HARUM SCARUM: After my frustration with the nonexistent “Elvis Movie Marathon,” I did manage to watch some Elvis movies and documentaries on Wednesday the 16th and on through the weekend.  “Harum Scarum” was one I caught, and it had been so long since my last viewing that I had forgotten how bad it is.  There is one redeeming feature: this movie is non-stop with lovelies showing lots of cleavage and bare midriffs.  None of those ugly Burkas in this Arab country.


One of my favorite references, “The Elvis Film Encyclopedia” by Eric Braun, correctly notes “Harum Scarum” has a frankly ludicrous storyline.  However, if you are a determined Elvis collector, go to www.amazon.com, and you can pick up a used copy of the VHS for 60¢.  It’s the cheapest Elvis movie you can buy, and I think I know why.


HARD ROCK CAFÉ ELVIS PINS:  Did you know Hard Rock Café now has online auctions for new releases of their famous pins?  Naturally, they had a series of five Elvis pins presented just in time for “Elvis Week”.  Each would be produced in a limited edition of only 100, after which the molds are retired.  The pin selection included four different Elvis poses, three from the fifties and one in that white suit from the ‘68 Comeback Special.  The last pin was a 3” x 2” ELVIS in red letters with a black background.  The auction started on August 3rd and ended on August 13, and the minimum bids were $15.


Well, one fan got so carried away that he bid $125 each on all five very early in the period.  The next highest bid was $40, and dozens of folks picked up all five pins at $15 to $16 each on the last day.  I think those smart late-bidders got tremendous bargains.  It seems obvious that not many Elvis fans knew about “Hard Rock Café” auctioning Elvis pins.  So, here’s an idea:  A few days prior to Elvis’ birthday in January, check out www.hardrock.com/estore/auctions.  You just might buy yourself an excellent Elvis collectible.


ROLLING STONE’S TOP TEN ELVIS SONGS :  Announced on 29th anniversary of Elvis’ death.

1)       That’s All right (Mama)

2)       Good Rockin’ Tonight

3)       Mystery Train

4)       Wear My Ring Around Your Neck

5)       A Little Less Conversation

6)       Hound Dog

7)       Kentucky Rain

8)       In the Ghetto

9)       Suspicious Minds

10)  Unchained Melody

I disagree with the last four, but that’s just because all my favorite songs connect with the young Elvis.  Those last four songs would certainly make the Jumpsuit Elvis Top Ten, if there were one.


THE BLUE MOON BOYS:  While you are on Amazon getting that 60¢ Elvis movie, you should search for “The Blue Moon Boys,” subtitled, “The Story of Elvis Presley’s Band.”  I am excited about this new book and will be very happy when my copy arrives.  Scotty Moore and DJ Fontana are big favorites of mine.  Without having seen the book yet, I’m sure it’s worth the $16.50.


The term Elvis Presley's Band is not something you see in print much.  I like that name – Elvis Presley's Band, or better yet, Elvis' Band.  Scotty and DJ will be performing in concerts next year at “Elvis Week,” and I get to write pre- and post-concert articles for Elvis… The Magazine.  One of these stories is going to be titled, “Elvis’ Band: 50 year Update.”


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