Elvisblog has reached a milestone that seemed impossible when I posted the first article a year-and-a-half ago.  My blog software keeps count of how many visits are made to the website, and, as of Friday July 21, Elvisblog passed the milestone of 50,000 hits. 


The weekly count now consistently totals over 1000.  Because new content is added only once during the week, there doesn’t seem to be any good reason for readers to check in more frequently than once a week.  So, by that reasoning, I like to think Elvisblog has 1000 regular readers.  There is a lot of content now, so perhaps people just discovering Elvisblog do visit the site several times a week to catch up, but I’m sticking with the 1000 regular readers.  That’s really something.  Thank you.


A sizeable portion of Elvisblog content comes from reprints of my articles in Elvis International, The Magazine.  After the 29th Anniversary issue comes out in two weeks, I will be able to add two more long articles: “The Sun Sessions,” about Elvis’ best album, and “Al Wertheimer,” about the magical seven days the famous photographer spent with Elvis in 1956.


In a year or so, this fine magazine will transition from print media to electronic, and change its name to Elvis The Magazine.  You will be able to read the whole thing on-line and print it all or just selected stories.  There will also be a great deal of audio content for subscribers to enjoy.  The Webmaster says this is the wave of the future for websites, so this will be exciting.  More news on Elvis The Magazine will be posted in the months ahead.


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