A VERY SPECIAL LADY:  Doris Arnold, the wonderful mother of your Elvisblog host, died this past week at age 88.  Her long slow decline due to pancreatic cancer has required an extensive and very draining vigil for my wife and I.  There hasn’t been time or inclination to research and write a new weekly article.  However, there is new content, so please read on.


NEW ARCHIVES from ELVIS…THE MAGAZINE:  Now that the 29th Anniversary issue of Elvis…The Magazine (new name) is out, two longer articles from it are posted on Elvisblog.  The six-page long “Al Wertheimer” story led off the issue, and it contained nine of Werteimer’s famous photos.  The article, without pictures, is on this blog.  To see it with pictures, go to www.elvisthemagazine.com, register, and pay $3.95 to view or print the whole magazine.


The other article is “The Sun Sessions.”  A condensed version titled “Elvis’ Best Album” was posted here on March 5, but there’s extra stuff in the long article.  “The Sun Sessions” gave us classic Elvis rockabilly from a historically significant period.  However, the album itself also has an interesting and unusual story of its own.  Check it out.




Darwin Lamm has announced his schedule of Elvis Week concerts for next year — and he will be going out in style.  Since 1988, Lamm has entertained close to fifty thousand Elvis fans in Memphis with his series of Good Rockin’ Tonight concerts.  In all likelihood, 2007 will be the last blast from Darwin.  It could also be close to the end of the performing careers for some of the musicians.  So, this will be the year to go to Elvis Week and take in great concerts.  Here’s what Darwin has lined up. 


On August 14, the TCB Band does two “Good Rockin’ Tonight” shows.  Fronting them will be Terry Mike Jeffrey.  I’ve seen Terry Mike perform with the TCB boys twice, and he does a great job on Elvis songs.  The previous Elvis Week concerts with TCB Band and Terry Mike Jeffrey have been great successes.


On August 15, Scotty Moore will be honored at “The Last Man Standing” double-concert.  See last week’s blog article on this exciting event.


Finally, on August 16, there will be two “Spirit of The King” shows featuring a dozen or more of the best Elvis Tribute Artists.  This will be similar to the terrific show Darwin presented in 2005, and it was the entertainment bargain of the week.  These are not guys who perform at retirement homes or shopping center openings.  These tribute artists all make a nice living touring North America with their individual shows, and now they all will be assembled on one stage.  These are going to be fun concerts.


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