This is not a primarily a news site, but it looks like the Elvisblog article on February 12 did indeed contain a “scoop.”  It reported the inside skinny that Robert Sillerman, new owner of 85 % of EPE, had purchased two blocks of property on the Las Vegas strip between The Harley Davidson Restaurant/Store and the MGM Grand Hotel/Casino.  This nugget of news came from the driver of courtesy bus for Elvis-A-Rama, which had also been purchased Mr. Sillerman (who plans to close it on August 15, 2006).


According to the bus driver, this land would ultimately be the home of a spectacular Elvis-themed attraction.  Now, all of this has been confirmed in a March 3 article in the New York Times.  According to reporter Julie Bosman, Sillerman’s company CKX Inc. “will open an interactive exhibit and Elvis-themed cabaret show on one of the two pieces of property on the Las Vegas strip.” 


Mr. Sillerman declined to say whether a hotel and casino would be added.  Let’s get serious.  What else would you think the second piece of property is for? 


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