Daily Archives: August 16, 2006


It is 6AM and I am sitting at the computer totally bummed.  For two weeks I have been looking forward to watching Elvis movies all day today to celebrate the 29th anniversary of his passing.  I even posted an article on 8/2/06 extolling praise on Turner Classic Movies for bringing us fourteen consecutive Elvis movies,  and I urged Elvisblog readers to watch as many as you could, too.

Well, I apologize.  In doing research two weeks ago to plan my Elvis movie watching, it appears I linked up to Turner Classic Movies in England, not the USA.  There was nothing on the home page to tell you this.  Only when I checked the old print-out of the Elvis movie schedule did I notice the URL was tcm.co/uk.  Boy, do I feel dumb.

The folks in England are getting a better deal than us today.  I checked old favorite TVNow on the web, and there are no Elvis movies on any channel available to us today.  That really stinks.  The best things offered are two documentaries on Biography cable channel.  At 8AM and again at midnight, they offer “Elvis and June:  A Love Story”.  This 60-minute show is built around home movies June Jaunico took in 1956, and it is very good.  The other choice is “Elvis' Entourage” at 10PM.  I have never seen this.

I'm already depressed, and if I wanted to feel worse I could watch “The Last Days of Elvis” at 9AM on E!  No way.  Again, I am sorry for getting people's expectations up with bogus information.  Hopefully, not too many folks got up at 5AM ready to watch Harum Scarum.