100,000 Hits:  The past week has been a great one for Elvisblog.  The number of visits by Elvis fans to the website since it began has now passed 100,000, and I am gratified by your interest in my writing.  New folks keep discovering Elvisblog every week through the magic of Google.  Because the archived weekly articles have covered so many topics, just about anything googled about Elvis will bring up Elvisblog on the results list.  Of course, many people who discover the site this way come back regularly for another booster shot of Elvis news and commentary.


The other milestone this past week was hitting a new daily record.  On Thursday, May 24, Elvisblog had 316 visits.  Thanks to all you readers for your support.


Comments:  I have no love for chat rooms.  Alhough some people like them, most are a big waste of time.  They veer off of the topic at hand, and often get into personal slams between the respondents.  So, from the start, Elvisblog has not been set up so readers could post comments and other readers could reply.


However, I would like to see what Elvisblog regulars think about the site.  Is there anything you would like to see changed?  Are there topics you would like to see covered?  Did I make a big glaring error in an article?  So, if you would like to make a personal comment (that will not be posted on the site), here is your opportunity.  Send your thoughts to philarnold@charter.net and put Elvisblog Comments in the subject line.  That way I can recognize your e-mails in the spam filter folder and retrieve them.  I’ll look forward to hearing from you.


Getting Posted on the Elvis Insiders Website:  Now that I have just knocked chat rooms, I am going to brag about being posted in one.  Someone thought enough of last week’s article “Scotty Moore – The Last Man Standing” to post it on the Elvis Insiders website under the Elvis Week 2007 topic.  This is the third Elvisblog article that has been added to that site, and each one has brought in new readers.  Keep it up.


Getting Posted on Scotty Moore’s Website: For several years, I have wanted to get something I wrote posted on Scotty Moore’s website.  Finally, webmaster Jim Roy took my “Scotty Moore – The Last Man Standing” article, added three photos, and posted it in the “Scrapbook” section.  Check it out at www.scottymoore.net.   Nice job, Jim.


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