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One website I return to frequently is TVNow.  I have bookmarked the link to their monthly list of Elvis shows on television, which I use to make my Elvis movie watching plans.  Of course, I have all of his films on tape and could watch them any time I want, but I prefer to catch them when are broadcast.  I feel like I’m connected to all the other Elvis fans across the country who are watching the same Elvis movie.


In the period from June 4 to July 1, there are six Elvis movies on five cable TV stations:  “Clambake” on Showtime, “Easy Come, Easy Go” on Cinemax, “King Creole” and “Roustabout” on HBO Signature, “Love Me Tender” on Fox Movie Channel,and “Speedway” on Turner Classic Movies.  The big cable networks seem to like showing Elvis films, so a little advance planning can really pay off.


Fortunately, the networks give you from two to five showings of almost every Elvis movie they run, and one option is usually in prime time or during the day on weekends.  I hate it when an Elvis movie is on just once — at 2AM, but a 5AM showing is perfect for me.  I get up a little early and watch a whole Elvis movie before going to work.  Great way to start the day.


Six Elvis movies in a month on all the cable channels is actually a pretty low total.  Usually there are eight to ten.  This month’s viewing choices also includes “Heartbreak Hotel”, a movie about Elvis starring Brian Keith and Tuesday Weld.  I could write a whole blog article on this movie, and probably will after I watch it again in two weeks.  For now, let’s just say this is one you should see.  It has a good plot and excellent Elvis music with a harder rock edge to it.  Plus, the mature Tuesday Weld looks better than she did with Elvis in “Wild In the Country” twenty-five years earlier.  Check out “Heartbreak Hotel” and the other offerings at http://www.tv-now.com/stars/elvis.html


TVNow also lists other types of programming that contain something about Elvis.  This month we get VH1’s “100 Most Shocking Moments in Rock & Roll.”  I’ll have to wade through a bunch of other stuff to see where they place Elvis in the ranking.  Elvis doing “Hound Dog’ on the second Milton Berle Show should rank very high as a shocking moment.  It caused the press to slam Elvis so bad, saying he was turning America’s teenagers into juvenile delinquents.  Hopefully, VH1 knows what they are doing and don’t cite the filming of Elvis from the waist up on the Ed Sullivan Show.  That was so lame compared to the Elvis’ stunning appearance on the Berle show.  It sounds like another probable blog subject, doesn’t it?


More on Al Wertheimer next week.  Still working on the Elvis International Magazine 50th Anniversary story about him and his 1956 photos of Elvis.


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