A Week Without A Blog:  Your Elvisblog host has lost both his mother and his dog over the past seven weeks.  I need to get away for a while to let the hurt dissipate and to recharge the batteries, so there will be a week without a new post for the first time in the history of Elvisblog.  There is a new article posted today, but there won’t be another until Monday, November 20.  And that one will be posted late in the day after my wife and I return from our trip.


New Web Link:  I am proud to announce that Elvisblog has been added as a link on Scotty Moore’s website, www.scottymoore.net.  Scotty’s site is so filled with interesting stuff that it takes a long time to work your way down through the list of topics and reach Links, but some of his visitors have already clicked on “Elvis Blog” and discovered this site.  Thank you Scotty.


Looking Ahead To 2007:  Next year, this writer will retire from his paying job and have much more time to devote to Elvisblog.  My blogware software allows many more options than are currently being utilized, and three could be activated in 2007.  Pictures and photos should become part of many new articles.  The process for readers to post comments will be simplified, and a sign-in box to get regular e-mail notification of new posts may be instituted.


Phil Arnold, your Elvisblog host.

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