The King’s Chamber – sounds like something archeologists discovered in an ancient pyramid, doesn’t it?  Or maybe, the secret boudoir of a medieval monarch?  Well, this is Elvisblog you are reading, so you’ve already guessed the King in question is Elvis.


If you ever plan a pilgrimage to Memphis to revel in all-things-Elvis, put the King’s Chamber on your ‘don’t miss’ list.  It will give you one more reason to experience famous Beale Street, because the King’s Chamber is located right in the action – on the second floor of the Hard Rock Cafe.   According to Giovanni Taliaferro, the Hard Rock international memorabilia designer, “We wanted to pay tribute to the King by creating an exclusive section in our café where guests would be surrounded by Elvis memorabilia… our King’s Chamber.”


Last October 1, the Memphis Hard Rock Cafe unveiled its extensively remodeled mezzanine level, proudly displaying 100% Elvis memorabilia.  Remember the denim jacket Elvis wore in the movie, “Jailhouse Rock?”  It’s in the Kings Chamber.  So are the outfits from two other movies and a two-piece jumpsuit from 1972 Las Vegas performances.  These three are housed in self-contained, dramatically lit display cases built into large vertical support columns.


There are Elvis hats and belts, and believe it or not, even a tissue holder and wastebasket from the house he rented in Beverly Hills during the movie years.  (Elvis memorabilia knows no limits.  The Honky-Tonk Hall of Fame & Rock-N-Roll Roadshow has a pair of Elvis’ underwear on display.)


The guitarists who played with Elvis are represented in the King's Chamber as well.  The Memphis Hard Rock’s mezzanine features both Scotty Moore and James Burton guitars.  You wouldn't expect to see a tank banner, but they have one from Company D, 1st Battalion, 32nd Armor Division, that Elvis signed while stationed in Germany. 


To adorn the stairwell going up to the King’s Chamber they have created a progression through Elvis’ life.  Designer Taliaferro expressed thanks to Elvis Presley Enterprises for some rare photos of Elvis, along with historical information, so you know they got some good stuff.


It sounds like the King’s Chamber is a permanent feature of the Memphis Hard Rock Cafe, hopefully with the occasional rotation of items.  So, if you get to Elvis Week 2007, be sure to check it out.  Otherwise, whenever you do visit Memphis in the future, the King’s Chamber will be waiting for you.


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