As your dedicated Elvisblog host, I spend a lot of time on the Internet looking for interesting Elvis-related subjects to write about.  Once in a while, this causes conflicts with my wife when she wants to get on the computer to check e-mail, play games, read a few news stories, and find out Today’s Special Value on the Jewelry Television website (we had to cancel the JTV channel on cable, but that’s another story.)


The other day she grew impatient with all the computer time I was hogging.  “Are you nearly finished?” she asked with an edge in her voice.


“Almost.  Give me a few more minutes,” I answered.


Fifteen minutes later she came over and stood behind me to see what I was doing that was so important.  “Hey, you’re just doing stupid Elvis trivia.”


“It’s not stupid.  It’s research for my blog.”


“Yeah, right.  You’ve had the computer long enough.  Move it.”


The truth is, it really was research for Elvisblog, because I wanted to recommend that you visit  In the interest of your valuable time, I was testing all of the trivia challenges they offered, so I could direct you to the only best ones. calls itself the world’s largest trivia website, and I wouldn’t doubt that a bit.  It started in 1994 and now boasts over 1,300,000 trivia questions in 10,000 categories.  All of this has been submitted by visitors to the site and checked by one of their twenty-five+ volunteer editors for accuracy. also encourages quiz writers to provide interesting additional information on each question topic to provide a better experience for the quiz takers.


The reason my research took so long is that there are 47 Elvis challenges with ten to twenty-five questions each.  Some are very easy or even stupid, so we’ll skip them and recommend the good ones.  However, if you have lots of free time (and a wife who doesn’t bug you if you stay on the computer too long), go right ahead and play them all.


When you open the home page, you will see the box on the left where your type in the topic you want.  Type in ‘Elvis’ and a page opens showing eight categories related to Elvis.  You can forget the two for Elvis Costello and Elvis Stojke.  Also forget the “Quiz Search Results” farther down on the page, because it shows some, but not all, of the same Elvis quizzes.


If you click on the first category, Presley, Elvis [Movies], the quiz I recommend is “Elvis Presley Movie Characters.”  I didn’t do as well on this as I thought I would.  It is multiple-choice, but it’s hard to remember the movie where Elvis was Ted Jackson, or Mike McCoy, or Charlie Richards.


The next category, “Presley, Elvis [Music]” contains 24 quizzes.  I don’t like anagrams, but if you do, try “Elvis – All Shook Up.”  Some clues, like “A Hulks Loop” are easy, but “A Cheeseburger Nil Tiny Yin” is too tough for me.  The answer page tells you what percent of the quiz takers got each question right, and only 6% got that one.


All three of the “Ultimate Elvis” quizzes are worth your time.  “Ultimate Elvis: Part 3” advises, “All facts are taken from UK National Press, so correct me if necessary.”  That is easily done, because the bottom of each answer page gives you a link to submit a correction if you find an error.


 “Oh, Elvis” is a good one.  I liked it because I learned some interesting stuff from the questions and the extra trivia added after each answer.  I got nine out of ten right on “Elvis, You Shook Us Up,” but I caught an error.  Elvis did not record “That’s All Right (Mama)” as a birthday present for Gladys. 


The rest of my recommendations will be offered without comment.  The Category is listed first and the good quizzes below it.


Elvis Presley [Music]:

            Elvis Presley Trivia

            More Elvis

            All About Elvis, Parts 1, 2, and 3

            Elvis and the Colonel

            Elvis is in the Building


Elvis Movies [Music]:

            Elvis Movie Soundtracks


Elvis Songs [Music]:

            Elvis’ “Jailhouse Rock”

            Elvis Songs: How Much Do You Know? #1


Elvis Lyrics [Music]:

            Elvis Lyrics, Parts 1 and 2

            First Lines of Songs by Elvis Presley.


Cover Songs by Elvis [Music]:

            Elvis Presley Cover Songs


That’s it – the twenty-one nifty Elvis quizzes on that I recommend.  You’re in for a lot of fun if you visit the site and give it a try.  You’ll learn a lot of new things about Elvis, too.  I hope I can find another Elvis site equally interesting, so I can put in a bunch more hours of research.



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