Total Hits For the Year Sets New Record:


The final count for reader visits to Elvisblog in 2006 are in, and the results make all the time and expense that goes into creating it worthwhile.  The first and still the only real blog devoted to Elvis Presley had 42,654 hits last year.  This was a 38% increase over 2005.  These numbers would have been higher, but a lot of ground was lost early last year when my blogware supplier sold out and I had to switch to a new web address.  The old service transferred visitors to the new site for only a month, and after that anyone going to the old web address was left completely lost.


It was no surprise that the best month was August with 5251 hits.  Most visitors now reach the site by typing in www.elvisblog.net or clicking on it as a favorite.  However, for those discovering the site for the first time, the most popular subject they Googled was Benjamin Keough, Elvis’ grandson.  There’s a lot of interest in that young man.  To my surprise, Elvis collector and friend Jimmy Velvet is a frequent Google search subject that brings people to Elvisblog.



Elvisblog Now Has Photos:


As you can see in the article below, a photo has been added to an Elvisblog article for the first time.  I should have done this a long time ago, because the technology wasn’t that hard to master.  I may go back and add pictures to old articles.  For example, one that really deserves a photo is the story about Scotty Moore and the Rolling Stones backstage.



New Elvisblog Categories Coming:


You can read the most recent 15 Elvisblog articles by scrolling down the main page.  All the earlier articles are accessible through monthly categories.  I have decide a better way to do this would be to organize the archived articles into different subjects.  This would include Elvis and Other Singers, Albums/CDs, Elvis Week, Concerts, Lists, Movies/DVDs, News, and others.  This is going to take some time to complete.  The technology is simple, but it requires a lot of additional typing.  The goal is to have this completed by the two-year anniversary of Elvisblog on February 1.

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