours beer down the front of Vince’s shirt.   Here’s what follows in the screenplay.


“Unwittingly, Ken has tackled a ring-tailed terror. Vince fights with a strange and incongruous fury. It is apparent that there are deep wells of hatred and resentment within him waiting to be tapped.  He punches with accuracy and jolting power; Ken’s hands drop as the blows drain his strength.  Vince sets him up with a left hand to the belly that goes in wrist-deep.”


Wow.  And people said Elvis couldn’t act.


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