Turner Classic Movies hasn’t given the above title to their TV schedule for August 16  – but they could.  TCM will show 24 hours of consecutive, commercial-free Elvis movies on the 29th anniversary of his death.  Fourteen movies in all.  What a treat for Elvis fans this year.  Especially this one, who is going to miss Elvis Week for only the second time this decade and is starting to get bummed about it.  So, who wants to watch Elvis Movies?


Here’s a look at what TCM has lined up.  Their 24-hour period runs from 5AM on the 16th until the same time next morning.


Harum Scarum – 5AM:  I’m glad they are showing this one.  It’s been a long time since I last saw it and I don’t have it on tape.   How strange will the plot to bump off the ruler of a desert kingdom seem in this day and age?


Stay Away, Joe — 6:35AM:  This is a very rare opportunity to see Stay Away, Joe.  As I wrote on the 11/27/05 blog, this has to be Elvis’ worst movie, but if you haven’t seen it, I recommend that you do.  It will make you appreciate Clambake and Tickle Me as fine artistic achievements.


Double Trouble – 8:15AM:  This is not a good enough movie for me to use up a half-day of vacation.  I’m going to work.


The Trouble With Girls – 10:00AM:  I won’t feel too bad about missing this one, either.  The music’s not that great.


Girl Happy – 11:50AM:  This is a “don’t miss” Elvis movie for me.  It has Shelly Fabares in it, and she’s my favorite Elvis co-star.  The music is very good.  I’d stretch my lunch hour to catch Girl Happy, but it won’t be necessary.  A half-day of vacation will give me the time to watch this and two more goodies.


Jailhouse Rock – 1:30PM:  I’ve seen it six or seven times, but one more will be fun.  I’ll amuse myself by paying attention to the scenes where Scotty Moore, Bill Black and DJ Fontana are on screen.  They are in this movie a lot.


Elvis On Tour – 3:15PM:  A nice change of pace.  I am looking forward to this documentary because it’s been ten years since I last saw it.


It Happened at the World’s Fair – 5:05PM:  Time out for dinner with the family.  They will get my undivided attention for two hours, and then it’s back to the TV for:


Viva Las Vegas – 7:10PM:  There ought to be a law that requires this movie to be broadcast on January 8 and August 16 every year.  It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve seen it.  Watch it again.  Ann Margaret.  Mmmm.


Elvis: That’s The Way It Is – 9:00PM:  Another documentary, but with tons of backstage rehearsal footage.  I like watching Elvis at 35: thin, healthy, and excited to get back to performing live.  Perfect prime-time viewing.  I’m making popcorn.


Speedway – 10:45PM:  For some reason, it’s been a long while since I’ve seen this one.  I’ll brew a fresh pot of coffee and try to stay awake for Elvis and Nancy Sinatra.  She does look so fine.


Live A Little, Love A Little – 12:30AM:  I’ll try, but sleep will probably overtake me.  If you’re a night owl, definitely watch this one.  Read the Elvisblog article of 7/3/05 first to see why I call this Elvis’ strangest movie and keep a watch for all the weird stuff I point out.


Kissin Cousins – 2:00AM:  Not a chance.  To late for me.  Saw it in January, anyway.  If you are going to watch it, you might want to reread the blog article posted on 1/22/06.


Girl Happy – 3:30 AM:  The only double dip.  Not necessary because it was on over lunch the day before.


So, it looks like I’m good for eight of the Elvis films that Turner Classic Movies will present on August 16.  I’d rather be at Elvis Week, but this isn’t a bad consolation.  Let’s give big thanks to TCM for the special programming.  I feel like I should be calling an 800 number to make a contribution to keep it coming.


And, I hope all you fans have a great day of Elvis movie watching, too.


©  2006   Philip R Arnold   www.elvisblog.net

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