While attending Elvis Week 2002, I purchased a cup of peanut-butter and banana flavored coffee from the Starbucks at Peabody Place.  It was OK, but not good enough to entice me to come back again and pay $5 for another cup.  Now, for Elvis Week 2007, I can look forward to trying a limited edition Reese’s Cup inspired by Elvis — “Peanut-Butter-and-Banana-Creme.”  If they don’t cost $5 each, I probably will eat several while in Memphis.


Naturally, the candy will have a picture of Elvis on the wrapper – the young and thin Elvis.  That’s a good pre-emptive move to minimize the fat jokes that could be inspired by the calories and saturated fat in their new product.  No, this tasty delight provides an energy boost for active young adults, epitomized by the Elvis of the 50’s.


The Hersey Co., manufacturers of Reese’s Cups, says they plan a “major public-relations outreach during August and September, especially during Elvis Week 2007.”  I guess we’ll see computer-enhanced old Elvis photos with him now holding a Reese’s “Peanut-Butter-and-Banana-Creme” cup in one hand.  Maybe they’ll even retrofit the old cardboard cut-out of Elvis in the gold lame suit.  If so, they better post guards near them.  Some of the crazies visiting Memphis might be tempted to take one home.


Throughout the year, these special Reese’s Cups will include an under-label instant-win game offering Elvis memorabilia and a trip for two to Graceland.  However, the big tie-in will be with Nascar.  Reese’s will have a limited edition Nascar car as a special prize.


The Nascar connection is interesting.  According to an article in Advertising Age, Hershey will place Elvis on the side of its Reese’s Nascar car in 2007.  Reese’s has been involved as a Nascar sponsor for the last four years.  The No. 21 Reese’s Chevrolet was in the Busch Series for three seasons before they moved up to the Nextel Cup Series in 2006.  The products they featured on their 2006 Nextel racecar were Reese’s Caramel Cups and Icebreakers Ice Cubes.  


If the connection remains the same for 2007, the Reese’s Cup logo and Elvis picture will be on the No. 29 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS driven by Kevin Harvick.  For those of you not familiar with Nascar, Harvick came in # 4 in the Chase for the Cup.  He won five races in 2006, and his winnings for the year were over $6 million.  So, Elvis’ image is probably going to be paired with one of the best Nascar drivers in the business.


If you’ve never watched a Nascar race on TV, next year you can tune in and root for the Elvis Car.  While you are doing it, you can enjoy a delicious Elvis Candy.  I’ll give it a try, but you know what would go even better?  Elvis Beer.  Nascar and Elvis Beer.  Now that sounds like a winning combination.


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